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Nov 8, 2006
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    1. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      Put Milkydean on your Ignore list and move on with life. It's what I've done. The boy is a low-level Troll at best so wasting anymore time talking to him is just that - a waste of time.
      1. jgalt7
        nah, dude. people like that spread like cancer if you don't squash them. plus, i like embracing my evil side every now and then. these peons, if you let them be, grow up to be more trouble down the line and grow a false sense of ego. a few road blocks every now and then keeps them in check. him putting me on his ignore is a good step. others need to see this joker for what he is.....pointless.
        Jul 5, 2016
      2. CM Pope
        CM Pope
        I suppose. I've reached a stage where I have such contempt for fools like him that I can't muster the will to educate them. Let them wallow in their stupidity.
        Jul 7, 2016
    2. BiNexus
      Hey bud, have you been watching the new season of Being Human? I think it's the best one so far.
    3. BiNexus
      Hey! A new series has recently started out, called "Hannibal". If you're a fan of the character, or the Silence of the Lambs trilogy, you should give it a go. It takes an interesting spin on things, but I'm enjoying it so far. Fair warning though, it's pretty graphic.
    4. BiNexus
      I hate the wait too, ugh. Seeing as I've never watched the UK version, I may use that to fill the void. However, I heard that it got quite a bit bad after a certain season, and I've generally seen more praise for the US version (of course this is only on US forum boards).

      I was fully expecting Nora to die this season. With the arrival of Liam and the fact that Josh was "happy" and feeling "normal-ish" again, I felt like there was going to be something to ruin it, and Nora's death seemed like the thing to do it.

      What did you think of Sally this season? I didn't like it at all, especially her scenes with that guy from the morgue (can't be bothered remembering his name). It was all so awkward and weird, even for Being Human LOL. And she also seemed noticeably dumber and rash this season, with a lot of the choices she made; I guess it was a result of her happy to being "alive" again.

      Loved Aidan as usual :quite and his interactions with Kat were great. I remember being anxious to see what would happen during the first few episodes, but I'm happy with the choices he made and the things he did. I truly feel bad for what happened to Kenny; definitely sure he'll be the villain next season. Or maybe he comes back and pulls a Henry? :hmm I disagree with the choice to kill him (Henry) off, but I guess it was his time to go.

      All in all, I thought the season was pretty good, but that season 2 was waaaaaaaay better. I loved the story line so much more. Season 1 was also better because of Bishop and Mark Pellegrino's acting and because it was new and fresh. Ugh, this is going to be a long wait. :cry

      P.S. Sorry for the wall of text! Not too often that I find a Being Human fan on a forum (:
    5. BiNexus
      I thought so! I recognized the door frame, and I was like, "Hey, that's Witwer!" Did you happen to catch the season finale this week? :high
    6. BiNexus
      Hey! I noticed your avatar; isn't that Sam Witwer? You wouldn't happen to watch Being Human would you?
    7. Awes
      Thank you the rep dear.
    8. NW
      "wow, what are you, 12? ur dude got one kicked by gai , lol"

      What exactly does that have to do with anything or with the point you're trying to make?
    9. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Oh thanks for the rep.:)
    10. Mistshadow
      Hi, just stopping by to say "I told you so"
    11. Applejack
      As for your other post, there are just a few too many 'maybe' and 'probably' to either agree or disagree with you. :hurr
    12. Applejack
      I'm not going to bother justifying Doton: Domu with molecular re-structuring of atoms and how hardness of an object is independent of it's weight wrt Mohs scale. It's going to make me feel like an idiot trying to justify ninja battles with physics :maybe
    13. Jak N Blak
      Jak N Blak
      Mad respect for your Itachi prediction thread. Lol.
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