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Apr 9, 2017
Oct 29, 2009
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Being Alpha

JiraiyaForever was last seen:
Apr 9, 2017
    1. Deleted member 234422
      Deleted member 234422
      thx made the avy out of the blue and it has become one of my fav ever
    2. Black Mirror
    3. Black Mirror
    4. Black Mirror
    5. Deleted member 234422
      Deleted member 234422
      I'm doing okay for the most part. What I can't stand is how inactive the Kingdom thread has become. We are losing members faster than gaining them.
    6. The Faceless Man
      The Faceless Man
      Cuz a faceless man can be anyone.
      I can be Shin or Ouhon or even gaimou :LOS
    7. Deleted member 234422
      Deleted member 234422
      Msg me whenever you want another kingdom set.
    8. Kanki
      dude...how the hell are you still celestial? What's your rep figure?
    9. Deleted member 234422
      Deleted member 234422
      Yea, being a faggot as usual.

      So yea, don't you have an imgur album or something to link it?
    10. Deleted member 234422
      Deleted member 234422

      Lol, i told you to save it on ur hard drive bro
    11. babadaboepie
      i am a newbie and more the lurker, but this thread here...
      http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=982130 comment and 5 star for justice please
    12. Deleted member 234422
      Deleted member 234422
      I know, this manga... Who'd have thought you could get such a rush from reading manga.
    13. Deleted member 234422
      Deleted member 234422
      jiraiya swap ur avatar with te one that has a border below
    14. Deleted member 234422
      Deleted member 234422

      this one has border, forgot to do it on the other
    15. Deleted member 234422
      Deleted member 234422
      Please save them onto ur harddrive seeing how i delete my album at times
    16. Deleted member 234422
      Deleted member 234422

    17. Deleted member 234422
      Deleted member 234422
      link me the panels to ur avy and sig, ill crop them
    18. lazorwalrus
      Well yeah, but keep in mind that stab only happened because Houken was caught totally off guard by Shin's strength. If Houken didn't underestimate him he would of just attacked Shin differently and killed him right there and the stab wouldn't of happened.
    19. lazorwalrus
      Hmm, does it really bother you that the man who's going to become the greatest general under the heavens surpassing the likes of Ouki doesn't get destroyed by a handicapped Houken who's underestimating him?

      I mean, I would agree with you if Shin was like 16 years old, but hes already 18, hes gotta start showing that potential. Besides he would of clearly died had the fight kept going on.
    20. Ernie
      ma bruv :brofist

      Honor Duke! :datass
    21. Ernie
    22. Ernie
      His LT.'s died with him ;)
    23. Ernie
      dude, duke's death, how fucking epic was that
    24. Deleted member 234422
    25. The Faceless Man
      The Faceless Man
      I have no reason to do that. At least with you I can have a normal discussion, your a duke hyou fan and in the end you got my explanation for the stuff that happen.

      I can get along even with canukgirl and mightyroster since where pretty smart and we had debates and stuff in the Kingdom FC and the other guys are great.

      Someone has to be either be cool, smart, share a Fav char, or have a normal conversation to make me have a reason on having a debate or a conversations with him/her

      She/He lacks all off those attributes so i have no reason to even try and talk to him/her anymore.
    26. The Faceless Man
      The Faceless Man
      Ceck you user cp.
    27. Kanki
      I've been told by someone who recently lost several nobility ranks (i.e turned into a Raw-turd), that the best of this arc is yet to come.

      Can't wait :datass

      Any hopes/expectations?
    28. Ernie
      Thank you, Ero-sennin! :brofist
    29. Deleted member 234422
      Deleted member 234422
      What is worse is that I've had conversation with, I think 2-3 dupes now (i think they are all the same person and I might know who it is) and theyve all spoiled something in a discussion ive had with them... and i doubt it was by accident.
    30. Kanki
      Amazing....so well done :cry
      No other series atm can touch it, IMO. What did you think? God damn Houken!

      But...Duke has gone way up in my estimation. The way he countered Riboku was amazing. I don't know if any of the other Qin Generals could have done that. I did think Duke was behind Ousen, Tou, Moubu and maybe even Kanki, but not now.

      It also hypes up Gokei, who nearly had Duke beat.

      What are your thoughts?
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