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jorge2060 88


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Aug 13, 2017 at 10:30 PM
    1. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      I'm sure you've seen Charade, Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday, right? :catroll
    2. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Ms. Audrey Hepburn. :catblush
    3. Blu-ray
      Just retribution.:LOS
    4. BurningVegeta
      Hi there! Who's the lady with the curly hair in your signature?
    5. RedChidori
      No prob :kthumb.
    6. Revolution
      It's so sad and funny because here he is in a Naruto headband ready to share his reaction with the world and it is utter disappointment at what he loves so much that he WEARS A NARUTO HEADBAND!!!
    7. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      I wasn't completely sure about Susanne Sundfor in the sig but i figured no one else has a nose like that. Oh well.:distracted

      As for the taste, you too.:kthumb
    8. shyakugaun
      haha yea XD
    9. ch1p
      He negged me for it too. :lmao Post something in the predictions thread I can rep you.
    10. Recal
      No bother, and of course we can! :pimp
    11. Windowgazer
      Thanks for reading the piece! And don't worry, as a college student myself, I understand hehe. The nostalgia side of it was what really attracted to Beach House and it is what makes their first two efforts two of my favorite album ever. I'm just a fan of the romantization of nostalgia, and the sound captures. Well, after all, Beach Houde is about the emotions you associate and you relish the most. Their sound not only makes us aware of them, but amplify them.

      I'm really glad that you enjoyed it and that you were able to understand exactly the point! Thank you much again!
    12. Recal
      You're welcome. Was good to know. :rainbowsheep
    13. Windowgazer
      "Take Care" is a great way to end the album. The sound is simply beautiful and so charged with emotions, just like every song in Teen Dreams really.
      And the paper was an essay that our professor wanted us to make in which we described something, anything really. So I decided to describe one of the my favorite songs of all time, "Heart of Chambers". It was much like a review, really. In fact, here it is in case you want to read it.

      (It is somewhat long)

      Scientist Stephen Hawking once said that ?time floats like a river.? While there is no physical time machine that would allow us to travel time, music can mentally do so. Lo-fi ? short for low fidelity ? is the technique which the indie genre uses in music as this illusory mental time travel machine. ?Heart of Chambers?, the standout from Beach House?s second album, Devotion, extends the effect of this element to reach dream-like qualities. It is the boat that acts as a time travel machine that goes through the river of time to the past.

      Perhaps, one of the most noticeable elements of this song, and the album as well, is the heavy reliance on the organ. Here, the organ is the body of water through which Victoria Legrand?s voice, and the listener as well, floats on. Albeit of being executed over simple chord progressions, its nostalgic context ? fortified by the lo-fi quality of the record ? floods the song with emotions, dreams, and imagination. It is the vintage Polaroid camera that captures the moment when we ran uphill to touch the sun.
      If the organ is the moving water, the guitar is the boat that stirs through the current. Alex Scally?s lines drive you in and out, left and right, throughout the composition. Towards the end of the song, for example, it slides, fading and reappearing, as if it were surfing along the modulating organ. The flat tone given to each string of the guitar amplifies the lethargy transmitted in here. It is as if Scally?s fingers fell victim of daunting sound that is ubiquitous.

      Amidst all of this is Victoria Legrand?s stellar vocalization. Her voice swifts as warmly as the estival afternoon wind, and as cold as the French mistral of winter. With ease, it reaches the high notes without losing its celestial characteristic. ?Love is surprise/Live our own live?, her voice cascade ever so mellifluous towards the end of the song, bringing the listener under a total spell. These words are not to be perceived, but to be sensed, acting as an auditory complement in the trip throughout the river.

      ?Heart of Chambers? takes the nostalgic movement to another level. With its blissful organ, poignant guitar playing, and sublime vocal performance, this longing into the aesthetic of the never lived moments is transformed into a dream-like experience. In here, the listener is swimming and floating to the past.
    14. Windowgazer
      "Heart of Chambers" is my favorite song. I wish I could exactly explain as to why I love this song so much. Perhaps is the sliding guitar solo, or Victoria singing "love is the price" (or is it "love is surprise"?), or maybe the music video in which you see Victoria looking directly at the camera that Alex is holding...or simply just everything, the mere existence of the song. One paper that I wrote for my English Comp. Class in college was about describing that whole song--to give you an idea on how much I love it. I think it is one of the best vocal performances pre-Teen Dream from Victoria Legrand.

      Before I ask you--special mention to "Better Times". It was the first BH song I've ever heard and by the 20 second I was already loving not only the song but I think the band as well. Instant love.

      So yeah, what's your favorite one?
    15. Windowgazer
      I was a big fan of the size of the show myself. It felt more intimate which is excellent for the type of music. Pure magic.
    16. Windowgazer
      I definetely agree with your assessment on Teen Dream. The sounds are more amplified, more flourish, so greatly full of emotions. The "dream-pop" designation is definately for that album. And yes, I'm trying to listen to Bloom, and it does have songs that I like a lot, like "Irene", "Other People", "The Hours". It'll take some time indeed to completely be into it, I think.

      And yes, I've been to one of their shows, in Miami in 2012. It was an amazing experience. The vibe was something that you would expect a Beach House concert would be. The only problem that I had is that they only included one song from their first two LP ("Turtle Island") But oh well, everything else was great.

      Have you gone to one of their shows?
    17. Windowgazer
      I would say Devotion, with their first one very close. I'm a big fan of their very lo-fi style of old. However, I do greatly enjoy Teen Dreams which was the album that got me into them in the first place. Bloom...the jury is still out. I don't know why but it hasn't grabbed me in the way their first three efforts did.

      And yours?
    18. Windowgazer
      Yes! I really love them, two of my favorites band, specially Beach House and Victoria Legrand.
    19. Mikasa Morano
      Mikasa Morano
      Thank you kindly for the rep my dear sir.
    20. shikamaru naraS
      shikamaru naraS
      Thanks a lot :)
    21. Annabella
      Thank you for the kind rep Jorge :hug
    22. Revolution
      Thanks for the rep. Made it that much harder to remove my sig.

      It will be back
    23. Mariko
      Thanks for the rep! :gar
    24. Bored321
      You're welcome.
    25. Hero of Shadows
      Hero of Shadows
      thanks for the rep
    26. Annabella
      Thank you for the kind rep :33
    27. Algol
      Thanks for the rep on my Kishi defense thread lol.
    28. Jeαnne
      haha sou menina sim xD

      eu j? to aqui no NF a um temp?o, ? bem legal o forum, m? v?cio ^^
    29. Jeαnne
      hehe xD

      eu sou do Brasil sim :D
    30. Jeαnne
      Sauce's poll is up :D

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