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Jan 19, 2020
May 12, 2010
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Nov 20, 1993 (Age: 26)


Retired Staff, 26

Retired Staff
KaiserWombat was last seen:
Jan 19, 2020
    1. Nikushimi
      Now there's a name I haven't heard in ages... :blinditachi
      1. KaiserWombat
        s'up Meat Stain
        Sep 30, 2019
        Nikushimi likes this.
    2. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      You read the databook entry on Kizaru?

      Are you ready for another Revalistic One Piece debate?
      1. A Optimistic
        A Optimistic

        What was revealed about Kizaru?
        Nov 3, 2018
        B Rabbit likes this.
      2. KaiserWombat
        What are you even trying to do to me here, man

        I honestly might just have my appendix spontaneously explode wrestling my mind through a "is pre-timeskip Zoro ackshually LS1!1!!" take or whatever other unholy leech emerges from that pit
        Nov 3, 2018
        B Rabbit likes this.
      3. B Rabbit
        B Rabbit
        Luckily non of that shenanigans happened. All the the same though.
        Feb 8, 2019
    3. Juub
      Saw your post about Mewtwo. How can I make sure the biggest Metwtwo fanboy ever is telling the truth? :mjpls:
      1. KaiserWombat
        I've got no clue, champ

        Have lots 'o fun compiling F A C T S re: Pokemon main games and proving me wrong, miiiiiiiiiight work?
        Oct 19, 2018
    4. ChaosTheory123
      How's your memory of Hunter X Hunter dude? :hmm

      In the middle of a reread, and I was reminded Kortopi could create 50 odd large buildings out of Nen

      As mass/energy conversion is no go for obvious reasons, how would we even measure that? The assumption that the buildings are as durable as natural buildings? :hmm
      1. KaiserWombat
        Likely not as good as your own right now :lmao

        As you hit upon already, with mass-energy out of the equation, it's a real struggle to even pin down a basic "value" of composition to ascribe to Nen "structures": are we even sure they're deisgned to be entered into and interacted with, ala hard-light constructs? Or are they purely aesthetic in function, serving as holograms or illusions to deceive intruders?
        Aug 19, 2018
    5. JohnZoonas

      If you don't mind me asking, what is the source of the 79540m value you got here?
      1. KaiserWombat

        I've forgotten about converting my linked images from ImageShack -> Imgur, but I would suspect that the figure you mentioned is the diameter of the snowcloud to encompass both Dendemille Town + Frost Cavern.
        Jul 1, 2018
    6. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      You've always been an upstanding guy to me Wombat. Ever since we met. You have not changed. You've only adapted and evolved. I'm proud of you mein square.

      Also sup :maybe
      1. KaiserWombat
        Jeez, making me blush over here, haha < 3

        also s'up
        Jun 14, 2018
    7. The Immortal WatchDog
      The Immortal WatchDog
      You retired yourself from mod duty huh?
      1. KaiserWombat
        For the time being, at least!
        Mar 26, 2018
    8. Jinchu
      Oh wow you are still an active forums user. Figured everyone had died by now.
      1. KaiserWombat
        Well, wouldn't be saying I'm super active compared to, like, 2 years ago or whatever, but sure, I suppose I'm still kickin'.

        Feb 19, 2018
      2. Jinchu
        All things considered, yeah definitely last man standing.
        Feb 20, 2018
    9. Catalyst75
      You can feel free to close the Doctor Manhattan vs. Mxyzptlk thread. It was probably too early to make it, even considering what we've already seen Doctor Manhattan do in the modern day.
      1. KaiserWombat
        Yeah, I figured there was going to be a short half-life to that thread.

        No problem then, thanks for the alert!
        Nov 7, 2017
      2. Catalyst75
        You're welcome.
        Nov 7, 2017
    10. MatthewSchroeder
      Hello, hope I'm not bothering you, but since you're a Mod I feel I can ask you this:

      Is the Blog Post restriction to only those with at least 25 posts be permanent or temporary?
      1. Jeroen
        "Blogs are being hidden from guests for the moment.

        We might change that back when we can verify that there's no copyrighted material that might inadvertently cause issues."

        Straight from the horse's mouth. :aww
        Sep 9, 2017
      2. MatthewSchroeder
        Sep 9, 2017
    11. Agent One
      Agent One
      Hey Sir i gotta question. i wanna make a thread about is this thing canon? but i dont know where i can put it? I dont wanna put on wrong forum.
      1. KaiserWombat
        Is the thread question being posed in relation to fictional vs debate concept(s)?

        If so, then create the thread in the Meta Battledome area inside the Outskirts Battledome section.

        If your question of canon status has nothing to do with fictional vs debates...it'll depend on the specific subject matter.
        Mar 23, 2017
      2. Mider T
        Mider T
        Lol @ "sir".
        Mar 23, 2017
    12. Agent One
      Agent One
      Hey Boss i gotta request. can you close my thread of vampire hunter D vs Alucard.
    13. Agent One
      Agent One
      hey i am sure now you already viewing my thread. sorry i put on the wrong fourm. :( can you place somewhere where it belongs?
      1. KaiserWombat
        No problem, I already got an alert about it: it's now in the Television sub-section within the Konoha Theatre area
        Mar 14, 2017
    14. Endless Mike
      Endless Mike
      Just FYI, if you have any recent calcs you want added to the wiki lists, please post them here:

    15. Cherry
      Is Efege permed :(
      1. KaiserWombat
        I've got scarcely a clue about who that is, lmao.

        The one with the human Acnologia avatar, was it? That user's only been suspended for 1 week.
        Feb 1, 2017
      2. Cherry
        Oh thank god, I got a scare for a second.

        Thank you (:
        Feb 1, 2017
    16. superidot9000
      Hey there, Kaiser. Could you please renew the Anime Showdown's wiki subscription? Because, I wish to extract some vital information from some the wiki's Pokemon pages.
      1. KaiserWombat
        I hadn't realised that there were actually people taking usage of information on my lil wikispace, haha

        I was planning on renewing the subscription in the next couple of days regardless, but just because you asked so nicely, I'll see to getting it restarted today!
        Dec 23, 2016
    17. ChaosTheory123
      Also, would you say the Gym Leader Olympia is creating and maintaining her gym's weird pocket dimension?


      Been wondering about that
    18. ChaosTheory123
      1. View previous comments...
      2. KaiserWombat
        Fucking 420 char limit :lmao

        So I can't be definitive without actually doing the legwork a third and hopefully final time: at the moment, I'm rattling proverbial mothballs out of the brain for completing the Pokemon film calc series up to the present date, so it may still be a short while yet before I fully invest :maybe
        Nov 21, 2016
      3. ChaosTheory123
        Its not like this shit has an expiration date dude :maybe

        Take your time, or don't even bother at all

        Just look at my profile, how many things I've never done on request over the years *shrugs*
        Nov 21, 2016
      4. ChaosTheory123
        I'd be a hypocrite to really expect more than a non-committal shrug

        And these character limits are garbage
        Nov 21, 2016
    19. marks3684
      Hey Kaiser, can you please end this nightmare and either delete or lock this thread?
      1. marks3684
        Not only has Tonathan made before to over-exaggerate feats (not to mention, he already did this before), but also due to another certain mod abusing her mod powers as well (she's been deleting posts from other OBD members, as well as lashing out and threatening to ban others from the OBD despite them pointing out the problems with this thread as shown on her second post on page 2).
        Sep 20, 2016
      2. marks3684
        And, from what I've been hearing, I think a bunch of guys here at the OBD are already getting fed up with this thread.
        (Sorry about the multi-posts here. Character limit -_-)
        Sep 20, 2016
    20. Hardboned
      Hey can you ban me from making threads until about October 20th? I need a break from thread making and I feel like I'm spamming tbh
      1. Nighty the Mighty
        Nighty the Mighty
        I mean we can but you could also just... not make threads :catroll
        Sep 11, 2016
      2. Chrollo Lucilfer
        Chrollo Lucilfer
        how to ban yourself from thread making
        Sep 11, 2016
      3. Hardboned
        Sep 11, 2016
    21. Alchemist of Atlas
      Alchemist of Atlas
      Hello. May I ask for a favor? I'd wish this topic to be unlocked, please.


      There was no justification for the threadlock; everyone was keeping the thread on-topic (with legitimate interest in aspects of the matchup), even if everyone was aware of the possibility of Tonathan butting in.
      1. KaiserWombat
        Tbh, Tonathan was probably going to be the only dissenter of the view that Manigoldo (really, any Gold Saint) < to Post-Crisis or New 52 Supes in the OBD at the moment.

        Still, I'll have a chat with Nighty to see if there's anything to be done here.
        Sep 9, 2016
      2. Alchemist of Atlas
        Alchemist of Atlas
        No worries. I apologize for my late response as well, but I would appreciate to have a talk with Nighty about it.
        Sep 13, 2016
    22. Catalyst75

      The thread has basically devolved down into back and forth meaningless arguments, with the person who made the OP only propagating the argument. Essentially, it is just a troll thread, and I request that it be locked.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. ~VK~
        this is really sad man
        Aug 24, 2016
      3. KaiserWombat
        ...what the fuck is this, a circus?

        Sorry Catalyst, pairing-derivative threads are a breed of abomination that's thankfully well outside of my jurisdiction. You need to contact the local mod(s) in charge of that particular sub-section for any real initiative.

        Now buzz off, the lot of ye
        Aug 24, 2016
      4. Crimson Dragoon
        Aug 24, 2016
    23. Cipher97

      Can you lock this shotposting?
    24. Lucino

      You can lock this btw, suggest adding Yhwach threads to the ban list until his powers get explained.
    25. marks3684

      Hello there Kaiser. Any chance you can lock this thread. Not only is this thread is just horribly unbalanced due to the OP screwing both characters' up in this matchup, but the thread has already outlived its usefulness.
    26. Crimson Dragoon
      Crimson Dragoon

      you're gonna have to lock that because it's really, really one-sided
    27. Ultimate Deathsaurer
      Ultimate Deathsaurer

    28. Galo de Lion
      Galo de Lion
      What's the best method of calcing a blast like this please?
      Is it similar to cloud parting?
    29. Sherlōck
      Hey, Kaiser do you still have the link to impact calculator?
      1. KaiserWombat
        Is this the one you want?

        May 11, 2016
      2. Sherlōck
        Yep. Thanks.
        May 11, 2016
    30. Edward Nygma
      Edward Nygma
      Hey Kaiser, would you mind deleting the "(DCAU)" from the title of this thread?


      Please and thank you.
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