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Kamioto Furin
Last Activity:
Dec 17, 2014
Mar 14, 2006
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Home Page:
college instructor, part-time artist

Kamioto Furin

is alive... well, almost. :/

Kamioto Furin was last seen:
Dec 17, 2014
    1. Anemone
      Hello! How have you been? :D
    2. Totitos
    3. Chita
      Me too, college got all my time with the tasks and all the stuff -___-
      I want to get active again but I can't really blend with the atmosphere and new members, and most people I know from our years were already inactive .__.
      guess I'll just looking around here :p
    4. Captain Pimp
      Captain Pimp
      I do take a break now and then, but I can't be too relaxed :hurr

      Yea, it's fun helping people although I do see a few crazy patients :laugh

      Definitely, towards a brighter future for us all :nod
    5. Anemone
      I just got a puppy, so that's keeping me pretty busy, because he's pretty young.

      I miss talking to you too. :hug

      How have you been? :)
    6. Captain Pimp
      Captain Pimp
      Yo, KF! :hug Life's been treating me okay. I was hoping summer would be more relaxing, but unfortunately not xD

      Actually, I'm studying to be a Physician Assistant which is sorta like a doctor but I'm supervised. I hope thing's are going well for you! :nod
    7. Anemone
      Furin-chwan! :squish
      Yeah, I miss them too sometimes. :(
    8. Totitos
      Well, apparently I had a tumor since I was born and it caused me troubles until a year ago. I went through many medical check-ups and ultimately having a surgery. I'm still recovering and suffered after-effects because I took A LOT of pills to ease the pain (I'm lactose intolerant because of them). I'm much better now but not completely healthy.

      It's good to see you again. :3
    9. Totitos
      Tittles are meaningless when you are the best in the world at what you do. That is you, Furin. :quite

      I'm really good actually, recovering from health issues and keeping it up.

      You are missing from my life.
    10. Totitos
      live again

    11. Chita
      I'm fine here, and you?
      I think you were already inactive :cry
    12. Benzaiten
      Thanks for the rep :)
    13. Captain Pimp
      Captain Pimp
      Hey, KF! :33 Life has been going well for the time being xD

      That's awesome! Best of luck to you! Don't worry, campus life is usually relaxing as long as you get your work done :amuse
    14. kumiko2sweet
      It's no biggy...^^
      school stuff take most of every student's time anyway...like mine. hehe
    15. Captain Pimp
      Captain Pimp
      I think everything's awesome :awesome Well, almost everything :p

      Hey, KF! :33 Wow, congratulations! I bet you'll have a big party at the end to celebrate xD Aww, don't worry. I'm sure you'll come up with a fantastic thesis :nod I hope everything works out for you ^^
    16. kumiko2sweet
      hahahaha....Tagalog/Filipino thread...^_^
    17. kumiko2sweet
    18. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      hmm, siya yata yung nasa CN BLUE na banda, hindi boy band...ok bnaman yung kanta nila :gar
    19. Toomin
      Summer? Damn, nice.

      What's your thesis on?
    20. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      well kung gayon ipagdadsal kita haha, ayos lang yan kaya mo yan! :gar

      yup ginagaya ko nga style nila eh, super idol ko sila! :suave
    21. Toomin


      Life's good, on spring break right now...:D
    22. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      naks e di meron nga! congrats KF!!! :edu
    23. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      hmm di pa yata ako nakakapunta dun! o kamusta naman, Cum Laude ba? :edu
    24. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      ay wow, kaya pala! madalas na ko mapadaan jan sa UP kasi pumupunta ko QC Hall para sa requirements sa work ko...o kamusta naman school? congrats! :edu
    25. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      ay talaga? san school kaba? if you dont mind :wtf

      nasa house lang ako, vacation lol :kaga

      nagaantay lang ng pasko :hurr
    26. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      a little of both LOL. but i still got tons of friends here, like you, so im still using the profile messages :hurr

      and im planning to go to Canada to study there next year, hopefully. kamusta ka naman? :amuse
    27. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      ahahaha yes i still use that number, are you still using yours? :amuse

      yup yup but il still be around, though not as active as before :(
    28. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      no no, it wasnt her. i know how she looks like eh. basta medyo bata hehe. nga pala retired nako dito, di nako nagpopost pero i check my account every now and then. merry christmas!!! :gar
    29. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      hehehe. all i remember was that she was too young for me LOL :hehee
    30. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      good luck KF :hi5

      hmm. long hair nakapony tail, shades...ayun, she's Filipinang FIlipina yung characteristics nya :amuse
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  • About

    Home Page:
    college instructor, part-time artist
    Favorite Character(s):
    animes, mangas, drawing, reading, cross stitching, biochemistry, math


    Currently watching:
    Sakamichi no Apollon


    One of the happiest places I've been to

    Spoiler: Forumon card

    I'm keeping this Mole-san! :D

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