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Apr 9, 2013
May 22, 2012
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your imagination


comic book veteran, from your imagination

kisuke55 was last seen:
Apr 9, 2013
    1. Netorie
      Glad to hear! Damn, really? I know we've been having a lot of trouble with popup porn spam...and it's irritating. Been wondering where you got to. :sniff
      Alright, I'll send a request! :iria
    2. Netorie
      Nothing much, how's it going? :33
    3. Hinata 012612
      Hinata 012612
      Hi kisuke, I'm hinata :tem
    4. Netorie
      No problem. :33
    5. Netorie
      Sixx messaged me on facebook yesterday and said it would be down for a few days, didn't tell me why though. :hmm
    6. Kyoya
      Wow talk about mean, Sixx advertised on IE without premission, and jacked all you. Such a crime, heh
    7. Kazeshini
      do you mind repping me on some of my comments please?
    8. Alisdragon
      You can post in Naruto Shimofurei: A Naruto Based RPG (Sign Ups Always Welcomed, Here is a link.


      First of all, you need to fill out a character profile, you will find it on the front page of the Naruto OCC thread or click on the link above, you would find it under a spoiler.

      You will start off will a D rank mission intill your character gets stronger. You can take on higher missions when you get your character at a certain level.

      You can write your own story to the missions and you can take how many post it takes to finish the mission. You can't just jump in another mission that somebody is doing at the moment. The only way you can do missions with groups is at the start of a mission.

      I hope I answer all of your questions in the RP Convo Thread 5: You shall not pass! thread.

      If this your first rp, i would go with a white country, because I don't know your rp skills. Don't worry about it have fun.
    9. Kei
      Can I please ask you to delete your post in Naruto Shim and if you want, you can send up here

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