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Last Activity:
Oct 29, 2017
Nov 18, 2012
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Invec was last seen:
Oct 29, 2017
    1. SharkBomb 4
      SharkBomb 4
      I was being serious, I really love that pic. I actually have it as an avatar in a different non-naruto site.
    2. Kronin
      Thanks again for your rep Invec :)
    3. Kronin
      Thanks for the rep, I was buys in these days by the way I didn't abandoned the forum (and I will post asap my best lines for Obito XD)
    4. Kronin
      Thanks so much for your rep as always :)
    5. NW
      Is this a BZ fan I spot? :pimp
    6. SharkBomb 4
      SharkBomb 4
      Thanks man, but you don't need to inform me when you can't rep. I don't mind :p
    7. 8Apedemak8
      You're welcome and same here !:nod
    8. 8Apedemak8
      You're welcome !
    9. NW
      Aww... :(

      Well, I await the day when you achieve a laptop of decent caliber. :quite

      And I think next week is Golden Week, so no chapter, I guess... :hmm
    10. NW
      YOU'RE BACK :argh

      Geez dude, haven't seen you in a while. :hmm
    11. rhianlogue
      Thank you for the rep!
    12. Last Rose of Summer
    13. MrSinister
      Thanks for the rep!
    14. SharkBomb 4
      SharkBomb 4
      Thank you for the rep :)
    15. Amanda
      Cheers! Yes, Obito was never a happy kid, not even in Gaiden. He was always thoughtful and above else empathetic.

      However, I dislike it when people try to emphasize the amount of suffering he has or has not gone through. It's just... entirely irrelevant. Asking "how much suffering you have to experience before you have the right to develop a world view like this" is lunacy, and frankly speaking insulting towards human mind. It treats people as Pavlov's dogs who can only form opinions strictly on the basis of their own life experiences. If you haven't lived through famine, rape and murder, you can't possibly become a cynical person who still wants to cause good, even if your life philosophy is peculiar. Basically it says everyone are idiots. Well I grant it, most people on the internet are.

      But yeah... anyone can become anything. It was withing Obito's freedom, and he used it they way he did. That things turned out the way they did was a very logical, even likely process for a person like him.
    16. CrazyVulpine
      Thank you for the rep Invec :amuse really looking forward to how Wataru will handle Obito's voice.
    17. Kronin
      Yes fans had already noticed this parallel in the story (there was also an image representing it, but I can't found it). We could say that Sasuke's redemption future is already foreshadowed, however it's also true that Sasuke is a particular case with some diffrences from the others :)

      If you notice Nagato killed his sensei Jiraya, just like Obito was the responsible for the death of his sensei Minato. Again Nagato in the end found the redemption for his sins through the death, and the same very likely will happen to Obito.

      Sasuke was pretty close to both the fate (killing Kakashi and committing such wrongdoings to not be able to avoid the death as punishment), however the interventions of Naruto, Itachi and Hashirama were able to postopone it, and the future last intervention of Naruto will be able to definitely avoid it, finally achieving the complete rescue of Sasuke (physically in addition than spiritually) :wink
    18. Amanda
      :glomp Thanks for the rep! Outsiders might think we're crazy for being so optimistic, excited even about Obito's future... but we know Kishi and his wicked ways. He can't fool us this time.
    19. Kronin
      Lol Just yesterday I re-seen Akira with some friends, and while I was seeing the scene where Testsuo become a giant monster and call for the name of her girlfried, I was thinking like Kishimoto cited this scene with Fat Obito :p
    20. Kronin
      You're welcome! :)
    21. Kronin
      Nah, I can do mistakes in my predictions like everyone.

      About Obito's fate, I'm certain like you that we are still far from the ending of his role in the war :wink (despite every person that predict his death for the next week XD).
    22. Amanda
      Being confrontational isn't bad; it's no use if everyone just keep their opinions to themselves because they're afraid of hurting other's feelings. Of course sometimes people are too abrasive with their opinions, but you weren't. I simply put an end to my part in the discussion, because I felt it went nowhere; we were partially agreeing, but and the parts we disagreed about still belong to the realm of speculation instead of realm of analyzing.

      In conclusion, no harm was done!
    23. Kronin
      Thanks for the rep, but now I solemnly promise to not make more predictions! :p
    24. rhianlogue
      Thank you for the rep!
    25. CrazyVulpine
      No need to worry I just like sharing the art around love what you did with Yoru's artwork for your set :ohpek
    26. Mariko
      Thanks for the rep! :gar
    27. Kronin
      Don't worry for the rep, and thanks for your words :)
    28. CrazyVulpine
      Thank you for the rep ^_^smile-big :hug
    29. MrSinister
      Thanks for the rep!
    30. Amanda
      Thanks for the rep. That thread felt like a marathon to participate...
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