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Jul 24, 2013
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Jul 29, 2017
    1. TTGL
      Its flesh merges with its soul and gets absorbed by Dovahkiin.
      1. Kaaant likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. TTGL
        I'll have a look.
        Nov 12, 2016
      4. Kaaant
        I also realised yesterday playing through Skyrim again the one of the gaulderson kids that has the eye of Magnus is able to feed off its energy and had to be separated in order to be killed. Does it say how much he feeds off it?
        Nov 15, 2016
      5. Kaaant
        Also Mirabel Irving says the eye of Magnus is supposed to be the only thing that can contain Magnus' power, I think that along with other statements is probably grounds to give dovakiin planet level stats with the staff. If you've got anything else on the eye or the staff I'd appreciate it
        Nov 15, 2016
    2. TTGL

      Nigga looks much bigger than he did in Skyrim.
      1. Kaaant
        Damn. What about alduin?
        Aug 2, 2016
      2. TTGL
        I'm not sure if Alduin appears in this, but I have found some impressive spell cards that I'll post in the meta.
        Aug 2, 2016
      3. Kaaant
        You need to get on posting about those spell cards fam
        Oct 21, 2016
    3. Nevermind
      Yep. He's dead. I've already seen some of the reactions.
    4. Freechoice
      Kaaant :'(
      1. Kaaant likes this.
      2. Kaaant
        I just couldn't handle the disloyalty b
        Jul 8, 2016
      3. Kaaant
        Jul 8, 2016
    5. Nevermind
      Hillary will probably still retain a slim lead until the primaries. I predicted a growing gap but that's gone now. She also continues to make terrible mistakes.

      It's probably going to be a slow drip drip than any single massive breakthrough. Lots and lots of jabs instead of one knockout punch. Trump does need to pivot a bit more to the center, IMO.

      All strategies discussed in my book Stumped.
    6. Nevermind
      The attack helps Trump. It doesn't hurt him. That's what his "Muslim ban" was designed to do - dominate space and play off confirmation bias, and that happened big time. Obama's meltdown yesterday was also terrible, which Trump hammered with the devastating kill shot of him being "angrier at him than the shooter."

    7. Nevermind
      He did?

      At either rate, it was predictable, so I'm not sure how significant it will be, strategically. We'll have to see. Depends on how much of his supporters stick his way even though it's clear he's being a lackey.
    8. Brightsteel
      Nah, I've always been a supported of the notion of Windu being better than Yoda, at least as a duelist. It's supported in Revenge of the Sith, by a description outright stating that Windu's skill with the lightsaber were unmatched. :catsupine
    9. Brightsteel
      Mace Windu > Yoda :maybe
    10. Brightsteel
      If it doesn't make Mace look good, we ignore it. :catsupine

      Also, I really need to update that Mace respect thread. :catstabbed
    11. Brightsteel
      Movie doth not support. :catsupine
    12. Brightsteel
      I don't think so. numerous sources cite Jango giving Mace a hard fight, and I do remember it being stated clone assassins don't stand a chance against Jedi masters. Might just be that the clones have superior physical stats and Jango has superior experience; they are only ten after all.
      U wot m8? :catsupine
    13. Mr. Black Leg
      Mr. Black Leg
      I don't follow, why ?
    14. ChaosTheory123
      Might do the former eventually for novelty's sake

      Latter isn't worth doing because it's reliant on a confound I have no means to gauge

      Recall, the explosion vaporizes Shepard with low end EMS IIRC. Why's his body survive if its high enough? What tech isn't installed into the Crucible that allows Shepard to survive in the high EMS scenario?
    15. Brightsteel
      So...since NostalgiaPony couldn't answer my question, I'll just ask you. Since Kanan's apparently let go of his fear wholesale now, does that mean he's gonna be operating at a level similar to when he canned the GI now? :catthinks
    16. Brightsteel
      It's Weather Wizard, he's forming a tornado in someone's stomach.
    17. Brightsteel

      Holy shit. :lmao
    18. NostalgiaFan
      In where exactly?
    19. Brightsteel
      Nine's Ginger Ass vs Finn, no Han as back up. :skully
    20. Brightsteel
      I think Valk's beard would win tbh, since he himself has a kickass voice that could back it up. :catthinks
    21. Brightsteel
      Valkorion's Beard vs Christopher Lee's Voice. :catfish
    22. Brightsteel
      That....wouldn't surprise me. :catthinks
    23. Brightsteel
      Kar Vastor's heel solos. :catfish
    24. fyhb
      Ah, I see.
    25. Brightsteel
      He can. :catfish
    26. Brightsteel
      He can't~

      Exar Kun could beat Valk. :catthinks
    27. Brightsteel
      So if Mace could never beat Kar Vastor on his best day, but can defeat Sidious on said day that he can't defeat Vastor on, doesn't that mean Vastor is better than Sidious? :catthinks
    28. Brightsteel
      Nah, by tag I meant drop me a link on my wall. :catfish
    29. Brightsteel
      Awesome, tag me when it's done, will you? :catfish
    30. fyhb
      Fair enough, can't really fault you for coming to that conclusion. Sphere?
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