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Judge Fudge
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Nov 27, 2018
May 9, 2006
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Jun 7, 1989 (Age: 30)

Judge Fudge

Delicious, 30

Judge Fudge was last seen:
Nov 27, 2018
    1. SAFFF
      Been watching Armored Trooper Votoms, its so damn good. About to watch Crusher Joe too. What's been up with you?
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      2. Judge Fudge
        Judge Fudge
        In terms of mecha anime Votoms is one of the best. If you ever get a chance check out Takahashi's previous work before Votoms Dougram which is without a doubt the most "realistic" portrayal of mecha you'll find in an anime, like fucking tanks can take out the title mecha since its armor is so weak, and has a strong political focus that puts so many series that come after it to shame. Real good stuff.
        Aug 20, 2016
      3. Judge Fudge
        Judge Fudge
        Also don't forget to check out Mellowlink immediately after Votoms since it takes place in between certain events in the main storyline, also good stuff.

        Crusher Joe is solid, I'm more partial to the movie than the OVAs that come after but if you're in to some cool, goofy, 80's scifi adventure its right up your alley since you're a Cobra fan.
        Aug 20, 2016
      4. SAFFF
        Dougram huh? I'll have to put it on my list and check it out after I finish Votoms and check out Mellowlink.
        Yeah Crusher Joe was a cool, man. I haven't seen the OVAs yet but I'm planning on watching them real soon. What got me to watch Crusher Joe was finding out its from the creator of Dirty Pair.
        Aug 20, 2016
    2. SAFFF
      hmm do you know where I can at least download the OVA for it? :hmm the torrent on bakabt is barely running for me.
    3. SAFFF
      ok thanks a lot anyway.
    4. SAFFF
      Any idea where I can look at the Karasu Tengu Kabuto manga from Buichi?
    5. Suigetsu
      Dream achieved them :cool heheh congratulations man! wow... has it really been 4 years? time really has gone by.
    6. Suigetsu
      I believe I never really understood how muy you liked the D attributes as well as I.
      Say, how is the animation thing going?
    7. SAFFF
      Yeah I saw that. :lmao promising some action to every male pilot she's partnered with if they do good. ol girl had no shame in her game. :LOS
    8. SAFFF
      Greta from Xabungle sure didn't mourn over her husband for long. Btw didn't he survive? lol would have liked for him to have been shown again and see what ol Greta was up to. :LOS
    9. SAFFF
      Poor Deiku will never reach secondary character status. :lmao
      Finshed Xabungle. Great show, has a lot of rewatch value. That Sir Arthur dude had all the girls wanting to jump on his dick. What a threat to Jiron. :lmao
    10. SAFFF
      Man she is built!! I need to find a good scene of her in the suit and make a sig out of it.
    11. SAFFF
      Man Elchie is a knockout in that bodysuit. :druul
    12. DemonDragonJ
      I am not familiar with that series, but it seems that its creators must enjoying providing the audience with fanservice.
    13. SAFFF
      Yeah she's plump and mature which had me goin crazy. The old dude is a lucky bastard to be married to that. Soon as I saw her outfit I was getting ideas from a dozen series lol didn't know it was a Heavy Metal reference. :lmao
      Yeah I found it strange at first how Rag and Elshie were throwing themselves at ol football head but chalked it up to, 'oh he's the main character so they're doing it cause they're genre saavy.'. :lmao Although both girls have shown interest in other men and Elshie even left the group with Mr. Culture for an episode before he got killed off. I thought man she's too easy. Just have a nice face and can read a book and she'll jump on your dick. :zaru
    14. DemonDragonJ
      From where is that image in your avatar, and what is occurring in it?
    15. SAFFF

      She was looking like top tier contender until I saw the front. :lmao

      Would still tap with the quickness.:maybe
    16. SAFFF
      Yeah man its been real fun so far, marathoned eps 1-10 overnight. The art is pretty consistent and the animation isn't bad which helps a lot since its a very old series. Its aged pretty well imo. .The characters are all likable, none of them annoy me like they sometimes do in Tomino series especially the brats.

      I'd tap Rag pretty hard with the caboose she's rockin on her. Eichi is another one who's seiyuu makes her voice drive me up the walls. I don't know what it is but some of those old school female VAs make certain girls sound pretty seductive when they speak. :lmao I guess that's just them trying to be extra feminine and it ends up doing something else for me. :LOS
    17. SAFFF
      Been watching Xabungle, its better than I expected.
      Also didn't expect this,

    18. SAFFF
      Yeah I don't like it when my family tries to guilt trip me into visiting them. This year they didn't bother me so I had a nice quiet christmas. lol I hate being packed in their house because theirs just not enough room once all these people I barely know comes.
    19. SAFFF
      ah that stuffed huh? Well mine has been uneventful, didn't visit relatives this time and decided to opt out and chill at home instead. I told them they could come visit me if they want to but...they didn't lol.
    20. SAFFF
      Oh okay, well shit was hoping it wouldn't be a short ONA thing but a full length episode.
      So how's your holidays been?
    21. SAFFF
      You watching Origins and Thunderbolt? Was there a reason Thunderbolt was so short?:hmm
    22. Guiness
      yo dude

      what anime is your avatar from? with the chick undressing?
    23. SAFFF
      Ah man thanks so much! It works!!
      Seeing how Terasawa digitally creates a page is a pretty cool addition.
    24. SAFFF
      ah okay, guess I'll have to buy it off ebay one day when I have the extra money to spend.
      Yeah I was wondering if you were ever going to change it. :lmao I'll have to check the series out, glad to know its better than SEED. :laugh
    25. SAFFF
      Hey, what's up?
      You know if anyone ever scanned the Cobra Girls artbook?
      I also see you finally changed your avy.:hurr what series is your new avy from? Looks like SEED char designer at work again.
    26. Vandal Savage
      Vandal Savage
      Yeah I'll take care of that now.
    27. SAFFF
      Ah how's work been? I forgot all about that image request, I gave up once I couldn't find it with google reverse image search.
    28. SAFFF
      Do you know where I could find a larger version of this image?
    29. SAFFF
      Yeah even the old 60s and 80s ones have aged well. I read the budget for the 2003 Astro Boy was the biggest for a anime TV series to date and it definitely shows. Not one episode looks like crap and this is 50 eps long.
    30. SAFFF
      Oh that Fujiko series sounds pretty bad and Lupin's rival fucks her, what in the hell?! :skully Sounds like its only good for Fujiko fanservice and nothing else. Yeah doesn't sound too Lupin to me at all. I'll have to check out that adaption you were talking about that was the best Lupin one to date.

      I also recently was watching the 2003 Astro Boy anime, I got up to around ep 30, its pretty good and has a very good budget that revolves around nothing but cel animation.
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    Jun 7, 1989 (Age: 30)
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