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Jul 6, 2011
Jan 25, 2006
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Jul 30, 1986 (Age: 33)
New York City


Brought back again, 33, from New York City

jameshawking was last seen:
Jul 6, 2011
    1. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Late thanks for the rep.
    2. dark messiah verdandi
      dark messiah verdandi

      1. He cannot make use of his best jutsu, the kage bunshin.

      2. He cannot use the jinchuuriki transformation, which brought his body closer to kyuubi's and made him more able to safely accept the bijuu chakra and utilize it.

      3. Lack of a chakra cloak.
      He can make arms from the residual chakra, but he has no automatic cloak to act on it's own and help him make 1 handed rasengan. It also lacks the shield that it could turn into.

      4. Using Bijuu chakra mode slowly kills naruto.

      KN0-1 had positive effects, but slowly eroded the seal.
      However BCM naruto's chakra gets eaten while it is on, so while he has more chakra while it is on, after it turns off, he may be left with little to none of his own, since kyuubi's capacity is about 50x naruto's.

      Now that the seal is in naruto's complete control, taming the kyuubi and gaining all of his forms would be the most productive form of jinchuuriki synchronization, as bee has shown, but unfortunately he is stuck with Bijuu chakra mode, which bee originally used as well, but decided against later.

      Why? Because the tailed jinchuuriki forms are more efficient, give better powers, and in the end are more unique.
    3. dark messiah verdandi
      dark messiah verdandi
      so much fail, how?
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    Jul 30, 1986 (Age: 33)
    New York City
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    Anime, Naruto, Writing and Drawing


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