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Sep 12, 2018
Jan 25, 2014
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Palace of versailles
Studying God
    1. Zaru
      Thanks but I don't think you'll see much of my modding activities :puppers Never saw you in the Akihabara sections
    2. raizen28
      I'll slay the Francia with the Law of Rome!
    3. Savior

      I'm still thinking if I will return actually.
    4. Amanda
      A fellow Christian? :catwave

      What show is your set from? It's pretty.
    5. Mizura
      lol, I assure you that I'm not a game mod. No time, no interest. xD
    6. Mizura
      I don't even know what that is. I guess that answers your question?
    7. Mizura
      Depends. What?
    8. baconbits
      Yeah, it is. The same with the issue of race. People don't actually read the bible and take it for what it is; they have their preconceived notions and try to fit the text to them.
    9. Island
      Brazil did not and still does not have the means to make effective use of the resources that it's sitting on. It lacks the capacity to gather and ship the resources it has, largely due to geographical restrictions. For instance, it costs fifteen times as much to ship goods across Brazil as it does the United States.

      The Empire of Brazil wasn't founded until 1822, so I'm not sure why you're bringing up the War of 1812.

      I assumed your timeframe was sometime between 1870 and 1885, which is traditionally considered the height of the Empire of Brazil.

      During this time, the UK and the US had the first and second largest navies in the world and held 20% of the world's GDP. In contrast, Portugal accounted for less than 1% of the world's GDP while the entirely of Latin America accounted for about 4%.

      In terms of technology, the UK and the US are fielding early machine guns and retrofitting their fleets with iron-plating.

      You might want to read up on the War of the Triple Alliance. When Brazil invaded Paraguay, about a third of its casualties were the result of disease.

      It also doesn't help that during the Crimean War, the UK fielded an army double the size of the Brazilian army during the War of the Triple Alliance, and the total number of soldiers involved in the American Civil War is ten times the number of soldiers Brazil fielded during the War of the Triple Alliance.

      A conflict like this stops before it even begins, and that's because the UK-US say so, never mind that cholera would probably wreak havoc over the Brazilian army if it attempted to invade its neighbors, aka, what happened during the War of the Triple Alliance.
    10. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Thanks for the rep, fellow "Uchiha" :wink
    11. Island
      It's a mistake to think that size matters for countries.

      While a large country is more likely to have access to more resources than a small country, this is not always true.

      Similarly, a large country must have the infrastructure to move these resources, which can hamper its ability to wage war against its neighbors.

      Harvesting and transporting resources across the Amazon is a logistical nightmare on a good day.

      If Brazil wanted to invade Peru, it would need to move an army across the Amazon and then across the Andes and then engage the Peruvian army. Either that or sail a fleet across the Southern Cone, but that is quickly shut down once Britain and/or the United States decide they don't want that happening.

      More so, being backed by the Portuguese crown doesn't mean much. Maybe because of Britain and Portgual's historical friendship, but Britain (and the United States) were content with maintaining the status quo in South America.
    12. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      The crime of rape occurs in America like any other nation, but there is no culture of rape.
    13. Island
      Geography, entirely geography.

      Further into Africa is the Sahara while Italy is a lot more fertile than Spain and Portugal. On top of that, it's easier to maintain a sea network than a land one. Moving things (supplies, colonists, soldiers...) is a lot cheaper over water than land.

      Almost every border in the world is dictated by geography in some way, at least as long as it isn't an arbitrarily drawn line.

      About Rome and Charthage, this wasn't going to happen. It worked for the Greeks because they spoke the same language, but when you have two drastically different people so close to each other, they're probably going to fight, at least any pre-modern groups.
    14. Island
      That's not what I'm saying though.

      If there are a finite number of countries that could be considered "the greatest" then the decline of everyone else is going to allow more European countries to fill that spot.

      Circa 1600, for example, the most powerful countries in the world would probably be some combination of the Ottoman Empire, the Ming Empire, the Mughal Empire, and the Hapsburg Empire. Circa 1700, the rise of Europe technological and the decline of these others means that the most powerful would probably be some combination of Austria, Britain, France, Spain, the Ottoman Empire, and maybe the Qing Empire.

      It isn't that other countries falling made Europe more prosperous, just that if there are a limited number of powers that can be the "best", the decline of every non-European country allows more European countries to fill those spots.

      Though, it should be said the decline of China, India, and the Ottomans benefited Europe tremendously.
    15. Island
      I don't follow.

      I say that Europe became dominant over everyone else in part because the rest of the world declined. By 1700, we saw the collapse of the Ming Dynasty, the collapse of the Mughal Empire, and the decline of the Ottoman Empire.

      The fact that these states no longer existed or were in terminal decline while Europe was simultaneously on the rise meant that Europe surpassed the rest of the world sooner than they otherwise would have.

      I'm not really sure where you disagree.
    16. baconbits
      A lot of the time I feel that way, usually a result of the Holy Spirit echoing the sentiment of the passages and expanding your comprehension.
    17. Island
      Thank you.

      My degree is in psychology and sociology, so I have at least some exposure to most topics that discussed in the debate forum. I happen to be a history buff too, so anything even remotely related to history, society, or the mind is something that I have at least some insight on.

      So, yeah, it's not that I'm smart. It just so happens that people often talk about the things I went to school for.
    18. The Weeknd
    19. Rima
      Don't forget to rep. :)
    20. The Weeknd
      The Weeknd
      I go hard in that pussy too.
    21. Hachibi
      Considering Unlimited Blade Works isn't finished and that a Heaven's Feel movie is coming out.

      Yes, soon.
    22. Swarmy
      If you could describe the shape of the spider it would help me a lot, there are way too many species who are fast and black :lmao

      I don't know about the fish... I'm not that good with vertebrates :ano
    23. Zyrax
      The Druze culture
    24. Zyrax
      Israel have different cultures depending on tbe region
    25. Stunna
      Thanks, Juda. :catblush
    26. SLB
      lel :skully

      disney makes a hockey franchise around a movie and the second they sell the team, that team wins the championship the next year :skully
    27. baconbits
      Could be. I used to love the hispanic women, too. But I never could tell the difference much besides distinguishing the Puerto Ricans and the Mexicans.
    28. baconbits
      Lol! I'm an Old G, bruh. But I honestly have a hard time distinguishing the different South American, Central American and Islander ethnic groups. To me a latina is a latina.
    29. baconbits
      My experience has been that the northern Europeans are more chesty than the others, but that's a generalization.

      Stay positive as much as you can, my friend. What has negativity ever accomplished?
    30. baconbits
      First, lol at you denying thirst and then proclaiming it. You are hilarious.

      Second, I think you're right about the breasts but I hear Swiss women are stacked, too.

      Third, that's a good form of pride then bro. Optimists get things done.
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    Palace of versailles
    Studying God
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    Sasuke , Madara , Obito .
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    I love to imagine and write short stories and poems



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