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Katie Atome
Last Activity:
Jul 1, 2018
Oct 10, 2006
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Katie Atome

La Rouge

Katie Atome was last seen:
Jul 1, 2018
    1. NinjaJedi007
      Hi there. Thanks for the add!
    2. R3ZSN0R3
      That's cool, I might check it out then
    3. R3ZSN0R3
      That's cool. Is it mostly a different plot in each episode or more about a season plot?
    4. R3ZSN0R3
      I watched Kill La Kill. It was pretty good. Didn't quite live up to TTGL, but still good.

      Only saw the first ep of Flash. Is it good?

      I'm watching Gotham and I enjoy it.
    5. R3ZSN0R3
      It's going pretty good. Grad school, multiple jobs, etc XD

      What are you up to these day?
    6. Trinity
      you interested in affiliating with another forum by chance
    7. Havoc
      Hey, I remember you.

      How have you been?
    8. Arcuya
      Autofunction? I think they added imgfit as the default bbcode instead of img. Your site had a nice design btw.
    9. R3ZSN0R3
      Hey, how's it going?
    10. The Soldier
      The Soldier
      please accept my friend request
    11. R3ZSN0R3
      I wish that there was something as good as Pandora is with music for shows. Netflix chooses really superficially things to base its recommendations on.
    12. R3ZSN0R3
      That's cool. Would the hashtags just be anime names or aspects of the anime?
    13. R3ZSN0R3
      Oh, yeah, I've seen those XD

      That studio does all they Hayao Miyazaki films?
    14. R3ZSN0R3
      Oh, haven't seen any of these. What do you like about them?
    15. R3ZSN0R3
      Just got back from New Orleans.

      Not sure. What else have they done?
    16. buff cat
      buff cat
      Hey. :D
      So, I knew that depression was caused by a chemical imbalance. Can you tell me more about the orthomolecular stuff?
    17. R3ZSN0R3
      Yeah, just watched the newest episode of KlK this morning. It's good. It took a few episodes for me to get into it, but shit just got real in. Trigger tells stories a different way. Blue put it this way: "It is, obviously, but if we're comparing it to anything, it has to be Gurren Lagann. This writer who's been doing Gainax's and then Trigger's stuff, Nakashima - he's been throwing out the entire book on how to write stories. Suspense? Fuck that. Rising action? Who needs it? Falling action? IT NEVER FALLS.
      What he's doing here is throwing out how people have been writing since the fucking Greeks - using 5 acts, exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and revelation/catastrophe - and replacing it with two: Climax - right from the fucking start - and catastrophe, and fitting exposition in wherever it'll go.

      I mean it sounds like I'm fanfagging it and I am, but this is legitimately a new way of writing nobody's been able to do well before."
      I think that's true.
      Have you seen TTGL?
      It's hard to tell what is being built towards, which makes it difficult for anyone that isn't satiated with the action while waiting to see what develops.

      Haven't seen the series you linked. I can give it a watch though :O

      Also, what does your "You may also like" base the recommendations off of? The "genres" tags or recommendations?
    18. R3ZSN0R3
      Multiple places. Substitute teacher usually, web stuff for nutritionist that day.

      Looks pretty good. :O
    19. R3ZSN0R3
      Looks good from what I saw. Had to close it quick due to NSFW lol
    20. R3ZSN0R3
      Hm, I may see if I can use CKEditor offsite to see what we can change here with it.
    21. R3ZSN0R3
      Does AdminCP have a good mobile style in 5? I never feel like doing any admin stuff while on my phone.

      What's Ckeditor?
    22. R3ZSN0R3
      The anticipated section is cool.
      Just today, we changed our anime/manga sections to focus on discovering new anime.
    23. R3ZSN0R3
      The site owner and server owner have to do the upgrade, and they are slow about that kind of stuff lol

      What's new with 4?
    24. R3ZSN0R3
      Catherine? I've watched someone play it. Seemed cool.
    25. R3ZSN0R3
      Hm, you have to angle quite a bit before the dark text is too dark, and the pink isn't in the frame while you are down at the content.

      It all looks good to me.
    26. R3ZSN0R3
      It's pretty good.

      Laptops viewed from an angle change the colors a bit, so I'm trying to decide if the pink is too bright on the top, given how dark everything else is (and that there's no reason to draw one's eyes to that empty space) and if some text is too dark - Let me check in on a laptop quick.
    27. Kusa
      Thats great.I really like random people and you seem very friendly as well.
    28. Kusa
      Thank you for the friendship request.:hug

      Though i mus admit ,i am a little bit suprised that you are interested in becoming my 'friend'because we never talked to each other before.May i ask,what made you interested in becoming friend with me? I am just curious :ano
    29. Daxter
      Well it depends on my rl sched, but I would say I'm more often on in the evening. Though this all depends on our time zones. I'm in GMT-5, what about you? It's 7 PM now. :laugh
    30. Daxter
      Sure, I'll be around for the next couple of hours.
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