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Mar 15, 2019
May 27, 2011
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May 12, 1989 (Age: 31)
On a chair


Conquering with cuteness, Female, 31, from On a chair

Jakeirako was last seen:
Mar 15, 2019
    1. Kyosuke
      Thanks for the rep!
      (Naru and Hina Barakamon post)
    2. Lyanna
      Hey ya!

      Just gonna inform you that the Miss Naruto 2013/2014 Finals has already started.

      The First face-off, Konan vs Ino, is now ON :woo


      Click the link and vote now :iria
    3. Hydro Spiral
      Hydro Spiral
      Will be sure to add

      And the song is from Fire Emblem :del
    4. demonfox 805
      demonfox 805
      Thank You for the rep!! ^ Look at the beautiful NH pic!:laugh
    5. Deana
      You're welcome. ^_^

      And thank you for the rep!
    6. Kiddo626
      Thanks for the rep! I love it when Stephen does that spin maneuver. He makes it look so fluid and effortless! :iria
    7. Linkofone
      Thank you for the compliment and the rep. :)
    8. thecerealgirl
      Thanks for the rep! :)
    9. MonkeyDVegetto
      Here is the Emiya Remix:
    10. LilMissAnko
      :amuse thanks so much for ze rep!!
    11. Deana
      Thank you for the rep. XD XD
    12. Shadow050
      I think I failed to thank you for the rep... therefore, thank you :grin
    13. Deathgun
      Thanks again for the rep. :amuse
    14. MCTDread
      It was awesome owning one :amuse. Yeah your right. A lot of maintenance went into it. Good luck in getting your freshwater tank then :thumbs

      :uwah cheating? I'm using whats there to be resourceful :quite.... :p

      Who's Kevin Ware?.... :p JK. I won't jump then... I'll knock on my neighbors door and yell "NARUHINA IS HERE!!" and run as quickly as possible to the next house :X3.

      But your right. It is here. We just need Kishi to make it "official" :X3. What will happen when it does?
    15. Annabella
      Thank you for the kind rep!! :33
    16. MCTDread
      I remember the fish I used to own :amuse I even had a Lionfish and a Yellow Tang. Awe the memories :).

      It was nice to finally see the pics of what the members look like. It was a fun experience for me since it was my first Spam Day. I just wonder who'll make the banner for the latest Spa Day. So I don't have to dig through all the pages to refresh my mind on what the person looks like :X3.

      That must have been something :laugh. People thinking " Oh... Jakeirako I think is boy but he just said Naruto and Nej are sexy.... uwah. I knew you were a girl :amuse. Plus I saw your gender in your profile :p.

      I'm using this avvie cause it's made by my good friend Sirena20 :ohpek. She's great. :uwah Eternity is a guy.... You learn something new everyda.

      :villa It's only a matter of time for NaruHina.... Once it's official I will jump for joy and possibly get myself injured by accident :X3
    17. MCTDread
      You love rats? They are cute :amuse

      That's happend to me many a time... Looking at the spam day banners I'm like "What? That's what Mara, Matrix, Darhope, Onihikage, etc look :lmao Completely different from what I thought. I had a feeling you were female. Something about the name and avatar.

      Just by looking at my avatar I can see why people thought I was a girl :lmao
    18. Inuyatta
      Yes, that's my bb, Rube (Rubato) in a Japanese Ritz can. He's 6 months old and ready for le snip snip this weekend actually. Thanks for the rep~!
    19. Golden Circle
      Golden Circle
      Done, check your invites. :vegeta
    20. MCTDread
      It happened to me too :laugh I thought LesExit was guy but's she's a girl :p

      It's almost like a WTF moment when you realize the person is the opposite gender
    21. GrandLordAtos
      Hrm...this is very true.

      Neji and Pain should team up and form the Shinobi NaruHina Alliance! :argh No wait, they'll call it THE FRANCHISE!

      Wait, I think this has been done before...not sure...Hrm...
    22. MCTDread
      Thanks for the rep :nod

      I literally laughed my ass off when you said you thought I was a girl. I'm still laughing :laugh.

      It's okay
    23. GrandLordAtos
      Silly Jakeirako, Pain is the ultimate NaruHina shipper. :hurr Twas his plan all along when he came to Konoha, don't you know?

      Heehee. Thanks for the rep.
    24. Last Rose of Summer
      Last Rose of Summer
      Thank you for the rep... I'm astonished... after comming to my User CP I thought I'm seeing things... I'm overwhelmed.

      It was true rep-storm.

      In the wait of solid neg reps for that thread: :beer
    25. girlycard
      Thank you for the rep. :amazed
    26. Annabella
      Thank you for the kind rep! :33
    27. taydev
      I like Hinata too; she's such a sweet kind spirit and she is strong. Fans tend to mistake her gentleness for weakness. Her strength isn't the physical, but her spirit is strong and I think people with inner strength are the strongest. They are not easily swayed/manipulated. She's a beautiful character indeed. I think Neji is a beautiful spirit as well, he just had a slip with the clan issues and his fathers death. It affected him differently than Hinata, but with her and Naruto's words, he got back on the path that was best for him, his family, and his friends.

      I always imagined Hinata being clan head, with Neji by her side to help guide her in her leadership. Of course with her (or Neji) as clan head, there would be no more seals to the branch family. Well, don't give up, because if Neji returns, please let me know! :laugh

      Mayes Hughes! I loved him too. I wasn't totally attached to any FMA characters, but they were likeable. But Hughes.....he was so lovable and I was saddened for him and his family when he got killed. FMA was so well written I couldn't put it down even after Hughes death, but I never forgot him throughout the rest of the story. :cry

      Yea, I love Bleach! With Bleach, it's more the characters than the story that's got me hooked. I've never liked so many in a cast of one series. XD You're a dub watcher only? Because the anime has already ended with 366 episodes, but as you know, the manga is still going. :nod How far along are you? Bleach is an acquired taste kind of manga, especially within the main Shounen titles. Many people dislike it, which they are entitled, but for me, it only takes one thing to pique my interest and keep me going. For FMA it was the interesting and well written storyline; for Naruto it was Neji; and for Bleach it's half the damn cast. XD
    28. JhonnyRaincloud
      Oh no no no my friend, it's not that I don't like it. xD I do like it, but it's that this is a shounen manga, and I would enjoy something small and simple rather than something blatantly obvious like that. But that's usually just my style, simple and no biggy. I hate drama. NejiTen's very simple, so that's why I love it so. :D Also because it's a shounen manga I don't see something like that happening either but WHOOOO KNOWSSSS. :DDDD HOWEVER I do agree with you on showing the non-believers. I don't like being looked down upon, and the war that's going on on Tumblr is really pissing me off.

      xDDD I seriously don't even feel like going back into the Naruto series at the moment, because of the war on Tumblr. It's just so annoying that I don't want to associate anything with it again. I may just go on another 4 year hiatus, and just stalk the forums and post on occasion when I can. Why, I shall indeed join you on your little boat. >B3 <3 Thank you for inviting me! xD And skittles are lovely friend. <3 Oh yeahhh, I know exactly what you mean. But honestly I have to say that I appreciate the rezzing. xD Especially if it's a character I liked in the series. xD I'm just a sucker like that. But I think I do find that as I get older I learn to live with it a little better. xD Before I just wouldn't want to watch the movie again just cuz of a death. Yeah idk if Neji's coming back or not. Ah I'm sure you weren't the only one who cried. xD No worries, and yes I completely understand. But I think I've come to the point where I don't really care anymore. Maybe it's better he stay that way for the NejiHina vs NejiTen war sake. Or maybe he can come back and just be single or chill with Tenten cuz NaruHina seems to be a strong candidate right now. Just so this stupid war will stop. I really can't stand conceited uneducated bigots.

      And oh, is that right? That sounds awesome. :D Yes I do love happy endings, I've never heard of it, so I'll go watch it! :D! Just cuz you recommended it to me. n_n

      Haha yes, the Gaara Retrieval arc was lovely. :D I did enjoy it as well, and it was indeed full of lolz.. xD NUUUUU I SHAN'T WATCH, I SHAN'T. ><!!!!
    29. taydev
      That's good you've found your way to think positively about what happened to Neji, or what may happen to him in the future. I just can't get over the way his character (along with other K11) was handled throughout part 2, then 'that' happened. My bitterness is the reason I've been avoiding the FC's; I don't want to bring anyone else down. Actually, I've been avoiding anything Naruto related ever since; I spend more time with family, schoolwork, and other manga/anime, which kind of helps. :)

      Thanks for the suggestion, but I know there's nothing that will make me happy in Naruto unless Neji is Rinne Tensei'd. I can't look at Hashirama and think Neji :/ Neji was the main reason I was a follower of Naruto, but I dropped Naruto long ago because I didn't like how Kishi went off tangent with the original themes, and started neglecting his original (and awesome) characters. Instead of hard work, everything has turned to crazy eye powers and who has the best DNA/lineage etc. But even so, I continued to follow Neji via the FC's. Whenever you all gave news of him was the only time I went to check him out in the manga/anime; now that he's gone, I don't have a reason to read or watch Naruto any further. :( I really hope he does come back; I feel that it's only right for all he's been through with his clan and his ideals of fate/destiny etc. :/

      I'm reading other series where I'm not attached to the characters; this way I don't feel as bad when things happen to them and I just try to enjoy the story. Except for Bleach. I love Bleach characters to death! It's the only other series where I'm attached to characters. But with Bleach I have more than one favorite character, whereas in Naruto, Neji was my one and only. :cry

      Sorry for my rant/ramble. :laugh
    30. taydev
      Hiya! Thanks for the FR. How's it going? I'm still missing Neji so hard. :(
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    May 12, 1989 (Age: 31)
    On a chair
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    Hinata and Naruto
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    Episode: 166
    Chapter: 437
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    PSN & Switch: jakeirako 3DS Friend Code - 2079-7129-1544 Avvie by Onihikage
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