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Dec 16, 2013
Mar 3, 2008
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KitCat was last seen:
Dec 16, 2013
    1. Sayuri
      yeah, I used to be part of the faction that so determined to get Midna back but obviously that didn't work :(

      I miss her :uwah
    2. Sayuri
      Of course. :hehee

      It used to be my otp back when it came out in 2006. :lmao
    3. pet
      thanks gurrrrlfrend, i need to finish it though haha...i still got like ten more layers to put on it ;)
    4. Choco
      Thanks for the rep :wtf
    5. UmWhatever
      Awesome. XD
    6. UmWhatever
      Thanks for the rep. :wtf
      So you like Kimi ni Todoke?
      ...Wanna join the fanclub? :awesome
    7. Alex.
      Kairi said to go and say hi to everybody in her friends list.

      Hi. :zaru
    8. Rinoa
      I want to...but now i have a lot of studies and even theater stuff...maybe in next Summer i'm gonna start with italian lessons.

      My big bro speaks german he lived there for a few years.He met my sis in law in Germany.:hurr
    9. Rinoa
      Portugues is more similar to Spanish.I like italian very much and sound kind of sensual.:swtf
      Hi-> Ol?
    10. Rinoa
      Anytime you want to know a new portuguese word just let me know.:hurr
      Oh french...my headache in school.I'd like to learn italian.
    11. Rinoa
      Thank you-> obrigado.
    12. Rinoa
      Well "de nada"-Welcome is portuguese too.
      So i guess you already know something KitCat :swtf
    13. Rinoa
      WoW from Canada!!!:swtf I speak portuguese -^english and spanish...me and french doesn't work too well.I had french in school during 2years.
    14. Rinoa
      Espa?a? :ano
    15. Rinoa
    16. Rinoa
      Thanx for fr :swtf
    17. gabzilla
      I know :LOS
    18. izzyisozaki
      Hey :amuse! I got my sig's art from a link on the SasuNaru FC:
    19. April
      I'll give you one to start you off. :hurr

      Links --> click on the banners, and it'll take you to another one.
    20. April
      I don't know the site, I forgot. :uwah
    21. April
      I found it at a sasusaku fanart site, I think?
    22. April
      Is awesome? yes. :suave

    23. Chillax
      i've already fallen in love with her, orientation be damned :kloff
    24. Chillax
      'hime' and 'cherry' are my code names for hina and saku :del
      your set is so smex ;)
    25. Sayuri
      If NS became canon, I would whine about Kishi being such a good author in the beginning, and then screwing up his whole manga by making a thing like NaruSaku canon.

      Well of course he meant it. :LOS In the actual chapter, Yamato was telling her the facts, and now her confidence issues make way. How is telling her she loves Naruto relevant?

    26. Sayuri
      I'd die if it was canon. :uwah

      But I'd laugh if Yamato really said "lolwut?" :pek

      I think you were around for my first piece of win, no?
    27. Sayuri
      You thought it was the real thing?

      I'm honored. :love

      Saaankyou for the rep! :hug
    28. Sayuri
      Sadly, it's all for the sake of plot. This is how Kishi makes his living, and he needs people to keep buying by making it interesting. And by interesting, I mean take all the fanfiction cliche's and make them spiceh.

    29. Sayuri
      Kishi is unpredictable in his own way.

      I mean many people thought Itachi would be good, and he is, but his reasons for murdering the clan were totally unpredictable.

      Many people thought Sasuke would be evil, and he [probably] is, but I doubt anyone would think it was because he wanted to avenge Itachi of all people.
    30. Sayuri
      The current manga is going in a direction I never thought of. :C
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