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Nov 19, 2017 at 8:43 PM
Sep 2, 2006
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R I N N I N G, Male, from Los Angeles, CA

Retired Staff
Kai was last seen:
Viewing forum Naruto Battledome, Nov 19, 2017 at 8:43 PM
    1. FlamingRain
      Thanks~! :iria

      ...Why don't smilies work on here?
    2. Sinevelle
      Hey Space, haven't seen you in 7 years :) Glad there are still some ancient folks back from 2007 around.
      1. Kai likes this.
      2. Sinevelle
        I see you around but it seems you don't read your messages :)
        Apr 9, 2017
      3. Sinevelle
        Ah so you do. You probably had no idea who I am. My first account was Risu. Anyway I hope you're doing well :)
        Apr 11, 2017
    3. IzayaOrihara
      @Kai I sent you an invite to a conversation. Did you get it?
    4. Hussain
      Damn it, Kai! :catflip
      You closed the thread when I just finished my post! :catdespair
    5. Hussain
      Kai, there are some smart people who keep bringing old threads up from 3 years ago! :apathy
      What do you think of closing them, or finding a solution for that? :catdude
    6. Araragi
      If I opened a thread about Konoha Danburi quality (great read btw) against it's sequel quality (another recommended read), are you going to close it? :hmm
      1. Seraphiel likes this.
    7. Vino
      If I opened a thread about half dead Obito (who was able to hit Asspulldara) against JJ Obito (who was stated to be weaker than Asspulldara), are you going to close it? :hmm
    8. Hussain
      If I opened a thread about half dead Obito (who was able to hit Asspulldara) against JJ Obito (who was stated to be weaker than Asspulldara), are you going to close it? :hmm
      1. Seraphiel
        I'd close your thread on general principle if you'd resort to autismal shit like actually typing asspuldara tbh famalam
        May 6, 2016
      2. Hussain
        You know it's true. :troll
        May 6, 2016
    9. Vino
      Kai: "You've made this exact thread at least twice before"

      just curious, but haven't all the other threads been made like a billion time, and the arguments that being made are the exact
      same things as well? :catskully

      On other note, fuck you, Kai :smoke
      1. Kai
        Lol bruh. The guy made a thread that has always gotten its ass closed, since before I even became a mod.
        May 6, 2016
    10. Hussain
      Kai: "You've made this exact thread at least twice before"

      just curious, but haven't all the other threads been made like a billion time, and the arguments that being made are the exact
      same things as well? :catskully

      On other note, how are you, Kai? :troll
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Kai
        Except you don't. Repeat threads that are APPROPRIATE are allowed to stay. Just look every where, half if not more of the threads in the BD are repeat threads.

        The guy made the same inappropriate, unbalanced thread as he did twice before. So ima let him know that.

        Y'all should feel bad.
        May 6, 2016
      3. Hussain
        Are you saying itachi Vs Minato is appropriate?
        or DMS Kakashi Vs Madara, Narudo, Sasuke for that matter (:maybe)

        May 6, 2016
      4. Kai
        Yeah bro. I mean personally, I'd want every Itachi vs. Nagato thread to be closed past, present, and future but that's clearly not what's best for BD.

        Somehow Itachi vs. Nagato, for example, despite Nagato clearly being superior always gets traction and activity. That's something you can't really put bars down on.. You just have to let discussion run its course, just making sure the discussion is civil enough.
        May 6, 2016
    11. ImSerious
      Hey. Can you like, stop locking my shit :doge
    12. Hussain

      Hashirama does not have knowledge on itachi's abilities!!!! Deal with that outrageously unbalanced thread. :apathy
    13. Ersa
      You're ignoring that obvious duplicate account? :maybe
    14. Hussain
      I want a refund for all the energy you made me waste. :apathy
    15. SuperSaiyaMan12
      And most people on said topic just like to ignore feats or claim without evidence that Naruto got weaker despite evidence to the contrary. Toneri has better speed, strength, and pure destruction feats to Madara...yet he loses? How does that make any sense whatsoever?
    16. ARGUS
      Thanks man
    17. ARGUS
      Can you re open that one please
      I'm trying to prove a point on the Power of GOlden Wheel
    18. ARGUS
      hey man, why did you lock my thread?
      i am actually serious on that one.
    19. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
    20. Vandal Savage
      Vandal Savage
    21. Sadgoob
      Your post in that Hebi Sasuke thread... a good counter for that would be what Sasuke did to the Hachibi tentacle, Deidara's giant c2 bird, etc. Hebi Sasuke could swiftly cut any of Pain's summons in half.
    22. Hussain
      Well, what you think is wrong, and you should feel wrong. :smoke

      I lost faith in FTG, when that idiot (Kishi) gave it to Tobirama. It was my favourite fighting style. :gglife
      Now all I care about is the S/T barrier. so you can go ahead and trash FTG as you want. :catdespair

      As for S/T in general, I honestly feel Kishi must put some Plot shield in order for the S/T users not to solo. :lmao
    23. Hussain
      Not really. Everyone (Well, everyone except you) knows Minato owns him like B with the mark on his back. :cat

      Also, Minato is much more entertaining to debate about than Fodderama/Asspulldara. :smoke
    24. Hussain
      I think you should feel bad, and you exhausted my chakra. :catgun
    25. LostSelf
      MotM nomination thread, please vote!
      -I nominate myself. I want a sparkly username
      -You haven't won, yet, LostSelf.
      -Kai said it.
      *Shows screenshot*
      -You'll get your sparkly username in the following days.
    26. Itachі
      Sorry for the stomp thread, I really should have restricted Yamato to Taijutsu only.
    27. IzayaOrihara
      ... Or is it Akainu VS Ace???
    28. IzayaOrihara
      Whitebeard VS Akainu! Right?
    29. Itachі
      Where's your avatar from?
    30. Hussain
      You added a date, but it's still not public. :gglife

      Hi, Kai! :maybe:gun lol
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