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Apr 29, 2013
Aug 25, 2009
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Ito was last seen:
Apr 29, 2013
    1. Falcon
      yeah the ps4 looks sick! I think I will hold off on the next gen wave for at least a year or two though. Idk which one I'll go with first lol.
    2. Falcon
      I don't really have an excuse to get on here either. Sup!?
    3. Falcon
      Sure has! Not much time for this forum anymore eh?
    4. Falcon
    5. Falcon
      Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty is a great game!
    6. Falcon
      I was going to but they were going to give me 50-60 bucks for it. Fuck that!
    7. Falcon
      i think i may actually trade in my wii and get a ps3....i should have never sold it in the first place.
    8. Falcon
      Got MGS 4. Still need to play 2 and 3 though..
    9. Falcon
      It's actually my brothers PS3, but I'll be playing it as well. So far he's only got inFamous 1 & 2, and I think I'm gonna get Uncharted, Blazblue, and Valkyria Chronicles again.
    10. Falcon
      hey i have a ps3 again lol
    11. Falcon
      Loved it! Although, I kinda wanted them to stay together in the end. Now I think I need to watch Cowboy Bebop since it's like the same creators involved or something.
    12. Falcon
      I can't remember if I told you but I finished Champloo...like a few months ago, lol.
    13. Falcon
      nothing new really. although i do have an interest in comics now, lol.
    14. Falcon
      heyyyyyy lol
    15. Falcon
      Yup, great episode, watch it now! You'll learn something about Shiro.
    16. Falcon
      The show just keeps getting better, I haven't been this excited about an anime since Code Geass and Brotherhood! Did you like Yoh-kun's sister? I'm so happy she turned out the way she did, or else it would have annoyed the hell out of me. And Shiro is so fucking insane, I love it!
    17. Kaitou
      I just got it from the Giveaways thread, actually.
    18. Kaitou
      Oh, thanks bro. =3
    19. Falcon
      hey did you watch episode 6?
    20. Falcon
      Episode 10 was great. The one with that "street killer" samurai. I guess Mugen used chi like the other samurai did, didn't he?
    21. Falcon
      I know it's insane! I'm 8 episodes into Champloo btw. I like it so far, but the story isn't really going anywhere. Characters are really cool and I really like the sword fights. :ohpek
    22. Falcon
      did you get to episode 5 yet? It's so crazy!
    23. Falcon
      I hope they get episode 5 up soon, I've been waiting a whole week!
    24. Falcon
      Aint it!!!
    25. Falcon
      Oh yeah, it's definitely worth watching.
    26. Falcon
      Hey have you heard of an anime called Deadman Wonderland? Just started watching it and it's actually really good. I mean REALLY good, lol.
    27. Falcon
      How many are there? I could only find 2!
    28. Falcon
      I actually started MGS 2. I'm still on that boat and how the hell do you destroy the infrared sensor? Otacon tells me to shoot the green light, i do, and the bombs are still armed.
    29. Falcon
      Yeah I have been looking on ebay, but the price is suppose to drop again within the next month or so. I also have 30bucks on a gift card for bestbuy so when the price does drop I can get it for really cheap. I think I might try to buy the games first though, just in case if I don't wanna wii I can just play it on the Wii 2(or whatever they're calling it) when it comes out.
    30. Falcon
      Yeah I can agree that the controls are pretty bad. I probably won't finish all of those games before I start MGS2 though, kinda gettin impatient, lol.

      I just wanna play the exclusives that I missed like Zelda and Metroid, and since prices on the Wii are starting to drop what better time than to get one now?..
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