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Last Activity:
Aug 20, 2019 at 11:44 AM
Mar 7, 2006
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Well-Known Member

Jin-E was last seen:
Aug 20, 2019 at 11:44 AM
    1. Hustler
    2. Javs
      I wonder if you still come on here sometimes
    3. Megaharrison
      I've never heard of them either. You'll find anything in Gaza these days though
    4. Sen
      Well hopefully it's summer there now and the tires worked out :hurr I think that I've always just used the winter tires on my car year round since it would be annoying to change to other tires for only 3-5 months of the year. (Probably not good for the tires though lol).

      Oh wow, which European destination did you end up going to? :iria
    5. Megaharrison
      Mossad sharks are back with a vengeance
    6. Megaharrison
      It's actually a Fatah newspaper cartoon praising stabbing attacks on Jews. I found it hilarious and took it as the symbol of Palestine though.
    7. Garfield
      Happy New Years my good man.
    8. Kusa
      Thanks for the rep :33
    9. Garfield
      inb4 you're transported to an island for a real life Lost experience :LOS Do you think you'd do ok surviving on a semi deserted island with a few people? Of course you will you 6'9" giant.

      haha no man, I realized I was terrible at it and nipped my delusions while I was still ahead. It's one thing to write articles for personal blog, quite another if you're trying to convey something to the masses.

      Oh by the way, there was a very interesting episode recently on this podcast called Freakonomics Radio, regarding Norway. Apparently you guys have nearly 850 Billion (!!!!!!!!!!) dollars worth of Sovereign Wealth fund (largest among oil producing countries) Holy shit man. And it's being used in part to subsidize Tesla Cars which are suddenly very popular in Norway. But you Norwegians are conflicted about it because the money is coming from selling oil, so the effective carbon footprint may not be so green is the opinion there. Also, some economists think that due to the overdependence of Norwegian economy on a single source (and natural resource at that) of income, which is bound to run out soon (century or so) that when the time comes, the bust in economy, like those that occured in 70s and 90s would be devastating again (which is why the wealth fund was started in first place). They think that something more like the swedish economy, which is much more diversified is much more robust against one thing going through a bust. Pretty interesting stuff.
    10. Garfield
      Yeah, I was behind by like 60 odd chapters, had to marathon to catch up. Luckily, scanning through Naruto is pretty easy since it's pretty simple.

      As you can tell already, I'm just here for the closure, no strong feelings about it really.

      Wassup with you btw
    11. Garfield
      Sup erik.

      Following the end of mango nardo?
    12. Sen
      Super late random reply :hurr I'm good, just busy with school these days. I'm in my final year where we pay the school to work full time :sniff On top of some additional homework things too :sniff

      How have you been? :X3
    13. Hitomi
      sorry i repped a lot of posts yesterday, link me your post plz
    14. Javs
      I actually surprised myself that I remembered :p . Hope you're doing awesomely!
    15. Megaharrison
      Well there's also Israel, the stable villa in the jungle. We just watch this shit and shake our heads
    16. Javs
      Advanced happy birthday Eriiiiiikkkkk!
    17. Javs
      It's alright Erik! Nice to hear from you regardless <3 Still can't seem to catch you on your online times though! :sniff

      And yes indeed! The Italy trip is in just over two weeks :ruri! I am slowly starting to really feel the excitement. Haha we don't have such long summer vacations normally though. It just so happened that this is a transition period since our academic calendar was shifted. What do you currently work as again? Am I right to remember that you used to work in a bookstore? Or was that someone else sorry :lmao.

      I meant it as purely a complement! Grab a wooden wand and a robe and you'll be a living Dumbledore. I am sure the Erik I know is above petty bribes :hurr.

      I do the chewing and jaw thing but it doesn't help in my case :( . It's just so bad. I have to remind myself to ask my aunt about it since she specializes in the ear. Haven't done that earlobe thing though, it is actually the first time I've heard of such a tip :lmao, I will try it.

      Thankfully we won't be using much of taxis since we booked a tour xD. Though part of me sort of wished that we could've just made an itinerary of our own, mother said she did not have time to arrange things with work and stuff :( .

      By the way are you familiar with Frozen? I just realised recently that it is supposedly set in Norway and I remembered you xD.
    18. Javs
      Oh my god, Erik! My second year in med school just finished! Now I can enjoy a 4-month summer vacation to the fullest, I am so happy :ruri!

      I wouldn't deny that some professors, no matter how numerous their awards or staggering their reputation, simply are not ideal teachers :argh. But I admit too that sometimes it is because of a particularly information-heavy topic, coupled with too little prior sleep :( . It is hard to appreciate knowledge when one is so tired. All lecturers do teach with a powerpoint presentation though! But there are good presentations and bad presentations as well :argh. Also I actually think I prefer the times when teachers used chalkboards more. With powerpoints they sometimes breeze through like 5 slides or so within seconds :sag. At least when they are writing on the board they are incapable of going at an unmanageable pace for us students. And random thought; I can totally picture you as some wise, well-spoken, patient professor for some reason xD.

      :uwah! Have you always been/are you still that easily made ill when riding a boat? What I am sort of worried about for my Italy trip is the plane ride. I don't know why but when I went to Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong, it never failed that I'd get a severe headache couple with some ear pain upon landing. It is that ear popping thing upped a few levels you could say, and nothing I do relieves it /: .

      Wow! So people can just carry around a water bottle and refill it whenever they want or something of that sort? Or do you drink from the fountains itself :awesome. We intend to see all those places you mentioned too!

      He has established quite a reputation though :cool:
    19. Hustler
      You're alive :33
    20. Javs
      As you can see, you are surprisingly right! Though I am a bit saddened that we are never around at the same time :sniff.

      But when will that happen? Probably I will have graying hair by then ); . I am sort of looking forward to the more practical/clinical side of medschool though. Because I am thinking, that maybe though I am bad at lecture-based stuff right now, I will make up for it by being awesome in the hospital. Of course I can be bad at both in which case; :iria:gun!!!

      I am assuming you have gone to this concert by now. Had fun? Wow :uwah. Have you skied down such a steep tall slope? Also wow its still so cold over there! What months does the ice start melting usually?

      I think you would barely be able to recognise me in said picture. Probably I will be so cold that I'll only leave my eyes uncovered. And then I'd appear at least 5x my weight because I'll need 5 people's worth of winter clothing :quite. Don't worry I would take care of you. We will make sure you are always in close proximity with an airconditioning unit.

      Rome! That will be one of the places we'll be spending a few days in. Any notable experience to share? If you still remember :p. I shall be going to the main city attractions; Rome, Venice, and Florence. As well as some other places like Verona, Assisi, Male Maggiore, the Isle of Capri, etc. I am so excited just thinking about it :ruri. It was supposed to be a family trip (including aunts, cousins, uncles) but as of right now only my mother and me are sure to go :lmao. And yes that is exactly it how did you guess :uwah. I met this cool guy named Mario and there were serious sparks man, we barely understood each other but I am gonna take some basic Italian to remedy that problem for when I go see him :LOS.
    21. Revolution
      I was looking at some of your old threads. To answer one of them (which is closed)

      Sasuke: I only have one brother.
    22. Mael
      I just have a general beef with how people don't see the bad moon rising with Chinese power.
    23. Javs
      Only one month. I am on a rolllllll. I have not been up to much except studying and sleeping, and slaving over notes :( . It is a boring tiring life that I lead right now so I wish yours is more enjoyable :scry.

      I still so much want to see and experience snowfall for real but am realizing now that with my superlow cold tolerance I would probably be too busy freezing to appreciate the pretty snowflakes.

      And omgomgg Erik, I am going to Italyyyyyy :ruri!!! Have you been there?
    24. Lyanna
      Hey ya!

      Just gonna inform you that the Miss Naruto 2013/2014 Finals has already started.

      The First face-off, Konan vs Ino, is now ON :woo


      Click the link and vote now :iria
    25. Javs
      It's only been 3 months! An accomplishment!

      I hope you're doing well Erik! And don't worry we are perfectly alright! It hit a different side of the country so our region is mostly okay thankfully!
    26. Ernie
      Hey! There is currently a "Miss 'Naruto' 2013' ongoing (just started) and the first 2 polls are already up. Just letting you know since maybe you would like to vote.

      Mei vs Konan
      Anko vs Ino
    27. Javs
      I have to go to bed :( Wish I could've talked to you more! Take care Erik <3
    28. Javs
      I gotta check up on people in some way right :del? It is like tracking footprints; "Oh Jin was around here sometime ago" and stuff.

      Not yet "assigned". But we get days where we go to the hospital to see actual patients suffering from a disease we are taking up in class lectures. Most of it is still all reading and lecturing, but they schedule visits to the wards and patient-centered sessions now and then. Next year is when we will be mostly working at the hospital. Oh though I cannot tell you from first-hand experience, from what our professors tell us, tuberculosis is one of those diseases they encounter regularly. Used to be those kinds of infectious diseases but there has been a shift to lifestyle diseases recently (heart diseases for example). For the most part I haven't had to deal with unreasonably bad people yet xD.

      This place and you guys are all at the back of my mind really, despite long absences :<3
    29. Javs
      Erik!!! Oh so nice to see you! Didn't expect to see you actually online since you seemed more off than on here from your posts (I checked) xD .

      Indeed, I am actually in my second year already. It's horribly difficult, which can only be expected :( . I dunno yet what I will be upon graduating med school, it's something I gotta figure out when I get more hands-on experience in the hospital and the different departments in the coming years :uwah.

      Ah what it felt to enjoy life, long have I forgotten that feeling (emo)
    30. Javs
      Aw Erik how have you been? Still remember me :p? I haven't been around here for ages, I hope you're doing great. Seems you still post here now and then so hopefully you'll see this message sometime soon.

      To answer that 10-month old question, I haven't been around because of med school. It is demanding and tiring to 1000th degree D: . But somehow I am managing to scrape by.

      Tell me what you've been up to when you get the chance :<3
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