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Kage no Yume
Last Activity:
Jul 13, 2018
May 17, 2005
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Kage no Yume

The Hunter

Kage no Yume was last seen:
Jul 13, 2018
    1. Ernie
      Hey! There is currently a "Miss 'Naruto' 2013' ongoing (just started) and the first 2 polls are already up. Just letting you know since maybe you would like to vote.

      Mei vs Konan
      Anko vs Ino
    2. Keollyn
      Yeah my inbox is full from my mod days. Don't really feel like deleting anything.

      Does it tie in with the VHD story or is it a separate story?
    3. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yo kidd, how are you doing?
      How have you been?

      Take a look at something; it is the reason for my long absence here... (that and the excessive ignorance lol)


      If you click on the Lionel Suggs link under the title, you'll see the rest of my collection so far...
    4. OutlawJohn
      Well, next time, I suggest you read my whole post. I clearly stated that, "unless [he] was joking" and so on. I've never interacted with him, and I've certainly interacted with people who type just like he does, and are completely serious about it. I also apologized in my next post.
    5. OutlawJohn
      Well, next time, I suggest you read my whole post. I clearly stated that, "unless [he] was joking" and so on. I've never interacted with him, and I've certainly interacted with people who type just like he does, and are completely serious about it. I also apologized in my next post.

      But, whatever, it was your call.
    6. OutlawJohn
      Was that necessary? I think not. I've never spoken to him before. For all I know, he could have been nagatopwnsall's brother.
    7. PikaCheeka
      Those were good. I should go back and re-read them sometime.
    8. PikaCheeka
      Love the avy. That's one of my favorite covers. :lmao
    9. Narcissus
      Yeah, I know. I just barely got past you. Thans for the advice, I'll put it to good use.
    10. Narcissus
      You almost had me Kage. Why didn't you post during the rebuttal portion of the match? You may have been able to still have won.
    11. Narcissus
      No problem. I'm glad you like it.
    12. Narcissus
      Hey Kage, being matched up against you reminded me that I meant to ask you a question.

      I wrote a page for you on the wiki a little while back. What do you think?

    13. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Ok, question...
      How fast is this?

      Character starts moving (let me note that his movement and reaction speed is greater than lightning), but his body starts flickering and as he is moving and flickering, someone (very reliable) notes that because of his flickering movement, he has gained complete control of the timestream.
    14. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      That helped me a great deal! Thanks a lot my friend!!!
    15. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      So, I have a character that can cut through space; what type of advantages does that give me?
      So I have a team of characters, like a series of 5; they have no abilities )= I'm trying to be unique. What would some nice abilities be?
    16. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Good evening

      Let me ask you, what are some unique ways to destroy a galaxy? Fiction and non-fiction...

      It's for one of my novellas. Mind is suffering from temporary writer's block )=
    17. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      what does it mean to have no beginning?
      An immaterial being that has no beginning, it was never created, but it was just there one day.
      I'm asking because I heard that a being like that exists outside of time and space or shouldn't be able to be perceived. I'm wondering if there are advantages to a being like that
    18. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      1. Hm... Thanks. It was flat out stated that he was immune to reality warping, and on high levels at that. Weaker characters to hhim have shown the ability to resist having their molecules destroyed. if that counts... But thanks

      2. Nope. There was no intuition or precog. The guy actually felt that he was being disrespected by having such a weak move used on him. I can't tell you what it is since it's a supernatural phenomenon. But like I explained, it was explained just like this "an attack that created waves with reverse phase to visible light, giving off no sound or any hint of their presence." The character not only reacted to it, he avoid the entirety of the attack without so much as a scratch, and created the exact same attack in the instant that it was shown to him (without ever seeing it before).
    19. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Ok, if some characters have shown resistance to large scale reality manipulation.
      (Ex. God replaces reality with another reality, then replaces that reality with another reality, and does it one more time. Then later on, reality is being reshaped and distorted, and straight replaced)

      Yet characters have shown immunity to it. Like they can survive example 1, or be unaffected by it completely.

      Do they have endurance against transmutation? Like being turned into stone or etc.


      My friend, if there was an attack that created waves with reverse phase to visible light, giving off no sound or any hint of their presence, and someone dodged it, how fast is that?
    20. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      My friend, it's been a minute... If you don't mind, can you outline a list of feats and abilities from D. I recall you saying he can put someone in a everlasting shifting desert? Which is pretty cool in my opinion lol
    21. Endless Mike
      Endless Mike
      Hey, just so you know Raigen is posting a lot of claims about Vampire Hunter D feats in this thread:


      And since he is known to be a habitual liar I was wondering if you could come in and confirm/debunk what he is saying.
    22. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      State your opinion my friend!
    23. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      What do you tutor in? Is it math (if so, I need a tutor! Lol)
    24. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Omg! I was coming here to check up on you because its been a min, but I see that you did reply to my last message! I was like, why didn't he reply? Lol. You should have replied on my page. I apologize though.

      Two jobs )=
      Why the need for 2? are things that bad?
      4- 5 hours of sleep 5 nights a week isn't healthy at all.

      To answer the last message, it is still a mystery like all of science, but it's been tested that if one is producing a strong electromagnetic field and shoots plasma balls through it, it will travel at relativistic speeds.
      (Hell, I didn't know about the speed barrier until I read GetBackers when they actually used a real life theory when the Miroku family were cuting through the light speed barrier; like cutting through the sound barrier but light speed lol. But GetBackers uses so much quantum physics and relativity that its like I'm reading a text book sometimes. Learned about spacetime, qualia, electromagnetic spectrum and radiation, subatomic particles and etc all from GetBackers; and how to read a good book lol)
    25. Kage no Yume
      Kage no Yume
      Isn't ball lightning in general still pretty much a mystery though? Did they even figure out if it's plasma or not yet?

      Anyways, we're just joking around (or at least I am), no one in KHR or OP has shown true FTL reflexes yet.

      Anyways, I've been doing okay. Very, very busy with two jobs and school, but aside from only getting 4-5 hours of sleep 5 nights a week, I'm managing somehow.
    26. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      I was reading your comments on the thread with Kikyou and I have to say, if you push plasma balls through a magnetic field, than they travel at relativistic speeds. Electric balls are similar but if the person didn't have an electric field than of course they would move slower than real lightning.

      and what's up? How have yo been doing?
    27. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      Tell me what you think!
      If you need any questions answered, I'm here because... It's very confusing in some parts. Trust me, I know.
    28. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      It's being released in English slowly.

      Get Backers: Infinity Fortress will be Vol. 1 through 14 (Vol. 26 through 39) They are on Vol. 3 now (which comes out September)

      Vol. 20 through 25, and 26 though 27 haven't been put online and has shown no signs of ever being put online so it'll be best to just buy it.
    29. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      My friend, that's as far as you are going to get! lol... /=
      If you decide to read up to that point, then you MUST buy Vol. 20 through 25. After that, it's changed to Get Backers: Infinity Fortress; then its starts from 1 and it's on 3 now. (Only the name change, in reality, it's vol 28 now.)

      I feel you on the work, work, and more work! lol. That's me all the time as well. However , I finally got a break and I'm at grandmas...
    30. Yohan Kokuchouin
      Yohan Kokuchouin
      My friend, long time no speak! What's up?
      How have you been doing
      How's your summer been so far?
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