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Last Activity:
Oct 1, 2016
Oct 9, 2009
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August 3



Ishamael was last seen:
Oct 1, 2016
    1. Belphegoob
      it's been so long that i dont even remember what it is youre doing, aside from binge on touhou :catsweat

      so long that msn isnt a thing anymore, you got a skype these days though? O:
    2. Belphegoob
      3+ years, thats like almost half a fight in bleach

      how've you been? O:
    3. Belphegoob
      yoooooooo, i missed you <3
    4. Kaitou
      Randomly saw you on. Long time no talk.
    5. RemChu
      wuts ur avy from and whos the character

    6. Kaitou
      I stopped playing a while back. xD

      I wanted to get into the game again though. We should talk over Skype and stuff.
    7. Kaitou
      So I got the game, it's been so long I need some reason couching with it.
    8. Kaitou
      So I made the account.

      GundamEiyuu, lmao.
    9. Kaitou
      Well that sucks....I guess no platinum for my main account. =( Do you still play the game now?

      Yeah of course...I'll create one soon to the game's release. :lmao
    10. Kaitou
      I haven't been keeping up but that's good to know then.

      I mean, I do use my Japanese PSN but that's to buy and redeem DLC or any codes that I need and then it's back to my American account. Do you know if there's gonna be online based trophies? If so, that blows but obviously it's not a deal breaker. I have like 20 plats already I kinda stopped caring last year, lol.

      My European PSN isn't that bad but I reckon I will never ever have to use it. Matter of fact, it's been 2 years since I last used it. I mean I don't mind using my Japanese account, but lol...xxKaitouxKidxx...As if I was playing Xbox. :lmao
    11. Kaitou
      IIRC, I used Zeta Gundam, Unicorn Gundam, Gundam Wing too. :hmm

      It's been so long like I said...hopefully I am not too noboish on it. lol

      Oh yeah, I remember that bullshit. XxKaitouxKidxx. If I had known the day I had to use my JPN account to play with people, I wouldn't have make it that bad. :lmao

      That's BS though, usually online passes are account-free but this isn't the case I guess. >_>
    12. Kaitou
      Oh not Maxi, I mean I am getting Full Boost. :lmao

      Matter of fact, I already placed my pre-order on PlayAsia.

      I still haven't added you after two years. Silly me. .-. Ill add you with more reason now so we can play this.
    13. Kaitou
      I am getting the next one for sure. Lmao

      I haven't played the first one since 2012 though so I need some adjusting.
    14. Kaitou
      Are you gonna Gundam Extreme vs Full Boost?
    15. Firestormer
      My pm's have been cleared ;33
    16. Mitsuru
      Let me know when the game starts, and link me or I'll forget...might have to bug me on skype too >_>
    17. Nois
      Hey, I have moved your game between our mentus, but it's still in December. Organizational stuff, seeing how it's a 30 player game. Hope you don't mind:amuse
    18. Velvet
      Your request is done :iria sorry for the delay !
    19. Laix
      Sent. -scratches head- :lmao
    20. Laix
      Alright, I'll get working on that list. :iria I'm kinda bad at picking the final roster so if you could pick it apart after that would be great? :tomato
    21. Laix
      Okay, first I'll try get a rough idea of how many characters. There's so many Naruto characters so it's probably best we theme it around a certain arc or just do a general Naruto mafia game :hmm

      The manga expanded a lot on the Sisters Arc. In the original original original format (the light novels) Mugino doesn't even fight Misaka and she isn't introduced until about 5 books later. It's really later on that Mugino gets really crazy and loveable when she fights a guy whose name I've forgotten.

      I've always loved Sena because of how she's so cute and shy about Kodoka and used the excuse that her father suggest they get married to cover up the fact she actually likes Kodoka. I admit some stuff she did was just outright bitchy and Yukimura should've defo got more focus. But by the time Rika had that dumb fight with Kodoka, I realised it was basically Kodoka x Sena with a jealous Yozora and the rest were just sidechicks :uwah
    22. Laix
      Okay, how about... Naruto first then To Aru after?

      And I love Mugino too, they made her so much better in the anime when it's usually the opposite. Have you seen that gif with Frenda's cute little dance? :lmao :iria

      Sena. Sena by far. I'm so glad Yozora fucked off so Sena can be with Kodoka :<3
    23. Laix
      Wow I'm so happy you've seen the last two :<3

      For me, in order of preference it's;

      Naruto (Excuse my fanboyism)
      Favourites (because favourites)
      Haganai (Although it would be 10 person, a lot of potential to troll)
      TKNRS (Mostly so we can include ITEM)
    24. Laix
      wow. Is that like a curse? I remember everyone loved Tribulation's Fav 2. Well if we did Fav 3, it'll be legendary :maybe

      Naruto passion reignited... Well, Sakura passion reignited but this means I love Naruto as a whole now :smoke

      And no, I'm afraid I haven't read JJBA :sniff I wouldn't mind doing a One Piece game. I don't want to pick a theme that you'd be unhappy with - has to be mutual of course :iria

      Ones I have in mind,

      One Piece
      Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

      The last two I'm not sure if you've heard of :hmm You got any ideas? :pimp
    25. Laix
      Nope I haven't really caught up on anything that's happened

      And yes yes yes... Either a favourites or a huge Naruto mafia game I would love to do. My love for Naruto has reignited lately so I'd be happy to do so but of course if you don't want to be naru-tarded then LOL
    26. Laix
      Hmm maybe a favourites? I think we could do that pretty well.

      And I've signed up for someone's Mario game so I'm looking to get back into it :33
    27. Laix
      Same, I'd love to host again. Well, if you ever want a co-gm, I'll be happy to help. :iria
    28. Laix
      Good, been busy but I'm pretty much back.
      I've missed mafiaaaaaaaa :'(
    29. Laix
      ISHHYYYYY :uwah :uwah
    30. is a
      is a
      np d00d

      shit happenz
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