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  • I didn't see your comment before, I always shoot in RAW and JPEG, but the JEPG stuff is just to make it easier for transferring to my phone (which is going to change when Android L comes for the Note 3 since it has RAW support). None of my lenses are Primes though.
    Well Kishimoto has certainly rewarded you for carrying that torch. I did see Sakura as essentially the only choice for him until he created Karin. Then I was like well wtf Kishi why would you do this to Sakura when essentially that is all her character is standing on at this point?

    Sakura IS a main character and was funnily enough another of the characters I grew to like but eventually began to dislike because of how he kept needlessly dragging her through the mud. I swear she must be the representation of some girl he knew growing up and uses her to vent out all of his unresolved childhood issues or something.

    The pairings were just a side thing for me but I admit Jiraiya/Tsunade was a real shame in my book because it never happened, but also adds to the tragedy of Jiraiya's character and why I love him so much. Also you forgot Shikamaru/Temari. :pek You are making sense no worries. All in all Kishimoto did a terrible job with most of the romance and it would have been better off if he didn't throw out a bunch of red herrings or randomly shipped some of these characters near the end.

    See I always feel bad about Naruto being the gateway series for so many people because these past few years have made it hard on the fandom in different ways but the last couple of chapters have at least been bearable. The worst thing is that transition phase when your gateway series is over. At least for me the likes of Dragonball, Rurouni Kenshin, and Shaman King were already over by the time we got them here in the states but to be following Naruto in real-time for over a decade makes it harder to deal with the end if it was your first. But hey, at least you have a Part 3 to look forward to! :maybe

    The pairing wars will mainly consist of 2 out of the big 3 being triumphant over their pairing winning, their anti-shippers trying to troll them for the last time, and the last of the big 3 holding their funeral if they haven't already bailed on the pairing before now.
    The only one I really had an issue with from the start was SasuSaku and that is just because Sasuke spent a colossal amount of time being a royal dick to everybody and anybody including Sakura. Loved his character and a lot of his antics, but the writing for that always felt weak to me. I'll say at least Kishimoto tried to develop NaruHina during the later arcs of Part 2. I never really thought he was the ultimate evil that most of the Naruto fandom painted him as but it was nice to see him acknowledge that he wasn't right about everything and his path wasn't the only one there was.

    It looks like you and I started at the same place (minus the 16+ Shoujo :angrywife). You were reading the Shonen Jump magazine from Viz and I was buying the volumes as soon as they were released. It wasn't the first shonen series I was reading as I had already been following Rurouni Kenshin and Shaman King via Viz but its definitely the one that opened things up for me via this site.

    Haha I feel you on the fact that its ending yet still going through college. I thought I'd be done with that and be onto the next phase by now. I think you feel what a lot of people are feeling. Its definitely been memorable for the good and the bad and I'm actually surprised the last 3 chapters seemingly aren't going to be the train wreck I envisioned sans the pairing wars.
    Funny thing is, the Sauce turned out not to be so gay after all. As a Sasuke fan, I was actually pretty okay with how the previous chapter turned out.

    Yeah, it makes me nostalgic too. I started reading this series in 2003 and its lead to a lot of crazy things over the last 11 years. Feels like a certain phase of my life is ending along with it. Are you getting similar feelings as well?
    Everything is all gewd, no complaints here. Its been a long time, Jannoy. Everything good on your side?
    You are welcome. Oh man that sounds so awesome. Makes it even better that you have friends that live close enough that you don't have to worry about a place to stay either.

    NF has changed a bit but some things have stayed the same lol. Yeah, it does make it awesome. When I saw you I was like "whoa this is a blast from the past!".

    Jan is off to slay the paper dragon. Good luck with it and good night!
    Oh wow that is all kinds of adorable! You make a good stitch. Do you go multiple times a year? If so you must have been breaking your bank account with each visit before now. Being able to tell yourself no is a valuable skill to have when it comes to resisting the urge to buy stuff lol.

    Well, this time I'm glad you procrastinated since this is the first time I have gotten to talk to you in a couple years at least. Hopefully the next time won't be that long either. :lmao

    I'd say I will race you to the other side but you would probably beat me there in no time flat. I've been moving at tortoise speeds which sometimes just doesn't get it done. Even so, we shall be comrades. :brofist
    What did you dress up as? Whore for Disney stuff. :rotfl Who is your favorite Disney character?

    Ah no wonder you are up. Although its just midnight on the west coast now. Have a midterm to do yet here you are. Procrastinating for sure haha.

    Yeah, I try to stay in the here and now more often when I can though I do plan for the future as well. I'll be fine, once I make it through this nasty gauntlet that this year has been I should manage to see a much brighter sky after wards. Ha, my comrade in the daily struggle! :hi5
    Ah sounds like it was a great weekend. Did you grab Disney merchandise to bring back to other people or is that only done for Disney World? :lmao

    Ah, well no surprise there. It can get monotonous after a while I'm sure. lol you have exams you should be studying for but aren't? :hehee

    I'm day to day. Life keeps throwing its punches at me and I'm doing my best to soldier on. I'm just trying to get through this year before a TKO happens. Things will hopefully be getting better after that. :lmao
    Yaah. Though I have only half a year to go, then I'll be free :datass But I have to take an exam before getting my career license :/

    How's things on your end? :amuse
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