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Nov 29, 2015
Apr 2, 2013
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Pittsburgh, PA


Active Member, from Pittsburgh, PA

Kazekage94 was last seen:
Nov 29, 2015
    1. Ghost
      not sure if you know but you can't neg or rep anyone.
    2. animeboy1
      No Problem :)
    3. Grimmjowsensei
      Sadly you can't rep me. Your rep level is too low, so no greens or reds from you, just grey :/
    4. Turrin
      Gaara is one of the few supporting cast characters that Kishimoto hasn't massively trolled, so yes lol
    5. Grimmjowsensei
      da fuck does that mean ? :geg
    6. Hussain
      That's how we, itachi haters live. :lmao

      but your comment is much appreciated, good sir. :hurr
    7. animeboy1
      Probably those people who think, Tsunade 'decisively' beats Gaara, believe that Sakura can defeat him. I have no idea, why Lee stands a chance. It would be great, if he could get the Shukaku. He could possibly be at Tobirama's level then. That probably won't happen though, since Kishimoto would then have to face the liability of making new Jinchurikis too.
    8. animeboy1
      How have you been Kazekage? Didn't really have the time to post these days. Though, I'll come up with the random thread, I suppose :oh. I agree with you over Gaara vs Orochimaru. Gaara could probably high diff Oro, at the mid of part 2. With his recent feats, he'd eliminate him, before hydra is a real issue. His aerial advantage is also always underestimated. If only he were to get the Ichibi.....
    9. Cognitios
      Nah, I think she got injuries, I think she regenerated from them extremely fast.
    10. ARGUS
      Thanks for the rep man
      And Yh it's annoying when fapboys dnt Wna admit that AT > Kirin when it destroyed a stronger an larger susanoo when Kirin couldn't destroy a weaker one
    11. Cognitios
      No, I don't think Sai vs SRA Naruto would be a very balanced thread for a few reasons.
      - SRA Naruto has no long range attacks
      - Base Shippuden Naruto > SRA Naruto and he was struggling against Sai.
      The way I do balanced threads is I have kind of a tier list that I use. I'll put it in my sig soon, but a tier list is a good way to kind of view powerlevels, people in the same tier would fight well against people in the same tier.

      I'll use Gaara as an example
      I'm like you in the sense that I put Gaara pretty high up there. I put Gaara in the desert on the same tier as Tobirama, Third Raikage, Sage Mode Naruto, 6 Paths of Pain, Alive Itachi, and MS Sasuke.
      However not all people are like that, thus it would be a good idea to put in a second scenario.
      For example, a Gaara vs Tobirama thread
      The location will be a desert to allow Gaara some leeway against FTG. You shouldn't make it completely OP, but make it so that each character is able to fully utilize their techniques, and give them both a fighting shot.
      The distance will be long range, 100 meters. That allows Gaara to not be blitzed, but since they are both long range fighters, they both use full advantage of their skill sets.
      Then put a scenario 2, if Gaara stomps Tobirama gets 2 Edo Tensei, and name who they are. For example, Tobirama gets Asuma and Darui (mention how well Tobirama can use edo tensei too, some people will argue about that)
      However if Tobirama stomps give Gaara Shukaku as backup.
      Idk if I'm the best person to ask about balanced threads, but that is how I do them
    12. genii96
      Deidara could beat him even with those things allowed. He can see through genjutsu with his eye,and can fly arnund making it difficult for itachi with his eyesight to hit him with ama,he can fly high to avoid eye contact.sasuke managed to evade it for a while. If deidara drops c3 or c4, its over. Howeuer it is a high diff win for either person
    13. genii96
      Hey bro. Yea i am getting neg reps from itachi fanboys too. But it dosent matter. Sorry it took so long. Am at school
    14. ARGUS
      Yes in a desert gaara would definitely beat alive itachi since he can counter every MS technique he or his brother has.... He can take them out of their susanoo..he is a sensor an his sand is reacting to Amaterasu... The gap boys jus can't deal with it...as for genjutsu I jus fly see it happening in a long range battle that gaara prefers and gaara also has the third eye to break it... His sand tanked madaras susanoo slashes in V2 and V3 I hokety don't see how sasukes or itachis inferior susanoo is breaking his defense.. The flames didn't incinerate his sand as well
      Gaara stands even better chances against sasuke
    15. Rain
      Then get the fuck out of my profile and don't cry when i neg you again for having terrible understanding of the manga.
    16. ARGUS
      Thats the thing,, especially when commenting on Itachi/Minato threads....
      u have to act unbiased,,, and even then the fanboys will never ever ever agree,,,
      at the end of the day u will jus end up getting negged
      i get negged alot of times,,, even when i back up my statements with manga facts,,,,,,
      i honestly think Gaara can possibly beat Sick Itachi
    17. ARGUS
      no problem man,,, dw about it ,,,
      Rain negged me twice as well,, he thinks that AMA is instant,,,
      Actually Gaara vs Itachi or Gaara vs MS sasuke is one of the fights where ppl cant provide enough facts,,,, since gaaras sand dodging AMA is a pure assumption
      since there are ALOT more itachi or sasuke fans than gaaras,,,, u wud get negged by them

      everyone jus says genjutsu GG,, however what ppl fail to understand is that gaara fought 5 madara clones at very close combat,, and not once did he fall under a genjutsu,,, that alone proves that genjutsu isnt gna cut it,,,
      his sand reacted to enton easily,,, and his sand was tanking V2 and V3 susanoo slashes,,,
    18. Rain
      You and a few other kids suddenly come here and spout ridiculous bullshit like Gaara, Ei, Sasori > Itachi and Amaterasu = projectile and when i tell you how retarded you and your opinions are you get offended and resort to calling me arrogant, ignorant fanboy and rest of bullshit.

      If you think i am ignorant go in the Gaara vs Itachi thread and destroy my arguments.
    19. ARGUS
      Thanks for the rep man
    20. genii96
      At skul. Goin back soon. Will be back though.
    21. FlamingRain
      Lol, I'm sorry.

      I was pre-occupied, but I'm starting to get more time on my hands now.
    22. blackguyinpinksuit
      Oh kewl you have a gif as a signature now!

      Guess your labtop was just buggin before :lbj.
    23. IchLiebe
      Thank you, even though I am harsh at times I understand that people misinterpret the manga, everytime I go back a read previous chapters I see something else...be it in a color page or just something in the background of a fight.
    24. blackguyinpinksuit
    25. Xeogran
      I like you :nod
    26. ueharakk
      okay, here's what you do.

      1) Open that link you sent me.

      2) Right click on the image of kankurou and select "copy image url"

      3) then go to ur sig customiser page

      4) click the insert image button, the one that looks like this.

      5) paste the image url of the kankuro gif and hit enter.

      6) save your sig and enjoy :)
    27. ueharakk
      try copy and paste what you have as your sig in our discussion. Maybe I can find out why its not working.
    28. ueharakk
      The little movie on the bottom of my posts is called a "gif". You just treat it like a picture file, so if you see one you like, just right click it, click "copy image url" and then paste it as an image in your sig.

      Here's a link to the gifs thread, they have a lot of naruto gifs you might like.
    29. FlamingRain
      Lol, I'm a semi-new member as well.

      I doubt anyone's going to trash you. I think the lack of confidence stems from the fact that, well, you're just looking at text and in a lot of cases you've just met the person (not even in-person). So it's harder to tell how "friendly" someone is in a lot of cases.

      That's why I wasn't always confident, but everyone's turned out to actually be nice so far.
    30. FlamingRain
      Well some users tell me they aren't confident in other users accepting them, so I see it as something to be happy about. :p
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    Pittsburgh, PA
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    Kazekage Gaara
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    Gaara is the best character. I don't really watch other Animes.


    "Everybody wanna try to box me in
    Suffocating every time it locks me in
    Painting their own pictures then they crop me in
    But I will remain where the top begins."

    "This is the PinkPrint"

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