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Last Activity:
Jun 10, 2009
Nov 4, 2006
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Autoanthropophagus, from Ennightenment

Kokain was last seen:
Jun 10, 2009
    1. Cax
      Just dropping by again mate. I'm a nostalgic weird cunt like that. Hope life is well.
    2. Cax
      I was just browsing my friends list and saw your name. Been ages. I remember Michelle (mashed potato) had a mad crush on ya.
    3. pfft
    4. pfft
      dude, what happened to you?
    5. parker pyne
      parker pyne



      Sound fx: fade
    6. parker pyne
      parker pyne
      I miss you, you faggot.
    7. parker pyne
      parker pyne
      Petroleum jelly. Yay or nay?
    8. parker pyne
    9. pfft
      ; _ ; kokain you up and left didnt you! forever! i will never ever get to know you now... someone cue a semi depressive song with lyrics to match this melancholy sadness at the dear departure of kokain! Where is your requiem!
      Shall I put on one of Chopins Nocturnes?
      You realize you have made Spinoza dare turn to me now for some sort of sustenance since you are now gone... poor spinz is probably now surviving on saliva with pfft; when spinz was drinking the sweet sweet nectar of the gods with kokain!
    10. Cax
      Hey mate, how're things?
    11. Spinoza
      Funny you mention the matter of transcending tradition, and the writer's quest for originality, as it is a topic I was going to satirize with my next thread in the philosophy section. But the irony required quite an extended monologue ('On a blustering July afternoon in mid November...'); a monologue I could/can very easily turn into a long essay, or even a (short) book (which frankly had very little to do with the titular topic), so it has been (or is going to be) excluded.

      Harold Bloom has actually showed up in some of my recent studies, specifically as an advocate of 'The Great Books Curriculum' (also being covered in aforementioned [hypothetical] thread). It's not surprising that he takes such a pessimistic view; many of those who have read many books, especially those who have read many of the most critically acclaimed books, are often dispirited about personal writing enterprise and the burden of the past.

      But, ultimately, this seems like an issue for the (erudite) egocentric, the earnest appraisal seeker, those who desire fame, and the reverence of critics; it's not something the all membrane quilted writer, lengthened by sesquipedalian contrarieties of a mind half fabricked worries about, that same (erudite) individual who writes merely for the eurhythmy of the art; and the simple joy of transposing the written word.

      Ah, indeed, that is the problem with books; they do take time to read. I've already burdened myself with 5 (not including the postponed ones), then there are 10 in the waiting lines, that I haven't yet started. So, may I ask how long each of these books are (using an appropriate objective measurement, say time, or number of leaves)? Such diminutive, yet extremely useful, information seems needlessly strenuous to find on the interwebs.

      Any other, or actual, recommendations for short (likely-to-interest-people) books (30 hrs or less -- for you) are duly welcomed; I have not had the pleasure of reading shorter books in some while, and I feel it would be quite a refreshing turn; a really short book (10hrs or less -- for you) would just be delightful (as long as it meets likely-to-interest-people standards, but likely-to-interest-me standards would be even better).
    12. pfft
      hey kokain, I know how much you love philosophy and shit liek that. I was wondering if you read this book. I am thinkin of buying it.

    13. parker pyne
      parker pyne
      That was the worst brain splurge EVER, and now you're obligated to read it (ah, the joys of friendship). My condolences. :Jet
    14. parker pyne
      parker pyne
      Oh crap... maybe harm isn't the crux of morality either, it's breach of consent... and breach of consent is the disturbance of emotional state, not physical state.

      <back to emotional pain vs physical pain>

      Thinking about it a bit. Pain (the sensation) is the physical aversion to a stimulus, which presupposes an emotional aversion too. However, if self-harm is desired, this means no emotional aversion is involved.

      When there is physical aversion to a stimulus, but emotional attraction to the same stimulus, the body and mind is in discord. Perhaps that in itself is immoral? The disharmony of natural states.

      The example you provided seems mind-blowingly improbable, I mean, how could one's indifference to life be stronger than one's will to life? (oh oh sidenote: its improbability doesn't make me reluctant to address it, quite the opposite. :p) If not caused by some catalyst, maybe a traumatic event or depression? Is there a reason behind his grand indifference? If not, then isn't his action classifiable as an act of insanity (ie, an act of extremity for no real logical reason?) Or do you see insanity as a lame pigeonhole to place individuals with a mentality that doesn't match those of the majority?

      There is consent, oh yes. But perhaps people still see suicide as immoral because it is only the effect of a "defective" mind (insanity). A defective mind interferes with a person's lucidity and his actions are different than that of his "normal-functioning" self.

      Maybe agreeing to self-harm is tainted consent, which technically, is not consent at all.

      This is just a really long winded way of saying that suicide and self-harm are abnormal, and therefore immoral. But I don't even believe my own argument... okay, there are suicides that aren't abnormal. These are suicides with a solid reason, the reason conjured up while the individual is in a completely healthy state.

      But what reasons would this be? They'd have to be potent for it to override inherent will to live. I mean, you know I strongly believe in antinatalism, but my will to live is infinitely stronger, it seems..

      But then, there are other factors which make suicide immoral, specifically the harm experienced by relatives/friends once the person kills himself. Or is the guy in your hypothetical situation a hermit?

      And and suicide is not exactly the same as self-harm... Damnit, I've been merging the two! Maybe they need two separate arguments, maybe things will seem clearer then. CBF, i'll do that another time.

      Man, pinning down the specifics of morality is hard. *wipes brain sweat*
    15. parker pyne
      parker pyne
      meep meep moop. I took this morals test ages ago, I think you'd be interested. Too bad the site is under refurbishment by the looks of it. It says it will come back mid-may, but it's already mid-mayish, what the shit, mr site? :mad

      Here are my results
      green = my score
      blue = average liberals score
      red = average cons. score

      Haha @ my harm column :lmao
      I still think that the purity/authority/loyalty aspects of morality have a sort of "guilt by association" thing going on. Meaning, harm/fairness is the crux of morality. Sometimes, not always, breach of loyalty, authority or purity could result in harm - that's why it's tainted by association.

      So harm and injustice is always immoral.
      Breach of authority, purity, or loyalty is not always immoral.
    16. parker pyne
      parker pyne
      Hai! Guess what, I finished my first rubik's cube. :cry I remember reading that you could do it really fast. My record so far is a shoddy 3 mins and something. I had to learn algorithms, could never do it on my own.

      I drew up a spiral with the golden ratio, and another spiral with a ratio of 2, and asked people which one was more visually pleasing. Here's the tally:
      Ratio of 1.618 - !!!!!/!!!!!/!!!!!/!!!!!/!!!!!/!!!!!/!!!!!/!!!!!/!!!!!/!
      Ratio of 2 - !!!!!/!!!!!/!!!!!/!!!!

      ! = one person
      / = segregates every 5th person

      lol i do such lame things.
    17. pfft
      kokain!!!! :hug :hi5 :glomp
    18. pfft
      lol the real cats are the cool cats. *hippy beatnik drumming* :quite

      hey kokain, on a seperate note. I've been wondering for awhile now; where are you from?
      is it a sekrit :ho
    19. Cax
      Yeah, well i gotta get a good mic and get this shit goin sometime. I've only recorded like 4 songs so far.
    20. Cax
      Cheers mate. So you think the beat is a bad thing, or just a nice alternative?

      Good luck with ya work, peace out.
    21. Cax
      It's strictly B.Y.O.B//
      Beverages beside me//
      Don't mind me, I'm grimey//
      On the gutter spittin flow's where you find me//
      Pour booze for the dead, weed to the head//
      Shed pain then bounce back to my bed//
      Memories? Reminisce this//
      A good mate OD's and dies in his own piss//
      A good mate that struggled to where he made it//
      An athlete, now livin with his leg amputated//
      Life aint fair, that's evident//
      Even lil things are relevant//
      Elements of life always hella bent//
      Wonderin where my propeller went//
      Stuck in a boat called reality//
      Insanity, tuggin at my arms, tradgedy//
      It multiplies, so I smoke dope to get high//
      Go through moments where I hope that I die//
      So I get through life and for what?//
      To watch brothers on the block smokin pot-//
      Everyday the more that they rot//

      To all the lost souls, I'll remember ya names//
      I'll defend from the pain, Your deaths aint in vain//
      Cause when it comes to life fuckin ya - we all givin brain// x2

      Spillin out my heart and mind when i rhyme//
      I write lines in due time to get my feelins align//
      People may think I write for attention//
      Well let me mention, you're completely free//
      To turn this track the fuck off, I'm an emcee//
      What do you expect from me? I bring what I think//
      What I feel and what I do to paper with ink//
      Ascending to voice when I record, i recall//
      Back when I had nothing at all//
      Creativity was a concept hidden from me//
      Now I've got a spittin degree, in this rap shit//
      I came in the game and the rest cacked it//
      When I Cax-it and let the lyrical mac spit//
      From the top of my mind the bottom of my heart//
      I find it too hard to stop when I start//
      I got control of this shit like arts and craft//
      Displayin emotions for others to perceive//
      To take in, ignore, critique or believe//
      Whatever the reason, I keep on bleedin//
      Patterns of syllables 'til i'm depleted//

      To all the lost souls, I'll remember ya names//
      I'll defend from the pain, Your deaths aint in vain//
      Cause when it comes to life fuckin ya - we all givin brain// x2

      To this beat: 78saQt8xzjA
    22. Cax
      Ah right, the Reznor rap. Yeah, It's just a hobby, and a lifeline. It's a medium for my mind. I do plan on releasing a mixtape, but I've no forceful motivation to turn it into a career. I'm all up for sharing new raps I make, since I like feedback, so I'll hit you up with one I made soon, regardless if you want it or not. :pimp
    23. Cax
      I got 5/20 for the class, I suck ass. So you've read some of my raps? I can't recall ever sharin any of them with you. But you think they're good aye?
    24. Cax
      You're also distracting me from some Japanese course work I have to email tomorow. If I fail, I blame you.

      You know what? I'm gonna blame you anyway.
    25. Cax
      How're things mate?
    26. parker pyne
      parker pyne
      Someoneee noticed the cup-ear I painted. :hurr
    27. parker pyne
      parker pyne
      What the shit, under 20 seconds?! If I try hard enough I can get to 100 digits in a minute... haha. That's pretty sweet. You should try memorising up to feynmans point. :kaga

      The whole thing was useful though, my friend heard about it and said that if I could recite pi up to 170 places he would tutor me in biology for a day. And guess what... he has to tutor me next thursday :edu

      Then there's that other friend who wasn't so impressed, and responded with "and yet you still can't remember your mobile phone number". :(

      Uncanny valley IR... like 1.5 or something? DO IT :iria Never heard of the valley before, but I've heard people comparing sex with realistic dolls to necrophilia, so it sort of makes sense.

      BTW you're the best teacher I've ever had. :del

      Ever since my comp broke I've continued reading crime and punishment... yay!

      - yours sincerely, chief prestidigitator :quite
    28. Spinoza
      Mind sharing a few notable topics and personalities -- that I probably wouldn't know? (why didn't I ask this first)

      Sporadic interests huh, well I no longer offer advice so forthrightly; polymaths like Leonardo Da Vinci weren't only good at one thing.

      And I don't understand the last sentence; are you telling me to work twice as hard? (A clarification of the rest of it would be nice also)
    29. parker pyne
      parker pyne
      1) my computer broke (which horribly resulted in me doing homework)

      2) Worthless short message 'cause my bed is just beckoning me to hug it for 8 hours :-( Might post blog first, we'll see.

      3) using my brother's computer even though he told me he changed his password (to try and stop me from logging on), he lied he lied! It's still 'soymilk'.
    30. Spinoza
      Mind providing a summary, or a list of your courses/modules?
      English happens to be one of the few subjects (that I deem relevant) that I haven't yet established a connection with.

      Unfortunately, I can't offer any suggestions on how to keep information well preserved throughout a lifetime, nor can I offer any inerrant alternatives to the inherently flawed facility of memory, but I am working on it. Physics is a great subject, that is indeed a great shame (:cry).
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