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Feb 16, 2017
Feb 18, 2011
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Active Member, from UK

jetwaterluffy1 was last seen:
Feb 16, 2017
    1. ZillaJrKaijuKing
      Endless Mike told me to ask you about a decision I made for a calculation.


      I used convective heat transfer rather than radiative heat transfer because of the convection that occurs during storm formation (and because the storm formed at such an accelerated rate). I explained my reasoning in more detail in the second page of the comments section.

      Is this an instance of fiction ignoring radiative heat transfer, or should I use radiative heat transfer? If it's the latter, how would I recalc using radiative heat transfer?
    2. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      It is very much worth trying out (except for Metroid Other M, they treated Samus horribly in that one :catcry).
    3. Daisuke Jigen
    4. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Reading Dead Men now, yeah, there's always supposed to be 7 in the group. I'm guessing that the artist only wanted to draw the original members.
    5. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      I'm taking a re-read of the series, so I'll be sure to look for that detail, but according to the wiki there's never supposed to be more than 7. I hit the jackpot finding this one site though, it's packed with Skulduggery fanart, and I even found a few fanmade gifs. :del
    6. Imperator100
      I have responded to your comment on my blog post.
    7. ThanatoSeraph
      Thanks. I had figured something like that may be the case, but I wanted to hear from someone else that had a bit of an idea what they're talking about in case I was completely off base.
    8. ThanatoSeraph
      Just out of curiosity:

      I've been trying to read up a little on cardinalities of infinite numbers and whatnot, and as you seem to have some knowledge about it, I just had a question, if you wouldn't mind answering it.

      Say you have an object of infinite size. This object is contained within another infinite object so that the second infinite object stretches "outside" the first, in essence fully enclosing it. Is this possible for two infinite objects of the same cardinality, a la Hilbert's Hotel? Or would the "outer" infinite object need to be of a higher cardinality?
    9. DemonDragonJ
      If I had not expressed a desire to change my vote, would you not have given me -rep?
    10. DemonDragonJ
      The only what?
    11. DemonDragonJ
      I am attempting to have a solid wall of +rep on my profile page, and actions such as yours are hindering that effort. Currently, there are three instances of -rep, and they are spaced far apart, which means that it shall take a great amount of time and +rep to make all of them disappear. Can you not understand the difficulty of that struggle?

      Also, why did you even care what my opinion was? What is wrong with being fond of +rep?
    12. DemonDragonJ
      Are you serious? Why would you give someone -rep for that? What right do you have to punish another person for changing their mind?
    13. DemonDragonJ
      Why did you give me -rep because I did not vote for either Luffy or Ryuko? Do you not realize how petty and spiteful that is?
    14. TTGL
      Can you please help find Drowned Wednesdays mass?
    15. TTGL
      So was the Source of All Magic (Skulduggery Pleasant) "just" energy or was it a god of some kind? I read the series but forget much infomation about the SOAM TBH, other than it being its namesake and infinite.
    16. blueblip
      You're welcome :)
    17. blueblip
      There was an Indian artist called MF Hussain. The dude painted some REALLY racy paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses that caused a lot of people to bitch and moan and complain. He even had a case filed against for 'hurting the sentiments' of people. He did go into self-imposed exile in 2006 (though that was more him 'making a statement' as it is said), and died at the age of 94 in 2011. No tried to kill him. And even that court case which made him go into exile happened in 2004, while he had been painting since the 1940s. So take that for what you will.

      Even the exile thing is not that huge an issue since the dude spent most of his time traveling the world (his paintings were and are auctioned off for millions of pounds, so he could definitely afford it).

      Heck, even recently, a Bollywood movie called PK was released, which has caught a lot of flak from Hindu right wingers for it's portrayal of Hinduism. But other than RL nerd rage, nobody really gives a shit and it's minted money. And no one has even thought about killing anybody involved with the movie.
    18. blueblip
      Sorry man! I haven't been of the forum in ages and missed your post!

      And yeah, they won't be stoned because:
      a) Indians DO get touchy about religious stuff, but and religious of a particular religion will take to the streets, go on the media with a standard "hurting the sentiments of the community" shit, but no violence. Only thrice in modern Indian (ie. post-independence) history has there been religious riots, but the causes for them were a heck of a lot more severe than something like the Charlie Hebdo incident.

      b) Muslims barely make up 20% of the population, so we aren't an Islamic theocracy wherein the majority of the population gives a shit (the guy your debating with most likely thinks India is an Islamic theocracy for the sound of it).

      c) Even the majority of Muslims don't give a shit. The ones that make a noise tend to be part of a political outfit. If anything, there's been a recent rise in anti-religious backlash. A recent incident was when a Muslim college's vice-chancellor in a backward state said female students can't access a library because they could 'distract' male students. The backlash was insane to the point where the university had to double down in two days and abase itself in front of the public.

      In short, if Charlie Hebdo happened in India, there would have been a lot of people yelling and bitching, but no lynching or anything ridiculous like that.
    19. Brightsteel
      You could probably get a continental feat out of Guntera at least; seeing as he built Alagaesia out of the bones of the giants. o.o
    20. Brightsteel
      This probably comes out of nowhere but, you know the scene in Brisingr where Guntera comes out and crowns Orik, and in the synopsis of Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr at the beginning of Inheritance, told by an omniscient narrator says:

      In the beginning, there were dragons: proud, fierce, and independent. Their scales were like gems, and all
      who gazed upon them despaired, for their beauty was great and terrible.
      And they lived alone in the land of Alaga?sia for ages uncounted.
      Then the god Helzvog made the stout and sturdy dwarves from the stone of the Hadarac Desert.
      Would this give proof to the existence of the Dwarven Pantheon? Which would mean a significant upgrade to the Inheritance Cycle in general if I remember correctly. o.o;
    21. Uraharа
      Skulduggery Pleasant ftw!
    22. dream
      Whelp. I knew I was forgetting something.
    23. Sherlōck
      Can you tell me how to calc blast yield of a bomb where air compressed into 20000 psi & blast radius is 50 meter?
    24. Blue
      I have no idea. I left when Toroxus stayed. If people want to believe that loser has a high school degree, that's their business.
    25. Linkofone
      Jet, I figured it out. Yu-Gi-Oh, unlike MTG cannot do infinite loops (involuntary). The Game Mechanics will either detect that a loop is about to start and destroy the card that is responsible for it or revert the game state back to the position it was before the loop starts.
    26. Garfield
      He sent me a PM when I scolded the other dude who posted the solution, saying how he was right to demand a solution because he's studying in a harsh England uni education environment.

      Some people just don't want to spend even 5 minutes thinking on a simple integration problem. I mean a kid who's just learned basic integration even without doing parametric equations or double integration can basically solve that question if they just think for 5 minutes and apply some tricks :/
    27. Kagekatsu
      Is it wrong to admit part of the reason I want to see No prevail is that the schadenfreude from the cybernats will be quite entertaining?
    28. Kagekatsu
      With seeing how vitriolic both sides have been, but particularly from the Yes campaign, I kind of wonder what the reactions are gonna be depending on the outcome of the referendum, especially if its a close vote.
    29. Kagekatsu
      Never underestimate how emotional people get when you invoke nationalist sentiment.
    30. Kagekatsu
      Yes has been a lot more active on social media which is giving people the whole impression they're riding a victory wave of momentum, granted, stuff like Darling not being able to shut Salmond off and the Patronizing BT Lady ad isn't doing the No campaign any favors.
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