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Kafuka Fuura
Jan 26, 2005
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    1. Yin
      I've worn a kimono before, they are comfy.
      1. Kafuka Fuura likes this.
    2. Hvalur
      Is lot 49 a Pynchon reference? or a Joyce reference?
      1. Kafuka Fuura
        Kafuka Fuura
        Jun 14, 2018
        Hvalur likes this.
      2. Hvalur
        that's awesome
        Jun 14, 2018
    3. Lurker
      They Twitter fingers.
    4. Lurker
      Thanks for not being a pss, Sorry I'm a little drunk but you cool and I would say rhe same shit.
    5. Santoryu
    6. Petenshi
      I can't believe you still post on here lol.
      1. Kafuka Fuura
        Kafuka Fuura
        I'm dead lol
        Sep 12, 2017
    7. RemChu
      is dat Capsule ?
    8. Xyloxi
      True, that's just people being nostalgic over what the remember to better, memory is funny like that. When let's face it, Jello was a bit of a tyrant, but at least per posts were intelligible and she could debate without throwing out insults to various people. But true, what I did like about the Caf? then was more that it seemed to have a bigger crowd, but it isn't too bad now, there's still a fair few intelligent posters, although some need to chill a bit.

      I would imagine the best time to be on NF was when the Naruto manga was at its most popular point, which, I'm not sure when it was. But that doesn't really count for the Caf?, as I think most of us don't watch Naruto, and a fair chunk of people have little to no interest in anime/manga now. But coming in at 2007/8, I never really visited the Caf? that much, being 16 and stupid.
    9. DemonDragonJ
      If I have not asked you, already, who is that character in your avatar and signature?
    10. baconbits
      That's cool. Our friend has his blind spots. Maybe we should take this to PM's.
    11. baconbits
      Lol. Its not my cup of tea.

      Madelyn is a sweet name, tho. I could go with that instead.
    12. baconbits
      It sounds cooler than it looks. Alright, I guess I can roll with OD. Madelyn is cool but I don't remember being here when you went by that.
    13. baconbits
      I suppose so. I'll miss the old name. I need to come up with a new nickname for you now. OP?
    14. baconbits
      Lol. I can't handle this name change. I like the old name!
    15. Xyloxi
      I think I've heard of that type of novel before, not quite being totally off the wall, but treading a thin line between normality and outright lunacy plot wise. I was never a fan of people over-analysing fiction, when often, a lot of it isn't meant to be overanalysed, but just enjoyed. Then again, I've not read this book, so I can't comment that much. Maas is a Dutch surname, and also a river in the Netherlands, perhaps the author was inspired by that?

      True, maybe I'm being a bit nostalgic, but things aren't as entertaining as when we had Jello running the joint, even if she banned everyone on sight, it was at least functional. With people like impersonal, FunkMasterSwede or whatever his name was and Jello gone, the place took a turn for the worse intellect wise; and comedy wise with the level of trolls we have now. Oh God yes, Klad is just stupid, Zyrax is edgy2themax, Ken is a crack addict on welfare, and Rain, whilst I disagree with pretty much everything he says, he can at least form an argument without insulting someone unless they insult him first.
    16. Xyloxi
      I can't say I've heard of the book, but I do like the username. I never understood why writers went for such odd character names, unless the plot of the book itself is something really out of the ordinary.

      Makes sense to me, I'll probably change mine at some point, no idea what to though. I'd like to shed the name I gave myself on here as a quite frankly, annoying fifteen year old. Hmm, I honestly don't think this place will last two years, the Caf? is definitely getting slower (in the amount posted and mentally), if a few of the core members left, I can see that becoming a domino effect almost. As lets face it, the new members aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.
    17. Xyloxi
      You got a name change, why oedipa out of interest?
    18. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      You changed your name?
      Whats up :O
    19. baconbits
      Nice! Cool pic.
    20. baconbits
      "Haters gonna love this" - is that you in the pic?
    21. baconbits
      Nice! I think you'll like it there. Its pretty chill.
    22. baconbits
      Pretty much. I'll send you an invite.
    23. baconbits
      Hey, do you have access to the Retirement Subforum?
    24. blueblip
      Healthy attitude. Embrace the term instead of reject it. I can't think of anything to say that would matter anymore :catroll
    25. blueblip
      Wait, so you're happy to be called a dastardly colonial oppressor? Giggity :catboogie

      PS. You're welcome!
    26. makeoutparadise
      Oh thank you Mbs! :) I don't take reps too seriously but it is like getting a cookie in the mail box so...yay
    27. Zyrax
      >Those Racist posts
    28. Zyrax
    29. Xyloxi
      Apologies for the late reply, hmm, Corbyn probably won't last till the end of 2016 as he's just not professional enough, nor is he likeable. He's a naive career activist that appeals to a small group of diehards. I would imagine that the unions will give him a metaphorical revolver and a room sometime in the near future. What about your opinion?

      I also see the Tories tearing themselves apart over the EU. I don't think the Labour or Tory parties work anymore, they're too divided, what would work out would be a centre party mdd up of the right of the Labour Party and the left of the Tory party, and leave the Guardianistas and the Little Englanders in the dust of history, where they belong.
    30. EJ
      I don't agree with someone of your ideologies, but I admire the way you don't succumb to criticism based upon who you are. It's really motivating. :) keep doing you
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    • Japan
    Favorite Character(s):
    Asuka Langley Soryu
    Margaret Thatcher


    From the monastery
    On Mount Hiei I look out
    On this world of tears,
    And though I am unworthy,
    I shield it with my black sleeves.

    ~ Saki no Daisojo Jien

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