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Jul 26, 2017
Jun 23, 2005
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October 16
A nESt oF HoT ChEEtoEs aNd CupCAkEs
bringing misery to others

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BaTShIT CrAzY, from A nESt oF HoT ChEEtoEs aNd CupCAkEs

bite my status... Jul 24, 2016

kire was last seen:
Jul 26, 2017
    1. Thorin
      happy new year!
      1. View previous comments...
      2. kire
        Yeah, no problem. I'll send him a message right now.
        Feb 19, 2017
      3. kire
        Hey Thorin we are waiting to hear back from staff. I'll let you know as soon as I do.
        Feb 22, 2017
      4. Thorin
        hi kire!
        Jul 29, 2017
    2. Thorin
      Hi kire
      1. kire
        Hey there! How have you been?
        Sep 1, 2016
      2. Thorin
        I'm ok. Did you see. Bleach ended.
        Sep 1, 2016
      3. kire
        Really, I didn't know.. Don't tell me how, but was it a good ending?
        Sep 17, 2016
    3. kire
      bite my status...
      1. Vino
        Jul 24, 2016
    4. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Happy New Years to you as well, my friend. :hug
    5. Freechoice
      I missed ZY's Birthday!!

      Well, I hope your birthday was good. And I wish you good fortune in the year to come young one.
    6. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      It went well. I enjoyed myself :edu
    7. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Thank you for making that thread :thumbs
    8. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
    9. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
    10. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Four more days till


    11. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      That's not long at all lol- I guess I'll make a big deal about it at home for two weeks and use it as an excuse to be a princess about everything- I'll tell you how that works out for me T.T

      And no- he didn't say anything about changing diets. The thing is I eat fairly well- and this could be why I haven't had any pain since. The first time I realized there was a problem- I wasn't eating much food or drinking water (Ramadan)- so that probably triggered the attack >.>

      Hmm- my mom has an ulcer. What do you do about the pain? And this must mean you are restricted in what you eat too right? She won't go near any greasy or spicy foods...
    12. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      well if you ever wanna talk- send me a PM. we can exchange war stories T.T

      was yours open surgery or laparoscopic? :hm

      and did you stay at the hospital afterwards or not?

      that's the thing. i randomly got a pain in my side over the summer- that just wouldn't go away. thought it was a good idea to see a doctor. he sent me to get an ultrasound. everything came back normal except they found four really small stones. he told me i should see a surgeon/specialist anyway- to see why i felt them in the first place (this is supposedly unusual)- and then monitor as necessary if i didn't want to have an operation yet.

      his final piece of advice was "so yeah- uh, if you ever get suddenly nauseas or turn very very yellow- could be a sign of jaundice caused by your gallbladder- you should probably go to ER. Otherwise, you're totally fine!"

      I can't tell you how reassuring that was.
    13. dinosaur ninja
      dinosaur ninja
      Kire_kun... thank you^^ for egg reps :heart
    14. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      more stressful or less- or more of the same? hoping things work out well for you soon
      - but that's just life i guess :(

      how long ago did you have yours done? and did it last long? i have avoided seeing the surgeon up until this point. I'm just going to hear what he has to say right now tbh lol- will put off any op work until next year if i can. i've heard horror stories about people being half asleep half awake- and i don't....care...to know what that feels like >.>

      the interesting thing is i am in no pain at all.
    15. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      kire! you're so cute. where have you been? hows everything at home w/ famjam?

      and it's not a big deal. i have to get my gallbladder removed. i have an appointment with the surgeon to discuss more details on monday :sweat
    16. Bender
      (checks thread)


      Thankfully Xiammess and Kitsune-chan is keeping the anti-smoking moral-fags from running rampant in thread.
    17. Bender
      (bro fists)

      Finally someone who understands the difficulty of quitting smokes permanently.
    18. heartsutra
      I would say it went well, we were about 5 people in the room which is a nice number. Would have liked to have you there though. Maybe next time *pokes forehead*
    19. dinosaur ninja
      dinosaur ninja
      Thank you for the rep ^^
    20. heartsutra
      and not busy at the same time
      I'm fine!

      It's good to see you on the forum again :hug
    21. heartsutra
      kireee :hug
    22. Coffee Driven
      Coffee Driven
      Thank you for the kind rep! :33
    23. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Are you ready for tomorrow? :hm
    24. Freechoice
      A nESt oF HoT ChEEtoEs aNd CupCAkEs
    25. nightmistress
      Hey Kire. Thanks for the rep! Long time no see to you too!
    26. Punished Pathos
    27. Zyrax
      What are you planning? :hm
    28. Zyrax
      Anything :catcry
    29. Zyrax
      No please don't tell her :catsad
    30. Zyrax
      Flat Chest .
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    October 16
    A nESt oF HoT ChEEtoEs aNd CupCAkEs
    bringing misery to others
    Relationship Status:
    Too ashamed to disclose
    Favorite Character(s):
    Uchiha Sasuke, and Itachi.
    Uchihas are yum.
    Izumo, Kotetsu, Naruto, Sakura, Neji, ect..
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    everything not a filler!!
    I hate writing details about myself..But I love to complain and hate sunny days.

    reading manga, drawing all sorts of things, and wasting countless hours of my life watching tv.
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