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Last Activity:
Jun 26, 2014
Oct 11, 2006
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Feb 22, 1986 (Age: 33)
At your Starbucks, lurking silently
Game X Change W. Little Rock


Faeries>All, 33, from At your Starbucks, lurking silently

Kaitlyn was last seen:
Jun 26, 2014
    1. Kyoya
      Huh, interesting
    2. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      There were their fairy pokemon
      Fairy type pokemon!
      Pink and Round!
      Little bowtie things!

      lets make a pokemon fairy song to the tune of fairly oddparents the nick show :DD
    3. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      Steel and poison wit possibly fire
    4. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      so I hear you like Fairy pokemon :X3
    5. Zhariel
      I'm playing a rom on my laptop, but it was sad when my old games died like that.
    6. Zhariel
      I am playing Cyrstal again, some nice nostalgia.
    7. Zhariel
      It would certainly be original. It's pretty looks can be to lure prey in, and then paralyze them! I don't give GF the credit to make such a step, but I'm hoping.
    8. Zhariel
      The argument is that it is based off of the japanese poison ivy, which is pink/purple, and has the word "sylv" in it's latin name.
    9. Zhariel
      I've seen some solid proof that it will be, surprisingly enough, a poison type.
    10. Zhariel
      Apparently we've spoken before. Name change?

      Also, what type do you think Sylveon will be?
    11. Soca
      haha I see nice gif anyways :LOS
    12. Soca
      is that you in your productivity sig? lol
    13. Tony Stark
      Tony Stark
      If Jinbe get's as awesome as the Dark Knight then Luffy should worry about being the main character :maybe
      Thanks for your rep btw.
    14. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "For senior members, your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 500 (Height). This includes space taken up by closed spoiler tags, text and images."

      Your image (600 x 424) is over the allowed width and needs to be removed, resized, or tagged.
    15. Cobblepot
      Thank you, your gesture was really nice! I promise to return you the favor as soon as possible. ^^
    16. Zhariel
      It sucks for us, since policy says we gotta greet each person and shit. So many people are just bored foot traffic.
    17. Zhariel
      I'm in a mall that a lot of people visit, so we get a lot of money coming in, but not reserves. I've dealt with batshit crazy people before, and people who wanted to fight. That's Philadelphia for ya though, I usually don't pay much attention to people like that :)

      Despite how little I usually care, I'm like the 2nd best at the store.
    18. Zhariel
      Heh, sounds cool though. Probably a lot more laid back then my job. I always gotta get reserves, subs, etc. etc. or I get shit. Hire me :(
    19. Zhariel
      Heh, I picked up Dead Island last week, and now our entire district is sold out of it for the 360. I kept just ending the sentence with "Yeah, maybe should have reserved it :hurr"
    20. Zhariel
      Do you hate Gamestop people? We come in peace :D:
    21. Bender
      Huh, I thought I seen it before.
    22. Bender
      Oi what game is that robot from your siggy in? :33
    23. Zhariel
      Oh ok, darn. I'm at Gamestop, which is probably less fun.
    24. Zhariel
      So, which company you work for?
    25. Zhariel
      We both work at a video game store.

      Friends or enemies?!
    26. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      also this game is soooo hard on normal :argh
    27. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      She is so mature and elegant! :X3
      Unlike that hussy Catherine :hmpf
    28. son_michael
      I just started playing Catherine today. Love your set! Im trying to play the good boyfriend but the story does not make it easy lol
    29. Esura
      Me too. It seems like choosing Katherine is the good side. There is something fishy about Catherine...and I want to find out what. So hyped for this game right now! :ohpek
    30. Esura
      Picking Catherine or Katherine in Catherine?

      That sounds odd when you read it out loud...
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    Feb 22, 1986 (Age: 33)
    At your Starbucks, lurking silently
    Game X Change W. Little Rock
    Favorite Character(s):
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 64, 101
    Chapters: 245, 330
    I'm currently a college graduate working at a video game store

    drawing, sleeping, gaming, interneowsing, TV watching, etc.t br


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