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Jul 29, 2015
Feb 12, 2014
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December 30
Alien Recruiter


City Hunter, from Philippines

Invictus-Kun was last seen:
Jul 29, 2015
    1. Klue
    2. Dragonus Nesha
    3. Dragonus Nesha
    4. Pocalypse
      Oh I see, no wonder I haven't seen you around lately. Yeah, most of the NF mods have changed their names.
    5. Kenneth
      I can see only one neg from him in one month of time. In the last two months, he's negged you two times. It's not what I'd call an unreasonable amount. The only thing that I could warn for is the insult he threw at you tbh.
    6. Freechoice
      Hey man Krippy is great, do you agree?
    7. Vagrant Tom
      Vagrant Tom
      Hey dude, I see you have already read the strategies an such in my match. Both Rampage and I replied to your questions. So I invite you to be the one who decides it all and cast the final vote
    8. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey Invictus,

      It turns out that the distance given in the OP for the HN vs KF match is incorrect--it should be Long, not Medium. Since distance can be an important factor in a match, especially with a speedster like Tobirama, I'm putting the match into extension and letting all the voters know about the mix-up. If the match being at Long instead of Medium would affect your vote, please go back and take another look.

    9. Rampage
      Yoo check out the posts in the match posted a little rebut, will post more later!
    10. Sans
      Invictus just a heads up, if Sakura dies her summons leave the battlefield. Yingy put Sakura out in front while I ordered everyone to try and kill her as well.

      So Yingy shouldn't be running around with Katsuyu like you voted. :)
    11. Patrick
      It is not strong against it. If a Raiton and a Suiton attack go against each other neither will have the advantage.

      Trust me I did look it up.
    12. Revolution
      Hurting not so much (I think) now. Hurting for the Uchiha clan and for Kishi's hypocritical writing that I'll never forgive him for. Children read the manga and some are actually convinced that genocide is heroic in a day and age where people like ISIS are doing that in real life and children look up to these genocidal groups. That's all. No big deal.
    13. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Yes, Onoki can grant flight to other members of the team.
    14. DreadTalon
      You should be able to make them all fly and they will be limited to 40m from a surface which can be walked on.
    15. Invictus-Kun
      it's 40 for flight ceiling, if Onoki flight had limitatyion, i dunno about it.
    16. Edward Nygma
      Edward Nygma
      Oh, and there is a height limit (30m I think). It's explained in the KC Guide thread.
    17. Edward Nygma
      Edward Nygma
      Yep, but everybody you want to fly has to get touched by the oldman :LOS, just like in the manga.
    18. Invictus-Kun
      Special Rules, Restrictions, etc.
      • Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu is limited to the small cube version.
      • Ōnoki may not alter the weight of his enemies without touching them directly.

      So im allowed.

      tanx dude.
    19. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      check his tier list entry here: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=552682

      if something is not under "special rules, restrictions, etc" then it is fair game
    20. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hmm, I actually don't remember all the specifics of Jinton. I'm pretty sure he's only allowed to use the close-range cube in the KC, though.
    21. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      What do you mean? He can attack you but KC Short rule states it takes more than 1 shushin to get to the enemy team which means no matter what you have time for light preparations. Just don't make it too long.
    22. SaiST
      Part 1 Sasuke? No.
    23. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Hey Invictus,

      Yes, we generally do have a grace period where you can change your team, so you should be able to change it if you want to.
    24. Dr. Leonard Church
      Dr. Leonard Church
    25. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Yes, for future reference if it isn't specifically posted in the banned move section of a tier list entry, then it's fair play.
    26. The Pirate on Wheels
    27. Dr. Leonard Church
      Dr. Leonard Church
      Onoki can make people fly.
    28. Eiko
      >_< I'm not really familiar with how the KC works and my knowledge about the characters is pretty limited. Best of luck though and have fun.
    29. Nordstrom
      I've heard you've been suffering neg abuse periodically... Perhaps we should join our complaints together...
    30. Eiko
      IC - In character
      AFAIK - As far as I know
      IIRC - If I remember correctly
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