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Jul 27, 2018
Jul 4, 2006
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September 4


aegrescit medendo

Kri was last seen:
Jul 27, 2018
    1. Byakuya
      you getting the last remnant remastered?
    2. Byakuya
    3. ez
    4. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Hi! Sorry, I was just copying Patch, because that Mako smiley looked really cute to use.
    5. Atlantic Storm
    6. Patchouli
    7. Lovewitches
      Chrisdear <3
    8. Memos
      You probably won't see this for at least a couple of months, but happy birthday!

      I hope you're doing well, Chris.
    9. Hiroshi
    10. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      hmph I want the hawks to win the cup
    11. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      busy, working a lot :)

      But I'm glad you're well
    12. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      how are you doing
    13. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
    14. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      Take care and stay healthy
    15. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      I'm leaving the country soon. <3
    16. dixie
      Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! <3
    17. Memos
      About damn time too.
    18. Memos
      What happened?
    19. Chai Tea
      Chai Tea
      Hey how are you doing
    20. halfhearted
      Building off of the message in my oh-so recent rep, I have settled down to some extent. In that, I am not moving a couple of times a year between regions of the U. S. Rather, I'm living regularly in the deep depths of southern Georgia. If you are still where you were (/cryptic), we could even meet up.
    21. Memos
      I think Megan's gonna be getting a rep any moment now.
    22. Memos
      He was so mesmerised by it that his brain just couldn't function properly.
    23. Memos
      Even if I did, I wouldn't have been able to see it happen.

      Now I'm sad.
    24. Memos
      Well, I believe, like I'm sure the majority of equine thought enthusiasts I spend my Thursday nights with do, that horses are people too. And for that reason they can be responsible for their actions. It's just how the hay falls.

      Cards on the table here, I have no idea what belated means, so I think you may have just insulted me.

      I could have told you that wasn't possible :lmao
    25. Memos
      Oh, and I know October is long gone, but happy belated birthday.
    26. Memos
      I'm sure it had it coming.

      Probably. Not sure. I have no idea what that was meant to be.

      I can't see much anymore, my sight has left me.
    27. Memos
      I can access everything! Mwa ha ha!!

    28. Memos
      The sideways ship was a little like the train from U2 but on a much grander scale. That's one thing it did so well, got bigger and bigger.

      The gunplay was weird and I really didn't get into it for a few hours. Then I realised how the aim assist worked and it all became so much clearer :lmao

      The whole running from collapsing environments was exactly the same as U2's end, but I didn't mind. It is a suitable finale to an adventure game (thank you Indiana Jones for that... and the rest of the game) and it fit in with the whole beautiful place sinking into the sands. If there was something I was disappointed in it was that the big bad thing they had all been trying to stop was prevented before it could shine. I'm sure there wasn't going to be a genie, but something akin to the first game's zombies would have been nice. The fire enemies, as awesome as they looked and sounded didn't count.

      The game did a good job with Nate and Sully. I was actually dreading them messing it up, but it didn't get cheesy at all. I could see how Sully would feel like that about Nate, and seeing how they met definitely helped. Seriously, how adorable was young Nate? Whole game with him and I would have been happy.

      There is no way there won't be another game. I hope Elena is there for this from the beginning because it's become a little annoying how they always have to meet having had some off-screen strife.
    29. Memos
      Hey! Good to see you online again.

      I can understand that for the first half, as that's how I felt as well, but after Drake got drugged the whole game changed and gave us either new things or really amped up the action/environments. The whole boat level and even how you got there was really epic in scale. If you think about the previous games the most epic sections were really the train sequence and... I can't remember much more.

      The aeroplane was even better, and my jaw was on the floor when he pulled the chute on that cargo box. Then it was followed by my favourite part of the game. Though how he gets to jump around and have gunfights after all of that time in the desert I will never know.

      Oh, and young Drake :33
    30. Lovewitches
      Funny though, for you to return on my birthday : p
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