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Last Activity:
Dec 29, 2017
Jan 2, 2007
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keiiya was last seen:
Dec 29, 2017
    1. Laura
      I hope you still want to take part in the book club. :sniff Post here if you do.

    2. Zhariel
      Do the creep, ahhh! Do the creep!

      How was New Year's?
    3. Zhariel
      Mary, it's a bit early for a creepy Halloween set! :D:
    4. dixie
      I'm going to do some lemon ones when I'm off this week, make my own icing see how it goes, the orange ones turned out well, so here's hoping!

      I will eventually find one that I will call the keiiya cupcake

      In honour of our cupcake broship! :brofist
    5. dixie
      I made some orange flavoured cupcakes and thought of you <3
    6. Kubisa
      Yeah I'm in England, still. Graduated university in July and looking for work but I've had about 20 rejections so far and a couple of test days which may or may not be going anywhere; the waiting is horrible and pretty draining when you think you're just not going anywhere.

      Amsterdam or Budapest would both be good. Istanbul's also interesting although that's more Middle East than Eastern Europe.

      Did you find emigrating to America easy? And how was finding work over there?
    7. Kubisa
      I have this image of America as a place where everyone's really eccentric and the moment they hear an English accent they start asking you if you know any royalty. West to East roadtrip would be great but it's just finding the money and time. Would love to go from New York down to Florida then across to California; so much to do, especially when NBA and NFL is in full swing.

      Only Romania so far, and Germany too if that counts (it doesn't). I think I'll try do Bulgaria or Croatia next; flights are just so cheap and the hostels are decent. Sometimes it's nice to just travel with a friend at your own pace trying to stretch your money as far as possible. ;A;
    8. Kubisa
      I was going to say you should just torrent it but America's so crazy with piracy it's not worth it, plus you don't get that comfy sofa feel unless you set it up properly. Sure your Netflix will update soon ;A;

      How are you finding America anyway? I've been meaning to get out there to experience the country a little but I wanted to see some of Eastern Europe first.
    9. Bontakun
      Thanks for the rep on the sickle wielding ninja :grin
      I got delayed by exams but now I'm back to doing the background.
    10. Run.The.Animal
    11. Run.The.Animal
      I have a friend who loves that shit. He's been telling me about this movie and the books for about a week. It never really appealed to me, but I'm probably gonna buy this "simarillion" book. He said it basically details how mankind entered this middle-Earth setting, so it should be a good foot in the door for me to start liking Middle-Earth stuff. I don't shrug stuff off, if I can enjoy it, I'd rather give it another chance to be something else I like.
    12. Run.The.Animal
      I haven't seen it, but I hear good things. I'm told it's more action than LotR since this is straight up some dwarf war to take back the hobbit shire. I'd probably watch it if I was going that way, but I haven't gone to the theater in ages.
    13. Run.The.Animal
      All is well. And how are you doing, Keiiya? :amuse
    14. Deputy Myself
      Deputy Myself
      No I'm just a bum right now

      never painted them myself, but have had females paint my nails for me. Sooooo tedious ugh

      And yeah, my flatties do not tolerate pop music at all. It's hilarious, I don't really mind. The music they play more than makes up for it.

      Korean pop music is quite hard yet easy to get into. The music itsself is quite restricted in how it can be executed, and is also not very complicated. It's a fairly simple kind of music, but for me it tends to work. The fact that it's simple does however make it accessible to a lot of people which is why it's got such a following. Add to that the artificially pretty teenagers singing it, the good dancing, and the cliche videos. The end result of these elements is in my opinion pure art. Haha.

      That and the whole idol culture that comes with it is just simply fascinating, and adds a whole new dimension to it. You can't appreciate it fully unless you get into that, but I wouldn't recommend it because it's so time consuming.
    15. Deputy Myself
      Deputy Myself
      nah it's bad, I'm so unmotivated haha, need to sort my life out.

      I'm mostly into Korean pop music, but other than that I pick up songs and bands from every type. I live with a bunch of musical elitists and they'll play arguably brilliant music from genres I've never even heard of.

      Also yeah, painting them is a chore already, patterns would just be frustrating haha.
    16. Deputy Myself
      Deputy Myself
      replaying that Aquilina song, it flows so nicely. My kind of song.
    17. Deputy Myself
      Deputy Myself
      pink and silver? Nice. Are you doing a different color per fingernail, or do you have a pink/silver design on each?

      Not really a fan of any artist of this sort except for Marina, probably because of nostalgia factors causing so many feelings while listening to her.
      Liking the birdy song, I love it when a song works with just a piano/guitar and a voice.
      Holy shit Aquilina's sound is amazing.

      My day's alright. Still in bed and it's nearly 3pm haha such a slouch
      time to go to the gym soon.
    18. Deputy Myself
      Deputy Myself
      hahaha you're cool
      hig5uLy2fe0 here listen to this, been jamming this for the past hour

      what you up to?
    19. Deputy Myself
      Deputy Myself
      No I do not, my limbs are quite long as a matter of fact.
      Wish I was cool like a Trex
    20. Deputy Myself
      Deputy Myself
      flatcaps dont suit me either
      hate having a large head hahahahha.
    21. Deputy Myself
      Deputy Myself
      yeah that's what I wear exclusively basically :lmao good guess.

      also gosh yeah i love those hats, it's a shame my head is too big for most of them hahaha
    22. Deputy Myself
      Deputy Myself
      ok fine you can have the hat, I already have 2 just like it anyway.

      Shame aviators tend to not suit me very well
    23. Deputy Myself
      Deputy Myself
      it is yours now
      but I shall keep the hat.
    24. Deputy Myself
      Deputy Myself
      it's not your name
      I mis spelt it on purpose
    25. Elias
      nooooo T____T
    26. Laura
      Lol you can be whoever you want. I might switch to Benedict though. :hurr
    27. Laura
      Actually, I feel like Wednesday right now. :p

      (Which is ironic, because it's actually Wednesday right now).
    28. Laura
      If only I could respond to that with a gif. :3
    29. Garfield
      Yeah, but I dunno what other special char are available to me. For example, the one you made is clearly not among those.
    30. Garfield
      Some people don't just have a stick up their ass, they have cactus :ippy

      I was talking about something like this : http://unicodeemoticons.com/
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