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Feb 14, 2015
Nov 29, 2008
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krizma was last seen:
Feb 14, 2015
    1. NeBy
      The name didn't ring a bell, but when I checked it out on wikipedia and saw his works, I think I already did saw some stuff of it. Or at least something similary themed. Did he have a manga-adaptation already? (anime) It can be fun to have a look on a different genre, and I'm pretty eclectic about it, but as a whole, I do prefer shounen. I'm currently more into manhwa. I'm reading tyr and With hunter, and I must say I like it. Those Koreans aren't half-bad! for the rest: I'm still following the hxh anime, but I'm posting a lot less in the chan too, these days.
    2. NeBy
      Been ok. Lately I've been posting less (hiatus and all that), but I'm still checking the chan out now and then. How are you doing? Been a long time since I've seen a post of you in hxh forum.
    3. hgfdsahjkl

      I think you prefer the 1999 if not ,don't vote :D

      and you need to post more :)
    4. KnockxKnock
      Hey! I remember you. And you could do worse and be a creeper like me that reads and gets into others conversations. :nod
    5. Blastrix
      I saw your message, but I got something on my hands right now :b I'll respond tomorrow
    6. NeBy
      Umm, well, I meant these ones. I just noticed the last time I said something here to you, it was a happy new year from the last year. ;-)
    7. NeBy
      Lol. Looking at it, our pm convo's go from one new year to the next! ;-)
    8. hgfdsahjkl
      Happy new year :)
    9. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      happy new year lurker :LOS :pek
    10. NeBy
      Happy New Year!
    11. Fran

      do you have the viz volume with this chapter :33
    12. hgfdsahjkl
      source of your sets :sun
    13. NeBy
      Happy New Year, Krizma! (and you better make sure we'll have February) :LOS
    14. NeBy
      Krizma, they're pretending on the Motm that you want to recast your vote from HxH to another manga!! Stop them!! :argh
    15. Pitou
      nya happy christmas
    16. hgfdsahjkl
    17. hgfdsahjkl
      Vol.2 but that's because I'm busy,I will make sure to finish it soon :)

      great to know that you liked kaiji :)
    18. hgfdsahjkl

      yeah,I wake up at 9:30 pm :lmao
    19. hgfdsahjkl

      I just wake up,I will start liar game and tell you

      btw,nice avatar :thumbs
    20. hgfdsahjkl
      for how long?
      but again you did nothing ,talk to the mod of that section
    21. hgfdsahjkl
      what do you mean ,you cant post in the FC?

      they banned you or something
    22. hgfdsahjkl
      always thought that you were on my friends list
    23. Danchou
      Thanks for the friend add. :)
    24. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      rivfader already made a mybrute clan, which I joined :D:

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