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Last Activity:
Aug 10, 2016
Aug 9, 2011
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March 7


#1 Student of Nikushimi

Itαchi was last seen:
Aug 10, 2016
    1. Mongolia

      i am backkk
    2. Nikushimi
      Nah. Not going to.

      Everything after Storm 1 was a waste of money, as far as I'm concerned. They really stopped trying.
    3. Nikushimi
      It's been a while. :blinditachi
    4. blackguyinpinksuit
      Thanks for the rep. Hussain a good guy but he be buggin out sometimes oh man.
    5. raizen28
      I know I know You had to go do some training so you can save the world again
    6. raizen28
      Come back. Im bored.
    7. raizen28
      Oh very well then. Been busy and bored myself.
    8. raizen28

      so hows it goin bro
    9. raizen28
      Hahaha well isnt that somwthing. Oh im gonna be so scared if you see your face cuz I killed Rin!

      btw I just stumbled upon the BD again and saw a Temari vs. Sasori Thread. Unrestricted Sasori bro. I tell ya I really havent been in the BD like i used to. its laughable hahah
    10. Itαchi
      Hey guys,
      Im not very active here, anymore. If anybody wants to, he is free to send me a message privately, so I can give you my facebook account. peace out ;*
    11. raizen28
    12. raizen28
      Dude your Obito/Madara theory is almost 100% confirmed.

      On another note.

      Zanka no Tachi of the SOUTH!
    13. Necessary Evil
      Necessary Evil
      Mother****ing ****. I was just masturbating and everything was going great. I was in my room, i had my headphones on, i was totally naked sitting at my computer fapping away to a video on redtube. All of a sudden there's this really sharp pain in my dick, like it just got stabbed with a sewing needle. I jerked my hand back and it bumped into my computer tower, which sits on the desk. Well, i had my stick of deodorant on top of the tower, and that bitch fell off and landed deodorant-end-down on the head of my cock. Holy ****ing **** did that hurt, and on top of that it hit so hard that it actually forced some deodorant into my urethra. I've never had anything burn so bad in my entire life. I jumped out of my ****ing chair and stood up because it hurt so bad; this caused my headphone cable to get yanked out of my speakers, which caused "oh yeah baby come deep in my tight teen ******* uh uh uh" to get blared through my ****ing house and almost maximum volume. Now my eyes are watering from the pain of the deodorant inside my cock but i manage to punch one of my speakers hard enough so they turn off. I looked down and noticed blood dripping off of my cock; i guess the lip of the plastic deodorant thing bit into my foreskin as it connected with my cock. The blood was dripping down my leg.
      This all happened in the space of maybe 6 seconds. It may seem bad but it gets worse. Just as i'm standing there trying to figure out what the **** happened, my bedroom door ****ing opens. My dad was standing there with my acceptance letter to johns hopkins. I froze and he stared at me, naked with my bloody erection for maybe 15 seconds before he noticed my computer monitor and the brutal anal sex scene going on full-screen. He immediately closed the door and left without saying anything. This may seem embarrassing but my dad is a seriously conservative christian. This happened about 15 minutes ago and he hasn't said anything to me yet. I'm still in my room trying to get the god damn ****ing old spice out of my cock.
    14. Zen
      What is the best way to earn lots of rep??
    15. principito
      Lol.... dont take everything personally.... this was just my opinion.... Obito is miles and miles above Itachi by feats and hype
    16. NW
      Why does your sig say "[Obito = Tobi, soon going to be revealed.]"?

      It's already been revealed! :pek:gun
    17. Necessary Evil
      Necessary Evil
      I'm well bro, I re-read the latest chapter all the time, it was awesome.

      Dat Madara :datass.
    18. raizen28
      I see. Sounds interesting
    19. Zen
      Holy fawking shite. What's the highest rep someone ever got? whos the best debator here? is cyphon cool? whos the best Rper? whos the most famous?

      i need to answer these, lol.
    20. Zen
      ill have a look. how much rep do you have?
    21. Zen
      How you change your age on here btw?
    22. Zen
      You have a rep power of 175? Holy fucking shit.
    23. Zen
      Yours is ze best. >_>
    24. Zen
      Dt Username. :(
    25. raizen28
      I see. Kishi got a lot of explaining to do:maybe
    26. raizen28
      Hahaha. You better explain yourself!
      Just because Obito is Shisui's brother doesnt mean......oops:maybe
    27. Samehada
      Thanks for the rep! :hurr

      I wonder how Kishi plans to fix this...White out?
    28. raizen28
      Your sig hurt my feelings as much as Sakura against Sasori
    29. Uchihα Itαchi
      Uchihα Itαchi
      Is that so? :maybe Y'know one of these days you should show me your face :wink
    30. Uchihα Itαchi
      Uchihα Itαchi
      Yup indeed :datass I kinda knew all along because I'm awesome, but... :hehee Nevertheless, I read the spoilers and was like 'omagad wat :geg' and then I skipped like thousands of chapters (cuz I've quit nardo) and read that sexy bit. Dayumm I thought, that one side of Obito looks DANG hawt!
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    March 7
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    [Obito = Tobi, soon going to be revealed.]

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