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Jul 16, 2019 at 2:52 PM
Nov 8, 2006
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Mar 17, 1994 (Age: 25)
Lysandra On Set


Well-Known Member, 25, from Lysandra On Set

~Kakashi~ was last seen:
Viewing thread Favourite Summoning?, Jul 16, 2019 at 2:52 PM
    1. NamesClassified
      Thanks for the rep
    2. X III
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      2. ~Kakashi~
        May 26, 2019
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    3. Icelerate
      I've noticed you also fell out of favour with Naruto's plot. Out of curiosity, how do you rank them from best to worst? For me it goes: CE>SRA>Pain Invasion>Itachi Pursuit>Kakuzu and Hidan>Land of Waves>Search for Tsunade>Kage Summit>Kazekage Rescue>Sasuke and Sai>War Arc
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      2. ~Kakashi~
        I've done it in different posts over the years, but it's largely stuff that even Kishimoto has pointed out himself(such as rushing the Immortals Arc), or not having the series planned out properly, completely ignoring certain characters, etc.
        Apr 30, 2019
      3. ~Kakashi~
        As far as favorite villain, Kisame. Pretty much the only somewhat detailed/in-depth villain that didn't go back on his beliefs/regret his actions. Which brings up another gigantic issue with the series, the need to make every "bad" character redeem themselves.
        Apr 30, 2019
      4. ~Kakashi~
        A great example being Kurama(tailed beasts in general, but Kurama is the main one obviously) should have never been retconned to being practically lovable pets that just got pissed off at humans. Leaving them as pure incarnations of evil(more or less) would have been so much more interesting.
        Apr 30, 2019
    4. Mad Scientist
    5. Icelerate
      Are you Elite Kakashi from NB?
    6. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      Yh i am good.:beer
    7. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      Hope everything is good on your side
    8. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      You are alive?
    9. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      Bruh say american football otherwise i think REAL football that you guys call soccer and get confused lol.
      How your studies going btw. Or you looking for a job now?.

      If you need any advice on studies or jobs/interviews are any big bro advice, you can ask me. Been helping this studend forum and giving advice and shit. Just did a job fair where myself and a colleague went into university job fairs and basically try to help students and stuff and i really enjoyed it.

      Funny thing is that just 12 months ago i was a student going into job fairs for advice and stuff, but now i am the one being asked questions and im answering lol.

      I am good, finally got foot into the world of finance and im loving it. Hard work, but its all good.
      As for naruto, its a bad dream, thats all
    10. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      by now i am immune to kishi's 'writing'.
      Another day in the office, meh.

      How you doing btw, haven't spoken for time
    11. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      Whats new. Anyway latest chapter was a little too late for hiruzen though. Kishi trying to desperately salvage something for hiruzen
    12. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      Who knows.
      I check up on there once a while as a guest and its really gone down hill. Seeing threads insulting mods and people uploading porn and shit. Even seen quiet a few people getting banned and stuff.
    13. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      Still on that fail site?
    14. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      Lmfao. You think that was bad.
      The next post i had mastered up was demonic. I was banned at the right time.

      Anyway it is a day ban apparently, so yes i should be helping out my team in the tourney
    15. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      I wouldn't be surprised if Tobirama and Hiruzen took the back stage, because currently the power levels is influenced by your importance to the story and hashirama and minato are clearly more important that hiruzen and tobirama.

      The amount of things wrong with that asspull is over 9000. I cannot even be asked to start.

      I do see hiruzen and tobirama getting more feats/power but perhaps not as much as the other two hokages, but who knows. Tbh i could care less, i am just reading now because i have come too far to quit now
    16. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      The way the manga is going,watch hiruzen pull off monkey sm or merge with enma or some ish
    17. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      This obito/rin/kakashi thing is boring and annoying AF.

      Seriously. We have on one side somebody who could have killed the opposition but didn't.
      On another side somebody who isn't serious about fighting.

      Its like both are not serious about confronting each other. If both sides are just trolling each other it becomes a long, pointless and annoying confrontation.

      Seriously this whole rin thing is beginning to piss me off. lol
    18. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      Everything is going according to the plot i guess
    19. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      Well i deffo want to see this 8 gate that people keeping hyping up. There however might be a plot twist, (i mean its kishi after all) and somehow gai will not die. Maybe some will of fire bs or kurama's chakra somehow keeps him alive through the principle of yang energy lmao.

      I see what you are saying though and i do believe that madara will be the focal point and not madara + obito. I do see kishi trying to give us a glimpse of how powerful jinckuricki rikudou truly was, though madara still would be no where close.

      Imo they should summon itachi already. That juubi bastard is a slow and massive. Something the totsuka should take care of :blinditachi
    20. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      I am fine, just bored with the series.
      Anyway dud i think that is exactly what might happen. Kakashi explaining why he killed rin and that might be enough to change obito's mind. Another thing is that its being set up as the kamui duo, kakashi/obito which reminisces this page
      http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/Naruto/243/4

      If however it doesn't happen and a fight was to proceed i see kakashi losing. Reason for this is because the hokage's are coming to the battlefield. Kakashi's kamui especially with kurama's shroud makes him a very dangerous. I know edo madara + obito are hella strong but team taka + hokage's + alliance with kurama shroud is too much even for them.

      At the same time i see gai also dying because kishi has hyped up the 8 gates for him not to show it to us. And perhaps the eternal rivals will continue their rivalry on the other side
    21. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      My favourite kakashi fan. How you been.
      What do you think is going to happen to your boy in next weeks issue
    22. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      Still confused, but whatever. I thought the site was being run smoothly but i guess not?
    23. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      huh, what do you mean? :huh
    24. Hussain
      Hi, I told you, I'll let you know when Takl answers me
      So, here I'm to fulfill my promise. ( =

    25. Hasan
      Well, who knows. The guy might actually resort to reasonable discussion. :maybe

      However, yeah. I noticed it the moment he said Kamui was a weak jutsu that he could use 2-3 times, and die afterwards. :sag
    26. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      Yh that guy is a crazy hashirama fan. Anyway majority here actually do not like hiruzen very much so its no surprise. They rule it even the possibility that his hype of god of shinobi still stands, but meh
    27. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      I see you are still fighting the good fight for hiruzen
    28. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      Perhaps we have only seen a fraction of tobirama's personality and this fraction represents danzo's some way. However his personality as a whole and thinking might suit hiruzen's and i believe it does.

      Anyway the manga has clarified smething about the theory i wanted to make about the ms. Remember when people saying why would rikuodu write on the tablet to kill your best friend to get ms. It seems the manga has clarified it, the sage didn't write that. It was just a natural cause when uchiha's lose somebody they love, bla bla bla.

      Seems the ms part has somewhat been clarified. Though the theory is still doable, because of the latest revelation's it almost feels like there is nothing to say because the manga has kinda said it :(
    29. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      This is something we will have to agree to disagree on
    30. Blaze Release
      Blaze Release
      I believe you are fixated on the one thing they both had in common which was the uchiha (even then though i disagree with their ways Tobirama was actually think more about the village than Danzo). If you look at the bigger picture and what hokage is and what it entails Tobirama and Danzo really aren't even close
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    Mar 17, 1994 (Age: 25)
    Lysandra On Set


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