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Jun 2, 2013
Jul 15, 2011
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December 6



Killerqueen was last seen:
Jun 2, 2013
    1. Mnemosyne
      I didn't mean you but thanks anyways :hug
    2. Bamboo
      Thanks for the rep bro.:brofist

      Long live the Spiders!:datass
    3. Asune
      Waited a lot of time for this (though they should change the song already, it's just too happy for this arc)
    4. Asune

    5. Mnemosyne
      give me a sec :D
    6. Lucino
      Thanks. :33
    7. Lucino

      Here you go and thanks. :psyduck
    8. Saint_Spike
    9. Saint_Spike
    10. MAPSK
      Dat Terra Formars :datass
    11. Reality
      Looks awesome, the darkened tone makes it look even better!
    12. Reality
      I like your sig! Did you create it yourself ?
    13. Asune
      Isn't that obvious?
    14. Asune
      You met a man from china and went down to geisha minah
    15. Hououin Kyouma
      Hououin Kyouma
      Thanks man, your is cool too. Hunter x Hunter sigs can't be bad after all.
    16. Hououin Kyouma
      Hououin Kyouma
      The rep is appreciated.
    17. Mnemosyne
      I loooove your new set omgz *.*
    18. HunterChairmanNetero
      Thanks bro, and your new set looks nice :datass
    19. HunterChairmanNetero
      I just noticed you repped me, so thanks :brofist
    20. Cygnus45
      lmao, those vids r too funny.

      "i hope they don't hit each other too hard..."
    21. Mnemosyne
      have I ever told you that your set is freakin awesome? xD
    22. Soledad Eterna
      Soledad Eterna
      Who's the guy on your sig? Looks cool.
    23. Hakan Erkan
      Hakan Erkan
      :lmao No Problem Bro,I am gonna rep you later.Really HxH is Getting Hated,by who? I am gonna neg those fags too,if you could tell who are those haters.
      Nice set btw,Uborgin is a beast,but is your avatar from the new Anime of HxH?
    24. Hakan Erkan
      Hakan Erkan
      Your Neg Message made my day.

      Chill Dude I am a huge fan of Hunter X Hunter,I am just trolling you know.I can rep you again if you want.
    25. butcher50
      Uvogin reminds me of Sabretooth victor creed.
    26. NeBy
      haha...well, 70 is not bad. There are few who really got everything right. Which reminds me: I was going to make a third one, a really hard one. But I can't seem to find the energy for it anymore, for the moment. I still follow the new hxh anime, but my posting in the forum and general hxh interest has faded a bit. Maybe it'll come back when Togashi begins anew. Still think hxh is a superb manga/anime, though, don't get me wrong! :-) But I'm also into other things, and I've taking a liking to some manhwa; those koreans have some nifty stuff too! In the shounen area, I especially like Tyr and With hunter; quite good! Sorry to hear you still have no Skyrim! you really should have bought them; all TES games, including Skyrim were in summer-promotion, at 25% or more reduction (maybe they still are, I don't know). The 'upgrade' is probably the DLC Dawnguard; it's just a small sort of expansion, though, not really an upgrade. I didn't buy it, since the reviews were mixed but not all THAT positive, and especially for that price (20 euro). For a DLC that is very expensive, and I don't think it's worth that money, from what I heard and saw. at half that price, maybe. Or at that price, but than for a shivering-isle like expansion. Anyway, I think I'll wait until they have a whoile bunch of DLC's and then buy the collection at a reduction. Thety did it with Oblivion, so they'll do it with skyrim too. But anyway, you REALLY should try it out, if you've never played a TES game. Currently, I've put 445 hours in it. It does get a bit boring now, but still, it's a testament that it is/was a great game.
    27. Revolution
      It starts out as a slice of life comedy/mystery about time travel. Then it becomes romance midway. Then it jumps into action. Then it goes back to comedy with action, then comedy with romance again, then action with romance, then finally a resolution. You will love it! Only 24 episodes!
    28. Revolution
      Check out Steins;Gate. I didn't see it on your list, so Im assuming you havent seen it.
    29. Revolution
      I'm actually watching Gurren Lagan right now :thumbs. Finished the 9nth episode earlier today.
    30. NeBy
      I've been posting less too (mainly due to the hiatus), but I still check it out. No need for deleting your account though; it's not like you gain anything by it, and if you ever feel the urge to come back (like now, apparently), you can still use your account. Otherwise, you'd have to go through the whole process again. BTW, how is it with Skyrim? Bought/played it yet? There have been reductions in price, by now. I've clocked off at 428 hours for now, but now I've done and seen most of everything, and I'm not playing it *that* much anymore (maybe I'll have a new peak when the DLC comes out). It was a very good game, though.
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