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Jeral Fernandes
Last Activity:
May 9, 2016
Mar 5, 2011
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Jeral Fernandes

蒼瀑の創杖神コルツ, from Everywhere, and Nowhere

Jeral Fernandes was last seen:
May 9, 2016
    1. convict
      Thanks man. Really nice to hear from you. Now that Jellal is back in the fray perhaps more activity from you? Really miss your perspective. You, Vegetto, Saiyan Prince, and maybe a couple others were always the lifeblood of that section. Currently it is a shell of what it used to be.
    2. Luciana

      I was going to accuse you of being everywhere, but then I realized "me too:wha"
    3. Luciana
      ( ͡? ͜ʖ ͡?)b
    4. The Inquisitor
      The Inquisitor
      Just looking for familiar faces. I'll be active on this forum since OMF is dead.

      I'm ddboy102, Remember me making all those posts hoping Erza/Plotsu would die and how Mest and Gildarts were the same person(I still believe that) and other crazy stuff.
    5. The Inquisitor
      The Inquisitor
      did you have an account on OMF with the name Takuitia(something like that)?
    6. Bakatohunter56
      so what ya think of the episode.
    7. Bakatohunter56
      I'm actually digging the art more then the first season.

      I actually enjoy watching something at my own pace. So usually that is like 2-3 episodes a day. For series I love, I usually give it that treatment. I just dont have the willpower to do that for LH.

      im just afraid that the animation for the raid will suck balls or it will be over in a flash, much like how short the goblin arc was.

      I also thought the LH wiki would be translated for the most part, but it has been taking a really long time. :lmao I want to read the damn class guides already
    8. Bakatohunter56
      have you read the Lh novel. i forget?
    9. Bakatohunter56
      Hearing Deen?

      The character animations are actually beter and closer to the source,barring some terribla scenes, the animation is fine and not really noticable. yea the next episode is supposed to be the raid fight IF they do not delay again, which they might. I imagine they might start the raid fight and end it on that note. Trust me, the LH experience is still as strong as ever since the writing team has not changed.

      i had ot google UBW, but isnt the series called fate/night?

      i just checked out that parasyte thing and it looks awesome and my kind of thing. I'll wait untill its done and then watch it at my own pace. i prefer this way for good series. LH i just cant even contain myself so i usually watch it as soon as I can.
    10. Bakatohunter56
      Yo, long time no talk. Watching LH again?
    11. SinRaven
      Thank you :quite

      What game is it you play?
    12. SinRaven
      Hey, Jeral, can you tell me what other forums you post on? I need to do some research on something and I know you post on several forums and that might help me out :quite
    13. Grimm6Jack
      Noticed you read Tokyo Ghoul. How far have you gotten? If you have at least got past chapter 50 already, give me your opinions about it. I think it has great potential after I saw the first 3 eps of the anime but want to hear some opinions first.
    14. Ftg07
      http://i.minus.com/ibihED5Fhfa8EK.gif , http://i.minus.com/iMWdgNxna6NOM.gif here you go ^^
    15. haegar
      thx 4 rep :)
    16. SinRaven
      Thanks. I ain't gonna switch anything around. Not my list :p think about this way: the ones you think of first are the ones you like more than the ones you forget. I guess...

      Thanks :hug
    17. SinRaven
      I can understand you being serious. It's just hard for me to add your list to the masterlist like that.

      Even with the honorable mentions the list is not complete yet, so still hard for me to add. Can't you come up with two more characters that interest you? :maybe
    18. SinRaven
      Hi, you posted in the top 10 fav characters thread in the FT section.
      I combined all list into one great masterlist, by assigning points to the positions characters are in.
      Your list was incomplete. I'd like to see it added to the masterlist, though, so would you please complete it? I don't mind if you don't, but I'd like to make the masterlist complete.
    19. Foxve
      Who's that in your sig and what game/anime are they from?
    20. Ernie
      Vote, it's on. :LOS :argh
    21. TaskMaster
      Hey I was wondering if you wouldn?t mind looking at my story ?So Called Heroes? and giving some feedback on it. It?s going to take over the Manga World!! It?s in the Konoha Literature section in the forums. Here is the link: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=881626
      Please and thanks!
    22. Grimm6Jack
      Would've actually responded to that Marinero guy had he actually posted something decent, but he even has the audicity to compare pre-TS characters with their post-TS selves like they aren't any different. :distracted
    23. Evolution
      Thanks. Don't know really, but unless an admin tells me to I'm not going to change it.
    24. Bakatohunter56
    25. ryuusenka
      I just don't like Mashima using him just as a doormat for her character development with
      all the ToH drama. Why can't he just realize that stuff is pretty old and is to be left with?

      Same here too. Was just getting too tired of haters.
    26. ryuusenka
      Glad to know that. I had thought it to be city level. But that pic from outer space made me confusing whether it was country level or not. Yet the crater was just multi-city block level. I will have to hand it to Mashima and his stupid inconsistencies. You are right about the 'not getting hate' part. I just don't care for Erza/Jerza no more. So least worried about that shit.

      You just spoke my mind man. I would have quit FT long back had Jellal been dead. Not the least bit interested in DS stupidity or Zeref gayness or fodder expendable arc villains.
    27. ryuusenka
      I cannot believe that right now I am reading FT. Jellal being an awesome badass was always a sight to behold with. That sema was just pure fangasm. Him two-shotting OS showing them who was the real boss was actually the best part. I hope that this will shut off the mouths of dem haters. But why isn't sema and Jellal's DC updated in OBD? Does it have to do something with the unambiguous crater and Meredy/Hoteye not affected?
    28. Ftg07
      http://31.media.tumblr.com/beb5d727db9bfa2fda78b5b11b84af64/tumblr_n09rhoovug1soec3yo1_500.gif have you seen this looks pretty cool :hmm
    29. Marinero
      You're on MF? What's your username?
    30. Bakatohunter56
      I really that we get some action by the next episode.
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