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Jan 3, 2013
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    1. Aries
      Hey not to bother you but are you interested in joining this FMA Mafia Game?
    2. God Movement
      God Movement
      Yeah, this is why Beerus, Champa, Whis and Vados are all universe+
    3. God Movement
      God Movement
      Good point. Just looking at it, it would have to be more than 38 pixels. I presume it was a typo on his part. Just change it for yours.
    4. Xelloss
      Not reading it.
    5. willyvereb
      I know that voting for your match with Sherlock only just started but it's about time to prepare for the next match.
      You'll be fighting Id's team.
      Post your 3-man team to me in PM.
      So the list of the 3 fighters and the one character who remains in prep.
    6. Sherlōck
      Send your team & prep to willyvereb for your match against me & all your matches in group A.

    7. Sherlōck
    8. Sherlōck
      I need you to pick someone other than Iron Man.
    9. Sherlōck
      Send your 3 man team for the street level tournament.Along with the link to the obd wiki profile.
    10. ChaosTheory123
      It'd probably be interesting, yeah.
    11. ChaosTheory123
      Similar stats?

      Bills is a fair deal greater than small star level.

      Even if Lightning has a minor speed advantage, she's not doing well.

      Lightning's around Buu Arc Top Tier levels, but Below Battle of Gods.
    12. Sherlōck
      New Tournament starts on 1st March.You are welcome to join.

    13. ChaosTheory123
      Other than calc stacking?

      Not really.
    14. Mr. Black Leg
      Mr. Black Leg
      Thread got locked before I could post :


      Check the comments .
    15. ChaosTheory123
      Ah... go for it.

      Experienced here basically means the difference between just starting high school physics and having completed it honestly.

      We're not experts by a long shot dude :maybe
    16. ChaosTheory123
      I'm not saying it's him wasting time, I'm saying you're overestimating his prowess as a marksman regarding hitting moving targets faster than him via sniping. He could in theory, but it's too far above his shown feats (he had issues sniping ichigo of comparable speeds from about 10 meters away, fuck if he's hitting the riders often given that).
    17. ChaosTheory123
      Brohan deleted it, and it wasn't valid to start with.

      You're really underestimating how difficult hitting a moving target a couple times faster than you is. Clusterfuck or not, you're losing valuable time every time it does miss, and it will do so fairly often (it's not like Gin's a particularly touted marksman in his universe to start with).

      Did I? It's been a long time since I've watched OOO. Kuuga has some poison resistance, but I'm not sure how it compares to trying to resist Gin's.
    18. ChaosTheory123

      You can argue it'd blitz fuckers up to mach 29, but trying to argue anything higher is speculation we can't really account for. Doesn't help you that Hammer's fuckers hit the cap despite being nerfed either... compounded further by the predictive ability required to tag his faster opponents that will be moving targets to snipe just isn't something he possesses. He's useless as a sniper, he's better relegated to defensive close combat here. That gives you the most opportunity to utilize him, but you're still at a disadvantage.
    19. Sherlōck
    20. ChaosTheory123
      Space/Time Cutting Sword from OOO.

      Fourze doesn't have hax in base

      Nor does Kuuga

      Both are pretty much raw power.

      Profiles should be fairly reflective of their abilities IIRC.
    21. Sherlōck
    22. ChaosTheory123
      Durability isn't like HP.

      If you can tank it once without batting an eye, odds are, even if it were conceivable for the fucker you're fighting to hurt you with numerous attacks, the number required would make it seem like the number would be better off called infinite.
    23. willyvereb
      Not at all.
      Especially since the said supernova generated far more than what is the total mass energy of the Sun.
    24. willyvereb
      Well, to be fair, what we take as baseline for both planetbusting and starbusting is the GBE.
      With only the equivalent of its GBE, it'd take around 10 minutes until the remains of the destroyed Earth would expand to twice of its original radius.
      Pretty damn slow compared to how it's often portrayed in fiction.
      And of course in these examples speed = exponentially larger KE = more powerful explosion
    25. willyvereb
      I'm not sure on this.
      Perhaps it might be possible to influence the fusion reaction in such way the entire thing explodes.
      Never actually looked this up.
      But overall it's fairly simple to determine if a star went supernova or got blown apart by an external force.
      And of course we talk about the latter here.
      What would even be the point to mention the other?
    26. willyvereb
      What would be a difference?
      If you didn't know before stars are also made of matter.
      Hell the center of stars is even more dense than planetary cores.
      Just because it's made of gas it doesn't mean it's non-tangible or anything along those lines.
      It's a ball of plasma caught by its own huge gravity.
    27. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu
      Raditz is above early DBZ Piccolo who is at least small-planet+ with a fairly casual blast

      so, no
    28. ChaosTheory123
      I'll take a look later when I'm awake, but at a glance? Use metric.
    29. ChaosTheory123
      Nice to know you understand :maybe

      Sounds interesting, have fun figuring shit out.
    30. ChaosTheory123
      We don't appeal to author's intent around here, so you might want to remember that one :maybe

      Remember, the god of a fiction isn't omniscient. He's human and falliable. Given we have to analyze this shit with physics to even try debating it, we need to remove the author from the equation and remember he doesn't necessarily know what he's doing.

      Only Frieza's "planet bust" exploded in an omnidirectional fashion in the manga. Neither moon bust (both roshi's outlier, and piccolo's more consistent feat) occurred in an omnidirectional fashion, easily deduced by the fact the earth didn't have stray debris hitting it. Thua indicating both were a surface detonation. Same with Kid Buu's.

      The flip side requires a specific set of things to occur in a fairly perfect fashion as far as I read for it to be remotely feasible to begin with, and requires far more assumptions to work than outright brute force anyway, hence why occam's razor wins out there. And just because we don't see it until kid buu, doesn't mean legit planet busting energy isn't present in series until then. Kid Buu's higher magnitude. Piccolo's moon busting is more akin to planet busting itself anyway.

      Wasn't suggesting you were, just felt the need to put my 2 cents out there :maybe

      No problem, asshole I may be, but I'm more than willing to answer/respond to a fucker posting shit on my profile and all. It'd be rude not too without given a reason not to respond. :maybe

      Enjoy your stay in the OBD, don't take this shit too seriously now.
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