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Kamishiro Yuki
Jul 9, 2007
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December 27
Gone hunting
    1. Kobe
    2. Jibutters
      Emily still lurks in the shadows :blobhide
      1. Lurker likes this.
    3. Kyoya
      Hope you're well old amigo
    4. Kobe
      Emilia ㅜ.ㅜ
      1. Mouten likes this.
    5. Fang
      Haven't seen you online in awhile.
      1. Kamishiro Yuki likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Kamishiro Yuki
        Kamishiro Yuki
        I would've said it was a joke asking it, but with the so many changes to the forums, wasn't recalling proper emoticon whilr posting from my phone. Nonetheless, it's actually pretty cool to see some people are still around, now and then.
        Oct 12, 2018
        Fang likes this.
      4. Fang
        A very few of us are still around yeah. Good to see you back either way.
        Oct 12, 2018
      5. Kamishiro Yuki
        Kamishiro Yuki
        Yeah... not sure how much of ''back'' this is, probably just having a small chat with a few people I know that are still around, dropping a hi and asking how things were :D
        Oct 12, 2018
    6. Jibutters
      1. Kamishiro Yuki
        Kamishiro Yuki
        Oh rly? :p
        Aug 23, 2018
        Jibutters likes this.
    7. Project #22329
      Project #22329
      Hey! You are around in 2017! Haha
      1. Kamishiro Yuki
        Kamishiro Yuki
        Someone says I'm around in 2018 too! Dunno how I end up here but i still remember my username and pass :D
        Feb 26, 2018
    8. Heero
      Hey i know this person
      1. Kamishiro Yuki
        Kamishiro Yuki
        Do you now? :p
        Feb 26, 2018
    9. The Soldier
      The Soldier
      never got your facebook link
    10. The Soldier
      The Soldier
      you still around
    11. Kyoya
      If I remember send me your link to, we'll talk again
    12. The Soldier
      The Soldier
      whats your facebook link
    13. Kyoya
      I've met a few in my travels.
    14. Kyoya
      That's true, I mostly come here to keep contact with those I don't email or facebook.
    15. The Soldier
      The Soldier
      can I add you to facebook
    16. The Soldier
      The Soldier
      so are you on facebook
    17. Kyoya
      You honestly forgot me didn't you.
    18. Kyoya
      No? we talked on yahoo a bit,
    19. Buskuv
      I'm glad; get that shit over and behind you.

      I'm seeing a lot of very un-kvlt music on your FB feed. :pek

      This is neat, though. Pretty sure I'd heard Onslaught before, but it's kind of... a common type of metal band name. :lmao

      Have you heard Kvelterak?
    20. Buskuv
      Hell hath no fury...

      I totally would, too. Justifiable homicide.

      Just, you know, don't kill me.

      So, basically, since you're not a super important, super rich, super powerful person, you've got to play phone tag with a bunch of bureaucratic drones, who can't do their job, in order to get your money which is yours, after having already paid for the mistakes of your own parents? Sounds about right.

      I mean, it's not their money, right? Who cares.

      I can't believe some people are so inept and so un-sympathetic to a pretty universal problem (no money), because they are not immediately affected, and do not, in any way, seem concerned about you or your problem. Amazing. Lose some papers? Who cares!? Can't access her account? That sucks.

      I hope you get it all sorted, though. That's nuts.
    21. Buskuv
      The bastards!

      I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your parents, but damn; I'd be irate and full of vindictive, righteous fury over something like that, and I'd give them hell until I was given recompense. :mad

      That's just fucking shit, man.

      All that red tape, too. I'm sure you're tired of all of it.

      I'm no stranger to bullshit situations, though.
    22. Kyoya
      Nothing, lol. I so need to add you back on FB
    23. Buskuv
      Awful. Abhorrent.

      A job is a job, but you have to take your sanity into account.

      That's pretty fucked up. Did you parents even help you out or pay you back? That's fucking shit if they didn't, especially because it had nothing to do with you and everything to do with them and their mistakes. That kind of stuff makes my blood boil; I hate when people do that, and especially your parents.
    24. The Soldier
    25. Buskuv

      That's pretty cool, though. Glad you're moving around... but what are you chasing there? Also, what do you do at your job? Collaborating with the Pig-Dog Americans or just some kind of desk job thing?

      I know that feeling. Hopefully when you get some more time to yourself (story of everyone's lives) you'll be able to focus on the best parts of your life, rather than just working for money. Do you plan on doing anything specific with your art, or just keep it on the side?

      My cats are loud. Always talking. And, have you ever smelled a litterbox? Oh my god. And my house is small, so there's no escaping it.

      I'm a bad slacker, but they need me, so it works.
    26. The Soldier
      The Soldier
      email facebook texting
    27. The Soldier
      The Soldier
      so how can I keep in touch
    28. The Soldier
      The Soldier
      I enjoy talking with you
    29. Buskuv
      Mind in the gutter!

      Yeah, I guess we should. It's probably easier. This is nerdier.

      I'd be surprised if you were, given your problems with it, but are you still working at that bar or have you moved on? I adore whatever sketches you put on FB, so I know you're doing well with those, at least; so, I'm hoping you're doing something with art. Looking for work, whatever the education, experience or type of work, is always frustrating.

      I got lucky and found a job where I'm by myself most of the (like right now, when I'm supposed to be doing work. Shhh.), but I've had some shitty jobs up until then, even if they paid a bit better.

      So, what's changed for you? What's different? I'm hoping that's a good change, mind you, but I know how life goes.

      I only have two cats, thank you very much. They just feel like five because of how stinky and loud they are.
    30. Buskuv
      Whoa now.

      Have my biscuits and get my biscuits are two... very different sounding phrases.
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    December 27
    Gone hunting
    Favorite Character(s):
    Kakashi, Itachi, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Gaara, Kiba, Kabuto
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    nah uh


    神白雪deviantART / NFArt Shop
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