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Nov 24, 2012
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    1. ManlySpirit
      I was just wondering if you could calc the power/speed of Grinpatch's breathe bazooka: http://www.[Blocked Domain]/manga/toriko/c062/10.html
      and the speed at which Toriko had moved: http://www.[Blocked Domain]/manga/toriko/c062/11.html
    2. Brightsteel
      Holy shit, VM's on this new format look fucking terrible.

      Anyways, what'd you think of RAW?
      1. Kazu
        Jesus christ this is terrible. Are we twitter now? I fucking hate twitter.

        Anyway, it was pretty decent. Nothing extraordinary happened, but most of the surprising stuff happened during the first two weeks of buildup.

        Miz, Dean, Enzo, and Jericho are so gold on the mic. It's a lot of fun watching their segments. Vaudevillians were surprisingly good this raw and last week's smackdown on the mic as well.
        Apr 26, 2016
      2. Kazu
        Matches were average to above average. Nothing terrible, nothing great, which is better than most raws can say.

        They way they handled the Chyna bits were good. Nothing overt given her history, but enough to show her contributions to the business
        Apr 26, 2016
      3. Kazu
        AJ styles has been booked pretty well thus far. He's been protected (except at Mania which is apparently not canon), and this angle with Gallows and Anderson makes it hard to predict what's going to happen at the PPV.

        Overall, a decent Raw.

        Also Jesus I hate this character limit
        Apr 26, 2016
    3. Brightsteel
      Yup. Looks awful. He doesn't do the armbar anymore either.
      Holy shit. Wait, what happened to that Backstabber + Low superkick combo? Does he still do that? I mean, it seems like he would if he had any sense. I mean, that shit allowed him to pin Cena clean once before Cena's evolution kicked in and gave him immunity to it.

      Not really giving up a gimmick, but sort of just halting his momentum when he's getting hot.

      One one hand, it really doesn't feel right if Ambrose doesn't win the title off of Rollins.

      On the other, it's really fucking dumb to have him put on a good show and just have him get beaten by Trips and buried by Lesnar.
      True enough.
    4. Brightsteel
      Yeah del rio's the double foot stomp when they're hanging on the ropes or in the corner.
      Holy shit, where the fucker has to hold themselves up? :skully

      Can't say I'm too surprised. They seem to do that a lot. Most recent example is Ambrose.
      Wait, what gimmick did Ambrose drop? :catthinks

      BUt Omega is amazing. Him and the Bucks have been trying to get this Elite vs New Day to work, which I really want to happen, but WWE would never let it.
      That's a shame. :catstabbed
    5. Brightsteel
      Nah, I'd say Del Rio's finisher is worse.

      It might look better if Ambrose was a bigger dude, but he's one of the smaller guys around right now.
      Del-Rio's finisher is that double-foot stomp, right?

      The main issue is the fact that it doesn't really come unexpectedly anymore. He legitimately breaks it out like four times a match by this point, and he does it when the fucker is looking directly at him. They fucker he's doing it usually has to stand there and stare at him and let him hit it.

      I'd hardly call him phenomenal on the mic or extremely good in the ring. I haven't seen much from him that truly impressed me, but he's better than most, no doubt. "Solid" is the word I'd use to describe him.
      Are you sure? I remember his shit with the Nexus, as well as the promo he cut on Otunga in the finale of NXT being extremely good. Me calling him extremely good in the ring could be me just being biased though, bit of a fan-boy for brawling based wrestling styles when they're done well.

      That being said, I can't for the life of me understand why they got rid of the Bad News gimmick when it was over as hell.
      Same reason why they made Hardy can his V1 gimmick probably, it was too over.

      Maybe if they let him cut a good promo, sure. But knowing WWE, he'll just fade into irrelevancy until he departs.

      Dunno about him going to NJPW though. Maybe we'll see him on LU.
      Ah, well that's a shame.

      LU's Lucha Underground, correct?

      It's nice to see that a wrestler is passionate for the business, but it's really not important compared to whether or not they're good. Brock doesn't really care, but he's great (though he's gotten rather stale as of late).

      But Roman's problem is more than that, so I digress.
      Well, I was establishing a comparison to Reigns with that. Both of them have similar issues, but Apollo being passionate as fuck somewhat makes up for that. Brock doesn't have any of the issues that any of those fuckers have, aside from maybe being a bit weak on the mic, but he has Paul Heyman for that shit.

      Eh, I don't think so. Vince isn't about to let his golden boy lose his belt after getting it in his "mania moment." I do hope they do interesting with it and have some sort of fuck finish with Balor club or something.
      That'd be interesting.

      By the way, just watched a bit of RoH tonight, and fucking Kenny Omega is a god. Also, who's the fucker that was kicked out of the Kingdom? He cut a really good promo. :catthinks
    6. Brightsteel
      Sorry for taking so long to respond. I was half-asleep by the time you responded on Tuesday, and I spent the large majority of my time away from the internet yesterday.

      Joe would be amazing on the main roster. He work in the ring and on the mic. And the main roster is sort of in need of good heels, since it's mostly Jericho and Owens doing anything these days.
      Indeed. Neville could possibly be a good heel, were they to give him proper booking. His shit with Zayn showed that he can be a good heel, in terms of promo and in ring-personality (something I've noticed, NXT Neville shows a good bit more than WWE Neville). Probably would need something like a pissed-off vanilla midget gimmick or something like that.

      As far as Ambrose goes, his wrestling is sort of meh. I remember someone saying that he can make a good thing better, but he's can't make an average thing any better than what it is. He has good psychology, but his moves don't look good at all. Everything looks sort of ineffectual, from his chops and punches in the corner to the suicide dive that he does waaaay too often. He has showcased some good technical skill with Ziggler, but he's trapped by his gimmick to be this brawler.
      That fucking clothesline tho. It's legitimately the worst signature move in wrestling now.

      As for Raw? Way better than Mania by a lot. Shane getting control of Raw after losing is dumb, but I'm desperate for some change-up from 20 minute authority promos.
      Eh, I was kinda miffed that I didn't get to see a salty Triple H promo. Fucker plays the part of a bitch heel really well, even now. That shit would of been amazing.

      New day get their win back. Yay, I suppose. Barret gets the AJ styles bullet club treatment, presumably because he's leaving WWE. He's sort of been floating around in the midcard since KotR, which is a shame because BnB was great.
      It's a shame about Barret, because the fucker had the potential to be a main-event heel. He's phenomenal on the mic, and is extremely good in the ring. Fucker's kinda like Lesnar, in the sense that he does have that edge of legitimacy to his style, which just adds to his appeal. But nah, can't exploit the obvious star. Gotta throw him into a stable, and make Roman look strong.

      Tho, I am hoping that WWE has enough sense to realize that Barret is hot as fuck with the fans right now, and tries to do something with it. Maybe give him a blaze of glory before he departs, or some shit. He has a few months after all. His contracts up in like what, August?

      And when he does depart, where do you think he'll go? NJPW?

      Crews debuts. What. I think he's fine, but he really, really needs work on his promos and character. I hate to say it, but he's worse than Reigns in that regard. For good or bad though, he's the exact type of look that Vince likes. At least he's exciting to watch in the ring.
      Yeah, that had me scratching my head. At the very least though, he shows that he has passion in the ring. Which is definitely more than what Roman can attest to.

      Women's division. Charlotte tries to do some face stuff since this is a good change for WWE, but she just sucks as a face. And a tease for a Nattie v Charlotte feud which is ok I guess. They already fought at roadblock though.
      Eh, I'm okay with seeing Nattie and Charlotte feud. Nattie's been constantly shit on by WWE, she deserves to have something done with her.

      Main event was fantastic. Great match, I loved seeing Cesaro return, and AJ styles being the #1 contender is good to see. Hopefully he doesn't just get buried by Roman.
      I'm thinking that Styles is gonna go over, since they seem to be hinting that Shane's being involved in the creative process again. :catprone
    7. Brightsteel
      Yeah. I think they should give her Tajiri's Buzzsaw Kick. You know, where he had the fucker on their knees, then he'd just fucking kick them in the jaw as hard as he can, after some theatrics? It'd fit her really well. Call it the Asuka Kick or some shit. By the way, which diva did Asuka KO with a kick during a House Show?

      Fucker used to be in IPW, right? Eh, I didn't really have much issue with it, since I figure that they're gonna have Finn debut Balor Club and become a Heel Champion, and throw him into some feud with KENTA, which I would like immensely. And Joe needs to just move up to the main roster now, and start going for the WWE Champion. Main Roster could really use a fucker like him now.

      Ironically enough, when they try to get the crowd to accept something as a Wrestlemania moment (y'know, commentators will go, "WHAT A MOMENT!" or "DAT'S A WRESTLEMANIA MOMENT RIGHT DERE MAGGLE!"), they just bury it, hard. And it was so the Rock could make his once a year appearance, and they had nothing for the Wyatts to do. Don't know about the shit with Foley, Austin, or Michaels though. That shit came out of nowhere.

      Eh, while I do love Austin/HBK/Foley, I don't really care for the Rock. While I acknowledge that he's amazing on the mic, and he's a damn good worker, he left the company when he was still in his prime and he was still basically the face of the company, and when he returned afterwards, all it was to do was either knock CM Punk down to the mid-card, or bury current talent.

      I would of loved it if Dean brought out the chainsaw on Lesnar and fucking Lesnar caught it between his hands, and just shook his head. :lmao

      The match type itself was an issue from the get-go, because nowadays you can't really do a proper brutal hardcore match that this was built up to be. They're stupidly anal about fuckers bleeding now, the won't let chair-shots to the head happen anymore, among other things. They were trying to say that this would be some ECW shit, which it certainly could never be.

      And like you said, they were trying to build Ambrose up an Iron Man. So just make this like a thirty minute Iron Man match, and showcase his endurance there. You can still have Lesnar win, but as long as they have Dean hang in there and survive, then you get him over and have him look strong. Admittedly, don't know if Dean is in good enough shape or is a good enough wrestler to actually go for thirty-minutes straight (I know Lesnar is, his match with Angle is prime proof of that).

      The fact that Taker sold at all for those fucking punches was a surprise to me. Because holy shit, Shane punches are terrible. But yeah, the fact Taker one, then having them immediately overwrite Shane losing on RAW was bullshit. Why the fuck would you have the match then?

      Corbin's probably going to be booked as the future WC, mainly because he's probably the biggest active guy on the roster at the moment that's not the Big Show or Kane. Fucker's like 6'7, 275 LBS if I remember right. Vince would get a hard-on immediately seeing him. :lmao

      While I had a heart-attack about Reigns winning last night, I actually didn't mind the fucker on RAW. WWE knew that he was going to get booed to all Hell, so they went with the heat, and had him do a sort of heel turn. Which I appreciate.

      By the way, what'd you think of the RAW after?
    8. Brightsteel
      Ah, well good luck with that.

      Takeover was phenomenal, even though I did have a couple of issues with it. I didn't like the finish to the Asuka/Bayley match. I know it was done to keep Bayley looking as strong as possible, but the passing out instead of tapping thing is overdone by this point. It really has none of the value that it had before. I just would of liked Asuka to have either pinned Bayley or had Bayley submit, to further put over Asuka has the superior competitor. Finn/Joe matches constant stoppages for Joe bleeding was annoying. They stopped it what, five times? Really fucked up the flow. Also Finn shit himself going up for the muscle buster, which was hilarious. Good match regardless tho.

      Mania....was meh. Matches on the pre-show were harmless (but holy shit, they put the Andre Battle Royal on the Mania card yet relegated the US Champion match to the pre-show? They really don't like Kalisto or some shit). The IC Ladder Match was awesome, and Ryder winning the belt was good, fucker deserved something. Then they stripped him of it the next night, which completely ruined the shit. Styles/Jericho was a decent match (though both kind of gassed fairly quickly), but Jericho kicking out of the Styles Clash and then winning were bullshit. Especially since Styles is now number one contender for Reigns. Makes no sense for him to lose if that's the case, especially since a win against Jericho at Mania would of kept him going strong.

      LoN/New Day was okay, though not what I expected. Doesn't really make sense for the LoN to win. It also didn't make sense to have the old fuckers bury the LoN further. I mean, yeah, it's good to give legends something to do every now and then, but it shouldn't be them destroying current Superstars for the sake of a "wrestlemania moment". It only hurts the Superstars in the long-run.

      Lesnar/Ambrose was great. Women's Title Triple Threat was probably the best match on the card. Also, they finally dropped that shitty Divas Title which only made it better. Shane/Taker was okay, since it was just supposed to be a storyline match. Shane jumping off the cage was godly. Him losing really made no since however, nor should him losing matter. I mean, fucker had the contract to control RAW already in place, Vince just asked him to wrestle a match because reasons, and he agreed. The match itself had no bearing on the contract from what I know.

      Corbin winning the Andre Battle Royal was good. Hopefully Corbin gets far on the main roster, he has that look that Vince likes (gigantic man with tattoos, the fact that he's a good wrestler, and decent on the mic are just bonuses), so possible future World Champion people wouldn't mind. I fucking hate the Cena/Rock squashing the Wyatts. There was no reason for it, at all.

      Reigns/Haitch was an average match with a finish that literally everyone still predicted, despite WWE trying to give the illusion that they were going to possibly have an unexpected finish. Well, that's my theory as to why the majority of the matches had finishes that either made no sense or ended with the most unexpected person winning the match.
    9. Brightsteel
      I just noticed your avatar is Asuka. :catstabbed
    10. MAPSK
      I don't remember hearing anything about it being debunked :hmm
    11. MAPSK
      CB and hypersonic+ now :catwave
    12. Brightsteel
    13. Brightsteel
      Hey, could I have a link to that site that has screenshots of the Fate/Stay Night visual novel? :catprone
    14. MAPSK
      VM Nevermind probably.
    15. MAPSK
      That's okay. All I can say is that I made mistakes, I recognize that, and I want to be a productive member of the community. I'll do what I can not to make you look bad.
    16. MAPSK
      Hey Kazu, would you be willing to vouch for me with Nevermind so I can become a wiki member? :catwave
    17. MAPSK
      Hmmmm... honestly? Start from the beginning. The LN is only translated up to half-way through volume 6, and the anime ends at the beginning of volume 4 (I'm assuming at least, what with the opening hinting at the lizardmen as the subject of the inevitable OVAs). If you start from the ending of the anime, your reading experience is gonna be pretty short. That and the anime cuts out a lot of material, not to mention loses so much depth when you can't really see inside Momonga's head as well as you do in the novels.
    18. MAPSK
      69 j/cc for violent frag, 214.35 j/cc for pulverization, and 25700 j/cc for vaporization. Violent frag used to be 120, but it got bumped down to 69.
    19. MAPSK
      Presumably, yes. I would at least.
    20. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Yo dude, turns out Iwandesu already backed up all of Brohan's blogs. Got that covered, any other users we should take care of? :chainer
    21. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Sure thing, I will see if anybody has backed those up yet. You back up your's? If not I can handle that for you :smoke
    22. MAPSK
      I can't find the post but basically the sparknotes version of the point I was trying to make is that Suggs is a harmless kind of terrible that mostly just wanks its characters to ungodly levels but does nothing more offensive than that. Mahouka is terrible because of what it represents, not just the sheer wankery involved in its plot and characters. It's the whole incredibly racist right-wing ultra-nationalist thing combined with the i*c*st and cult-like worship of an MC who is not only undeniably bland but objectively a terrible human being with all the powers of God.

      Basically, if you need to describe why Mahouka is bad without specifically pointing to the writing or the wankery, just ask yourself this: if I were to let my hypothetical child read Mahouka at a young, impressionable age, what lessons would they learn from it? and then try to pick out all the ones that aren't fucking horrifying.

      As for calcing going through a planet, the most common way such feats are done is by basically digging, drilling, or shooting a hole through the planet, usually a cylinder, so first you'd need to find the volume of that cylinder using the diameter of Earth and whatever the radius of the hole is. Then you just convert that from m^3 to cm^3 and multiply it by the j/cc value for pulverization/vaporization/atomization/whatever of iron (one would normally assume you should use rock but up until the mantle and the crust, most of the Earth's interior is iron). That should yield your preliminary result. Usually it'll be pretty impressive, but you'll always get the best results from KE. Basically, how fast was the destroyed material pushed aside by the attack? That basically involves just finding the speed of the attack and then converting the volume of the hole into mass using iron density (7870 kg/m^3), then plugging both of those things into a KE calculator.
    23. MAPSK
      It certainly would be, but I think certain aspects of a thing can and maybe even should be tolerated so long as there's more to love than to hate (it's how I put up with the bullshit Toaru loves to throw at me). And aside from the at times admittedly disgusting levels of loli fanservice, there's a lot to love about Prisma Ilya (including based Luvia-sama). The fights and the writing in particular are above average at the very least.
    24. MAPSK
      I had no idea Prisma Ilya was this hated by the Fate fans around here :psyduck
    25. MAPSK
      Should definitely be doable.
    26. MAPSK
      Was planning on doing it anyway. Just wanted to narrow down the list of feats :maybe

      Good places to start would probably be stuff like Gil's Vimana plowing through a million tons of bedrock and Ilya vaporizing (at least I think she vaped it) Corrupted!Gil's mountainous body. That and Mjolnir shenanigans, what with reducing things to "elemental dust", which might be atomization.
    27. MAPSK
      I forget, how much of Prisma Ilya does the OBD consider canon? Like, do we treat it as a straight up alternate universe within the Nasuverse, do we consider some parts of it to be the same as canon Nasuverse, or do we just straight up ignore the whole thing and call it its own intellectual property?

      Like, for example, would Excalibur in Prisma Ilya be as strong as Excalibur in stay night or zero since Heroic Spirits, the Servant system and Throne of Heroes encompass multiple timelines (and thus presumably universes), or would it need its own calcs? :hmm
    28. Regicide
      Then again, even if I did, I'm not entirely sure it would count for a fight outside the Moon Cell.

      I need to dig up the relevant translations. :catsuicide
    29. Regicide
      Well, like she says, the goddesses are part of a series of Servants and she combined abilities to make Melt and Lip, so.. :psyduck

      I ask because I'm participating in the composite character tournament, and I gave my character GoB, Arc's body, and the authority to use the Moon Cell.

      And if I can just hack the relevant parameters/skills/NPs into myself, it sort of makes having the first two redundant. :catprone
    30. Regicide
      Yo, Kazu. :hmm

      Don't want to just ask out of the blue, but you probably remember CCC better than I do. BB can technically hack new parameters/skills/NPs into things because she has access to the Moon Cell's data, right?

      Like being able to give a fucker Gay Bulge or what have you.
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