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May 27, 2005
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    1. LordPerucho
      Bro, dont drop Magi yet, Chapter 300 just dropped a huge bombshell.
    2. Uraharа
      That classmate had very tight connections with the high oders of my school because of his parents. Me and some other classmates spread the story and then got suspended for ''bullying''. My other friend had to deal with even more consequences.

      Dude couldn't handle the truth. People like that don't even deserve to exist lmao
    3. Zyrax
    4. FrozenFeathers
      What is worse, Nanao beating Lille or Shiro beating Gilgamesh?
    5. LordPerucho
      Well something big happened in Magi. Spoilers are out.
    6. Garcher
      Do you think Gil could have killed Dark Sakura if he had been serious and didn't let his guard down? :tomato
    7. santanico
      whaaaaaa is that even possible D:
    8. santanico
      I wanna be spoiled, can you tell me archer's identity? :sniff
    9. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Bleach's pace would be exactly the same if it was in a monthly.

      And it would take about forty years to finish. XD

      Lemme put it this way: Togashi would probably come relatively close to the area of maybe completing HXH * in WSJ first if Bleach was issued monthly.

      * Depends on the frequency of new Dragon Quest games
    10. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Dude you should give it another chance.

      Because well

      http://i3.[Blocked Domain]/kongoh-bancho/1/kongoh-bancho-702236.jpg

      http://i9.[Blocked Domain]/kongoh-bancho/41/kongoh-bancho-702985.jpg

      I also spent time convincing people to scan this series after the original team dropped it. I also did not succeed and someone unrelated started doing it instead XD

      And I preffer the over the top and weird to the bland, like Bleach. I mean, so many people look exactly the frigen same XD
    11. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Well I did read longer series like Sakigake Otokojuku and Kinnikuman (the original) but long series do sort of present a bit of an issue for me too.

      I haven't really read much SnK but yeah the recent memory changing BS seems to be extremely over the top and shark jumpey. But I knew about SnK before it was even a thing, cause I saw an add for it featuring the skinless colossal titan thing in a chapter of Fairy Tail (which I read to see how bad it gets, answer very) and I kept asking various scanlations groups if they'd pick it up.

      It was months before someone actually did XD

      Have you ever heard of Kongo Bancho ?
    12. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Well what other series do you read then ? The ones I like are Toriko, NNT and have picked up Boku no Hero Academia. Kind of behind on Magi and Shingeki no Kyojin. And I also recently picked up Red River cause it is relevant to my interests.

      Also you keep responding on your own profile, and not mine XD
    13. Kellogem
      Thanks, but to be honest, Bleach doesnt interest me much nowadays, other than to make a couple of posts in the Telegrams after the weekly chapter.. but keep up the activity in there!
    14. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Hey dude. You seem like a cool guy. Wanna talk about Le Bleuch some more ? : D
    15. Yak
      So after calming down and thinking I've decided to get overmyself and apologize for the earlier argument we had in the NNT section. I will probably never be able to fully see things your way if at all and I believe that's fine. I'm not gonna take anything back on my view of things there. However I could have worded that with less of such an aloof and assholish attitude. I apologize for all the name-calling and insults. That was low and you deserve to think little of me for that. Sorry.
    16. Revolution
    17. Kellogem
      Fate/Stay Night... a visual novel and an anime, but I recommend the visual novel.
    18. Algol
      what's ur sig from, if you don't mind?
    19. Kellogem
      Who didnt?:amuse

      I hope they are getting enough money from the movies to keep animating the manga.
    20. Bender
      You also get a boner from the epic win of that new Berserk trailer? :iria

      I did :ohpek :ohpek
    21. Kellogem
      yeah, D Gray-man had so much potential, its not even funny, its sad to see it going down the drain...
    22. アストロ
      I'm glad you can appreciate something as badass d.gray-man i miss the villains and some of those characters so much ;__;
    23. Kellogem
      I'd be gladly the friend of anyone, but I'm rarely posting on nf nowadays..
    24. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      let's be bffs
    25. Aono
      thanks for adding me
      hope we can be good friends
    26. Penance
      Where's your sig from, dude?
    27. Panos
      Here it is more late 1.31. good night!
    28. Panos
      Kabuto from Naruto> Kabuto from Psyren.

      He is suppossed to be a comical fail. :hurr His uncle is awesome thougj. Dont you agree?
    29. Panos
      I sense much hate for Oboro. :uwah

      Yeah Kabuto lost any respect i had for him the chapter after his first appearance.
    30. Panos
      He is not homo. He just likes guys. :LOS
      Kabuto is a loser...

      He is raping tavoos. That is what he is doing. :zaru
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