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Kazuma the Shell Bullet
Last Activity:
Oct 5, 2015
Oct 23, 2006
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Feb 14, 1993 (Age: 24)
tech support

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Kazuma the Shell Bullet

The Bone of My Sword, 24, from Clapistan

Kazuma the Shell Bullet was last seen:
Oct 5, 2015
    1. Jakers
      well out of all the people from 2011 to finally come back this year to talk to me, I didn't know it would be you, Kazuma the Shell Bullet.
    2. Jakers
      man haven't seen you around here after 2011...
    3. Qinglong
      backstory here

      and here

    4. Qinglong

      this thread is a good place to start on what you've missed
    5. SuperSaiyaMan12
      ...Perseverance is a huge troll...he actually views Osama Bin Laden as a hero instead of the villain he truly is.
    6. Perseverance
      *Not to mention the thousands of injuries and millions of lives ruined.

      When a man blows himself up and kills people in the USA, he's a "terrorist". But when a country invades another defenceless country and kills innocents, they are "heroes".
    7. Perseverance
      So 3000 deaths justifies 66,081 Iraqi civilians deaths? Are you serious?

    8. Perseverance
      That's very kind of you to say :amuse but we both know, the real terrorists are USA.
    9. Perseverance
      A bit hard considering

      "And do not kill yourselves, surely God is most Merciful to you." (Quran 4:29)

      "Indeed, whoever (intentionally) kills himself, then certainly he will be punished in the Fire of Hell, wherein he shall dwell forever", [Bukhaaree (5778) and Muslim (109 and 110)]

    10. Jakers
      read this link lol:
    11. Jakers
      hello again kazuma the shell bullet...
    12. Akatora
      Some were, others were plain lame

      You disagreeing is a fair point but CN going from those shows taking up 1-2 hours a day to taking up like 8+ hours a day was what really killed cartoons here
    13. Akatora
      facts can be hard to deal with
    14. Jakers
      Thank you, Kazuma the Shell Bullet. You have eased my night a little after seeing that atrocious why-must-God-allow-it-to-still-be-open thread.

      Mario >>>>>> Sonic all the way.

      And btw, I don't really hate furries (except for the bad ones), in fact animal-istic/style characters are awesome and the best, characters we all grew up with that still kick ass like mickey mouse, bugs bunny, the looney tunes, droopy, and tom & jerry are all living proof and testimony.

      It's just guys like Sonic who give the furry fandom a shitty name and reputation. He's a disgrace to all anthropomorphic animals out there and he and his universe must be exterminated at all costs.
    15. Jakers
      hey kazuma the shell bullet, in light of my frustration over a mario vs. sonic thread being necro'd... am I the only one here who prefers MArio over Sonic and believes that Mario is still superior to Sonic in principle and greatness, regardless of the fight's outcome (which I do believe with all items/power-ups that mario has ways of winning).
    16. Basilikos
    17. Basilikos
      Best thread we've had in the OBD for quite a while.
    18. Francesco.
    19. Light
      Thanks! Lol!
    20. Jakers
      I repped you for praising the greatness that is Aten (though my ancestral God, Shang Di, the absolute supreme entity of all chinese religions, is perhaps the greatest religion God just short of Yahweh)!

      Either way, rep me back please!
    21. kakashi4ever
      It seems you havent seen any Saudis in ur whole life.if we dont an internet or world wibe then How do we run the oil industries,aircraft and weapons
      Saudi rare mingling with foreigners not because they dont like to or racist.because of the Cultural differences.:)
    22. Basilikos
      Btw, why not drop by the convo thread and let people know you're back?
    23. Basilikos
      Sure, the thread is here.

      Lol why that name? :lmao
    24. Basilikos
      Nah, more like trolls and shitty threads. The mods also seem to be inactive or slacking.

      Though the OBD recently got a new mod: Xelloss
    25. Basilikos
      Well, glad to have you back, man. Unfortunately, the OBD hasn't been so good this past year though.
    26. Basilikos
      Where are you, Kazuma? :-(
    27. Crimson Dragoon
      Crimson Dragoon

      I'm surprised that you still haven't voted for JJBA yet

      don't let us down man
    28. Shirker
      Yo. Any idea why there were so many deleted posts in the "Critisized Genre" thread?
    29. Smokahontas
      thanks for clearing out about deathcore!..:wtf
    30. Abigail
      Would it be at all possible for you to vote for JJBA in the MotM thread?
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    Feb 14, 1993 (Age: 24)
    tech support
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    The Golden Byakugam
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