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King Kiba
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Aug 13, 2016
May 18, 2014
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December 23

King Kiba

New Member

King Kiba was last seen:
Aug 13, 2016
    1. Merlight
      Yeah if you use angscale to find out how much Superboy moved his hands compared to the bulllets, you could use the bullets width and maybe assume Superboy's hand length and get a distance off of that, for instance.

      Stopping bullets is freaking awesome :3
    2. iwandesu
      For simplicity sake you can say they are interchangeable
    3. iwandesu
      Im definitely not going to do this as fast as sunday so be my guest sorry
      Anyway i dont think tking bullets is worthy literally anything
      At best he moved his arm before the bullet crossed the distance from him and the police dude
      Also cant read the pdf atm
    4. Merlight
      For angsizing a distance to something you can use any object in a picture if you already have the size of the object, like for example this can be the diameter of a planet or the length of somones body parts, in units of measurement like inches, feet, meters.

      Something you might not understand since I had trouble with it too: the only time you use pixels is in the angsize formula to get the field of view for that particular picture in degrees. The rest is done by the online calculator, the units you use in the online calculator for the size of the object you measure will be the units describing the distance the calculator solves for you.

      If you want I can do an example for you and walk you through it if you want if you want for reference.

      Here's a really easy example for you and he explains it really well; his example was how I learned angsizing.

    5. iwandesu
      You would need to look for compressive strenght of moon rocks
      But again normal rock pulverization should suffice
    6. iwandesu
      No im not sure but there is no reason to not to be
      As for what you needs to look for? It depends on the kind of destruction
    7. iwandesu
      Rock should be fair enough
    8. EternalRage
      Okay so

      Draw a giant circle in the middle of your paint.net

      That's the earth

      Then click on layers and click import from file

      Click on the meteor picture

      Put it where you think it belongs on the earth circle and resize it as well

      Then put your mouse over edit and click deselect

      Then simply scale the meteors radius to find the volume
    9. EternalRage
      Yeah sure

      First off the gyazo link doesn't work, you have 3 dots after the 5 which I think is the problem lol

      To do circles on paint.net click on the line tool, go to the top left corner and click on the arrow, look at the bottom and hit shapes, when you click shapes click on this arrow , and select the circle.
    10. God Movement
      God Movement
      For the record. I use Photoshop. All I do is draw a circle. And adjust it until it roughly fits on a segment of the circle making sure that each side of the circle is equal.


      You can take it from here and scale the meteor
    11. God Movement
      God Movement
      "Page Not Found"
    12. Toratorn
      Um, no problem.
    13. Toratorn
      Well, then I think it's calcable, though the question is timeframe (but it can be estimated from the inner monologue) and distance
    14. Toratorn
      Hello there. Well, if the size of the city is shown in-comic, it can potentially be calculated via kinetic energy. Though I am not sure about context. Could you provide me with it?
    15. iwandesu
      Yes ill eventually do one
    16. EternalRage
      Energy = Force (in j/cc) x Volume (in cubic centimeters)

      Ice Fragmentation - 0.5 J/CC
    17. iwandesu
      Keep in mind you need to convert volume to cc
    18. iwandesu
      E is joule
      Fragmentation is j/cc
      Volume is cc
      Hence E= F X V
    19. iwandesu
      Ice fragmentation fluctuates between 0.15-0.5 j/cc apparently
    20. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier

      And I don't know, maybe
    21. iwandesu
      Welp wathever it works on actual posts
    22. iwandesu
      [YOUTUBE]8N874c1dxTE[/YOUTUBE ]
    23. iwandesu
      [Youtube] 8N874c1dxTE [youtube ]
    24. iwandesu
      To post a youtube video you cut everything in the link besides the serial number
    25. EternalRage
      XD It's fine
    26. EternalRage
      that's the washington monument :p
    27. EternalRage
      wait that's the pentagon? I feel like that's something else near the white house but I forgot it's name omg
    28. iwandesu
      doubt it is going to upgrade anything given 100% frieza and above are already ftl,tho
    29. iwandesu
      only quick calcs
      a blog with fps would be quite welcome
    30. iwandesu
      his speed is =super buu attack speed+
      thats the only way we can calc it without calcstacking
      and the only other way is when the feat is actually slower than the attack
      then you can get a ratio
      otherwise no go
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    December 23
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    Kiba Neji itachi
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    Dragonball Naruto OPM DC comics Marvel comics basket ball
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