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Sep 21, 2017 at 6:30 AM
Sep 20, 2009
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No where...
My job is being a Man.

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|#[Dead Man]#|, from No where...

Jad was last seen:
Sep 21, 2017 at 6:30 AM
    1. Skilatry
      Gai - Naruto
      Kenpachi - Bleach
      Franky - One Piece
      Elfman - Fairy Tail

      Am I right?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Skilatry
        I always see you favour a specific character in each series. Have you ever read/watched HxH or HSDK?
        Jun 29, 2017
      3. Jad
        Not yet but I want to. Haven't come around to it.
        Jun 29, 2017
      4. Skilatry
        Can already tell what your favourite characters would be.
        Jun 29, 2017
    2. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      Thanks for the +Rep my dude. Reassuring to know I sometimes speak sense even in my old age.
    3. ARGUS
      Thanks for the rep man
    4. Karyu Endan
      Karyu Endan
      Hey, thanks for the rep!
    5. Raikiri19
      Pal, go on this thread and especially take a good read of my posts and

      I think you can find them very interesting and full of references.
    6. Yagami1211

      Hiashi : It's over, Cell. Hakkeshou Kaiten !
      Cell : Hyuuga Hiashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!
    7. Yagami1211
    8. Yagami1211
      Dude, I'd rather reread Naruto than watching Dragon Ball Super, it's that bad.
    9. Yagami1211
    10. Yagami1211
      The Gai Vs Madara fight is awesome in Storm 4.
    11. Saru
      i saw the words "taijutsu" and "rumble" and couldn't resist :catwalk
    12. Yagami1211
      Interviewer : Ah, right! So did you decide to include Rock Lee in the story more because he became so popular?

      Kishi : No necessarily. It's just what I heard. It kind of surprised me how popular he was, but it didn't necessarily lead to more plotlines with him in it, or anything like that. That's not to say that I didn't consider writing him in more or creating more stories about him, but the timing was never right, so I never had the opportunity.
    13. Yagami1211
    14. Yagami1211
      Will spend my time on Storm 4 punching thoses lowly Uchiha and Kaguya with Gai :bury
    15. Yagami1211
    16. Cordelia
    17. Yagami1211
      Watch Shippuden 421 dude.
    18. Jpororo
      Don't listen to what he says

      that's his name in chinese
    19. Jpororo
      Thank u <3
    20. Jpororo
      Sorry but it's supposed to be a message only for u = =
      I don't feel like translating anymore
      soft-heart me

      can u delete it please ):
    21. Jpororo
      they r not part the new gen :3 just some random ppl

      I dont remember my words actually

      but np~~
    22. Jpororo
      He said metal Lee lost in the 2nd round of the chunnin exam b/c of his teammates
      Their flag got taken away by another team

      that's all
    23. Yagami1211
      It's 8 Gates Gai time in the anime. ( And he's playable in Storm 4. )
      The Red Beast is fired up !
    24. Aries
      Hey there not to bother you but would you like to join this mafia game?
    25. Platypus
      Katanagatari is a good-looker, if you like the art style. Twelve 40-minute-long episodes about a couple travelling across Japan to collect 12 magical "swords", while being opposed by all kinds of characters. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but enjoyable nonetheless.

      Edit: I always forget adding people to my contacts when I VM them :catprone
      Anyway, what I also wanted to mention: the anime is quite dialogue-heavy. So usually each episode has a few action scenes with lots of talking inbetween.
    26. CyberianGinseng
      Thanks, man. I don't know why people like you, who make perfectly reasonable estimations based on canon evidence, get attacked by a blizzard of flimsy, flawed, or outright false objections. I suspect fanboyism and/or haterism are at work, but who knows?
    27. Yagami1211

      You Might ( Guy ) like this.
    28. Yagami1211
      I tried to put up some music for the last chapter
    29. Hussain

    30. Stelios
      hey fyi as you have already contributed at the original project threads I have added you to the game:
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  • About

    No where...
    My job is being a Man.
    Favorite Character(s):
    0. Jad
    1. Rock Lee
    2. Might Gai
    3. Kakashi, Neji (Interchangeable)
    4. TenTen
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: All which my favorite characters are in!
    Chapter: All which my favorite characters are in
    My name is Jad. What else do you want ? My Biography ? Get the hell outta here!

    Programming, Anime Watching, Eating food, Sleeping, Computer Games, Console Games, Eating again.


    "What strikes horror into your heart, is simply humor to me." - M.Bison
    Spoiler: Naruto Tier List - Chapter 589 updated

    Naruto Tier List: Spoiler | Chapter 589 updated

    My list is just on fighting ability, nothing to do with being able to support a village or being a good support. I am taking into account everyone's transformations as well as Summons, besides Naruto; I listed him in different forms.

    In order, current on everyone at their best state. Example I listed Uchiha Sasuke but I am taking into account EMS not MS or Hebi Sasuke.

    I strayed away from hype on characters abilities. But there are just some characters that Kishimoto explicitly hypes in his own manga and interviews, so I had to go by that. Plus for some characters abilities, like Orochimaru and Dan I had to guesstimate.

    1. Rikudo Sennin [Confirmed Dead]

    Kishimoto's Strong Right Arm
    2. Rinnegan Madara with infinite stamina and chakara

    Kishimoto's Strong Left Arm
    Note: Kishi said through Madara, these guys could rearrange the world map.
    3. Hashiramaa [Confirmed Dead]
    4. Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan Madara [Leveled up]

    Elite Kage
    5. Sharingan-Rinnegan Tobi w/ Jins, Gedomazo
    6. Full Bijuu Mode Naruto (or just current Naruto)
    7. Namikaze Minato [Confirmed Dead]
    8. Prime Hiruzen (Simply based on hype and Kishimoto's interpretation) [Confirmed Dead]
    9. Uzumaki Nagato [Confirmed Dead]
    10. Sage-mutated Kabuto [Current state rank 59.]
    11. Semi-transformed cloak Naruto (When he uses his bloody clones)
    12. Healthy Uchiha Itachi (Fresh out of the box Itachi) [Confirmed Dead]
    13. Uchiha Sasuke (He should be above Itachi, but he underperformed next to him)
    14. Killer Bee

    High Kage Level
    15. Sakumo Hatake (Simply based on hype of being above the Sannins)[Confirmed Dead]
    16. Six Paths of Pain [Confirmed Dead]
    17. Sage Mode Naruto
    18. Kakashi Hatake (Seeing as though he uses his Mangekyo Sharingan willy nilly nowadays. Good against one on one)
    19. Jiraiya [Confirmed Dead]
    20. Prime Orochimaru w/ Edo Tensei and Manda [Current state rank 5. (need to shift)]
    21. Muu/Second Mizukage (They did kill each other) [Confirmed Dead]
    22. Maito Gai (Not taking into account 8th Gate)
    23. Oonoki

    Medium Kage Level
    24. Kisame Hoshigaki (Only loses maybe against Orochimaru and Deidara) [Confirmed Dead]
    25. Sandaime Raikage (I don't exactly know what blunt force damage does to this guy. Sure he can tank 'piercing type' attacks. And I don't doubt his durability, but how much punishment can he take) [Confirmed Dead]
    26. Ei
    27. Orochimaru (Depends how many Oral Rebirths this guy can do, so my judgment is semi based on hype as well. Since it seems his never fought at full-power yet) w/o Manda and Arms (sealed).
    28. Kakuzu [Confirmed Dead]
    29. Deidara [Confirmed Dead]
    30. Gaara in the desert
    31. Danzou [Confirmed Dead]

    Low Kage Level
    32. Sasori (Supposedly stronger than Deidara, maybe when Deidara was young) [Confirmed Dead]
    33. Dan (I don't know the limit of his jutsu, so I will place him here randomly) [Confirmed Dead]
    34. Tsunade
    35. Old Hiruzen [Confirmed Dead]
    36. Kimimaro [Confirmed Dead]
    37. Gaara's Father [Confirmed Dead]
    38. Mei
    39. Konan [Confirmed Dead]
    40. Hanzou [Confirmed Dead]
    41. Chiyo [Confirmed Dead]

    Elite Jounin
    42. Kinkaku/Ginkaku [Confirmed Dead]
    43. Zabuza [Confirmed Dead]
    44. Asuma [Confirmed Dead]
    45. Hidan [Confirmed Dead]
    46. Mifune
    47. Darui

    48. Torune [Confirmed Dead]
    49. Neji
    50. Choji
    51. Choza
    52. Rock Lee
    53. Sai (Probably higher)
    54. Suigetsu
    55. Juugo
    56. Yamato
    57. Kankuro
    58. Tenten w/ Banana Fan
    59. Chojuro
    60. Temari
    61. Original Kabuto
    62. Fuu (Team work with Torune is impeccable, and his a good hit-man, but in a fight with a starting distance, he loses a lot). [Confirmed Dead]
    63. Kabuto w/o Orochimaru cells (Guessing he is back to his original form)
    64. Ao
    65. Shikaku Nara
    66. Inoichi Yamanaka

    67. Shikamaru Nara (Not counting prep tactics, or him having full knowledge)
    68. Shino
    69. Kiba
    70. Kidomaru [Confirmed Dead]
    71. Tayuya [Confirmed Dead]
    72. Jirobo [Confirmed Dead]
    73. Sakon/Ukon [Confirmed Dead]
    74. Tenten
    75. Hinata
    76. Sakura
    77. Ino
    78. Kurenai (I know, she should be Jounin, but fuck it. Damn useless)
    79. Konohamaru
    80. Iruka

    81. Ebisu (Konohamaru for goodness sakes out done him)
    82. Kin [Confirmed Dead]
    83. Moegi/Udon​
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