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Jun 9, 2018
May 26, 2009
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Krombacher was last seen:
Jun 9, 2018
    1. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Sure thing, I PM-d you about mine. ^^
    2. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Nope, don't have Skype, I really have to register there, it's a lot more useful than anything else, lol.

      But I have FB account which I use daily, you have any? :33
    3. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Yeah, I'm reaaaaally sorry about that, I just suddenly stopped visiting NF. :ano :(
      Thanks, and I'd say happy New year, too, but I think I'm a little bit too late. Oh, well, better late than never! ^^'

      I'm doing good, thanks for asking, you?
      What have you been doing all this time, something fun? (:
    4. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      Here is a list of all (active) Staff members.
    5. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      It never occured this to me before, so the issue you having is a bit vague for me. You should PM perhaps an Administrator.
    6. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      No clue on that, unfortunately.
    7. BVB
      In April 2009, Penn told Entertainment Weekly Magazine that the writers killed off his character on "Dr. House" (2004) because he had asked to be allowed to leave the show to go work for the Barack Obama Administration as the Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Liaison.

      tats?chlich. :(
    8. BVB
      kal penn hat doch jetzt ne gastrolle bei how i met your mother und der neue harold und kumar fim ist auch vor kurzem rausgekommen..

      naja.. sehr schade, ihn mochte ich am meisten von den neuen.
    9. BVB
      es kam so unerwartet..
    10. BVB
      kutner.. wieso :-(
    11. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      We can, and we do it better than anybody else. :datass

      What kind of a question is that? :pek

      Gah, isn't it too hot for that or something?! :D:
      My school started recently, too, meeting new people and stuff. But yeah... it's still school. :/
    12. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Glad you like. :hurr

      Yeah, thanks, hope so, too.

      But after we're allowed to use as many smileys as we want, then we will overflood NF with smileys. :villa

      As long as chocolate is with me, I fail to have bad times. :LOS


      Over here school starts on September 12th, but because of that, we won't have any spring/Easter holidays (just three days or so). Gah, I don't like that... :giogio
    13. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Well, it's getting a bit better here. Been to beach today. Is it still the same over there? ://

      Just showing my respect... not sure if it's a good word to describe it, but yeah, something positive. :distracted

      Yeah, I'm pretty lucky though, since my family is in a good financial state and I don't have to worry about that like some others.

      We should make a petition. And make NF slower than ever by posting tons of smileys. :LOS

      Thank you, you're making me blush, lol. ^^

      Hmm... just remembered something. Your summer break ended a lot earlier than mine last year, is it still the same? 'Cause that would suck. :D:
    14. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡

      The funny thing is, this week it's been raining more than ever out here. I don't remember the last time it was so bad during the summer.
      10 minutes or so it was like ice bricks were falling from the sky. :D:

      Lol, I hope it's getting better with the weather over there, because over here it won't get any better till Monday. But it was to be expected, after all of that heat... :lmao

      When it's coming from a person like you, I can't help but believe you. :LOS

      It's awesome. I think that after the goverment (s)election (?) we'll be somewhat like Greeks. At least my mum says so. They're just covering it all up so people wouldn't know in what deep (let's be polite and say) shit we're in.
      Ehh... good country, bad people. :facepalm

      Hmm... yeah, now that I thought about it a bit, it's unfortunately pretty possible. :/

      There shouldn't be any smileys limit. Or at least 20. :pek:gun

      Lol, yeah, I've heard many people tell me I both think older and even look older than my age. Oh, well, damn maturity. xD
    15. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡

      Same as Russia, I can't even imagine that. It's like calling your grandparents at 6 p.m. just to find them yelling at you because it's 3 a.m. :lmao

      Yeah, even though it's sometimes tooo hot, it's better than rain. Definitely better than rain.

      Country swap? My, my, isn't that interesting? :LOS

      I'm definitely gonna try it out one day. :hurr

      As they say, you know you're Croatian when half of your government is in jail. It's that bad. :lmao

      Awh, thanks, I really never thought of it that way. I think most of people would do so, just never really got in the same situation. (:

      I always use too many smilies and then I'm like: 'Hmm, I won't remove this one, that one is good, but this one makes the sentence better.'
      Hesitant, as always. *sigh*
    16. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Sorry for the late reply, I was sure I replied to your VM. :ano


      Yeah, neither does mine. :lmao
      Oh, and I'm going there today. :LOS

      Heh as expected... at least there is a sea. I can't imagine living somewhere in the middle of US and having to ride for hours and hours before getting to sea. :D:

      It's around 35 ?C right now over here. You couldn't live without an air conditioner (I believe that's the right word).

      Germans reunite yet again - in Turkey! :lmao
      Mmmm I'd love to try out Italian food, it seems so delicious. Didn't think otherwise for Turkish, lol. At least you can buy everything you need over there. :hurr

      I remember my mom and dad always talking how back in their days, they used to go to Trst (Trieste?), this city in Italy just to buy clothes and stuff because it was so cheap.

      Eh, we were supposed to go, but then the ministry said we couldn't 'cause it would be better for us to go somewhere in Croatia and we were all like wtf?! :giogio
      So they delayed it for the year after, but I didn't want to go because I'd already go to another bigger trip with my class (8th grade stuff), my sister also went somewhere and my brother had a confirmation/chrism (?) and some other stuff so I didn't want to pressure my parents to have to pay for all that.
    17. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Lol, yeah! :awesome

      Although I have to say it's pretty messed up if it's a small island, you don't have all the stuff you would have in bigger towns. :/

      How's sea over there?
      Italy and Turkey? That's sooooo... :ruri! What are the countries like? Where did you go? :33
      I've never been abroad, although I was supposed to go Italy last year with my class. But then I didn't. :notrust
    18. m o l o k o
      m o l o k o
      eben eben.

      diese ganzen communities.. ich wei? nicht, es f?hlt sich an als w?rde man sich da vermarkten. au?erdem gebe ich auch nicht gerne informationen von mir preis, wie man schon an meinem profil hier sieht. aber ich bin beim deutschen anime forum animexx angemeldet (du vielleicht auch?) weil es da drei leute gibt mit denen ich gerne rede, sie aber nicht auf anderen seiten adden w?rde. hab schlechte erfahrungen damit gemacht, einen user hab ich so ziemlich ?berall geaddet und hatte dann schlicht keine ruhe mehr von ihm. also telefon f?r alle, email f?r die, die grade nich ?bers telefon zu erreichen sind und animexx f?r den rest. funktioniert gut soweit.

      ja, so langsam werde ich auch etwas.. lebensfreudiger? emo phasen hat ja jeder mal, jetzt muss ich sie nur noch davon abhalten, meinen neu gefundenen enthusiasmus nicht niederzumachen.

      f?hrerschein! na dann viel gl?ck wenns zur pr?fung kommt. ich lass mich einfach von allen m?glichen leuten rumkutschieren, ehehe. meinst du den regen oder die hitze? momentan sind es bei uns um die 20 grad, lauwarm, f?r mich einfach perfekt. in der hitze verlaufe ich meist zur pf?tze.
      also keinen gro?en urlaubspl?ne? ich auch nicht. obwohl ich unbedingt unbedingt in einen freizeitpark will. ahh hab da so bock drauf. aber die preise sind teilweise echt unversch?mt geworden. phantasialand ist bei mir am n?chsten dran und ich dacht da kommt man gut weg- stattdessen kostet ein tagesticket f?r einen erwachsenen 40 euro. 40 euro. das.. das sind 6,722 mangas. also echt jetzt. wie ne ?bernachtung im europapark kostest (wunschtraum) will ich gar nicht wissen.

      aber zu was ganz anderem, was f?r manga/anime interessieren dich eigentlich? da dr?ber haben wir glaub ich nie gesprochen.
    19. m o l o k o
      m o l o k o
      ts meine mutter hat sich aufgeregt als sie erfahren hat, dass ich meinen ipod touch benutze um in der wanne manga zu lesen. ich geh lieber das risiko ein anstatt auf die tollen sachen zu verzichten, die man mit dem ding machen kann, jawoll.

      leider nicht :< klingt jetzt etwas altmodisch, aber ich telefonier einfach lieber und schick ab und an ne mail, wenn ich mit jemandem in kontakt bleiben will. diese ganzen internet communities sind irgenwie nix f?r mich.

      danke <3 ja, ich arbeite auch hart daran :lmao (klappt momentan noch nicht so ganz, aber das wird) es hilft schon, dass wir hin und wieder nachrichten austauschen k?nnen- momentan hab ich *eigentlich* nicht viel zutun und jeder au?er mir f?hrt in den urlaub. sich mit jemandem austauschen zu k?nnen (der nicht die mitleidstour abzieht) hilft schon viel <3

      aber genug von mir, wie gehts dir so?
    20. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Exactly. :lmao

      Then you should start living in Croatia to see the size difference. :lmao
      Yup, we actually have more than thousand bigger ones and smaller ones. :awesome

      I've always liked travelling somewhere, be it an island or the capital town. I also love travelling with ships/boats (since it isn't a big distance).
    21. m o l o k o
      m o l o k o
      ja ja, leider. hab schon etliche gameboys und mp3-player auf dem gewissen.

      verst?ndlich, ich hab auch nur noch drei leute von hier, mit denen ich schreibe. einer davon bist du und ein anderer hat auch vor nich mehr on zu kommen.

      das war eher eine erholung von dem, was mich stresst. nehm insgesamt gerade ne "auszeit", hei?t, geh auch nicht in die schule und muss mich darum k?mmern, dass ich es irgendwann mal wieder kann.
    22. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Yeah... lol, it kinda reminded me how we finally got a completely new, awesome gym they had been planning to build for 30 years now in our elementary school this year.
      And now we're leaving and going to highschool. :giogio


      Awesome stuff! Germany is a big country so every vacation is pretty much like me going to some other country. :lmao
      I'll stay at home, but I don't really mind, lol. I actually went to one of our islands here, today. It was awesome, maybe I'll visit once again.
    23. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Yeah, nobody really hates him, but they're all over the 80's. :tomasulk

      I don't even get why they're doing that. That's the worst way possible to make students feel more comfortable in schools. :giogio

      You maybe planning on going on vacation/whatever? :awesome
    24. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      That's good thing to hear. :D

      Finally somebody who likes the band on this forum (didn't encounter much people)! :33
      Like America-style? What? That's horrible! :D:

      I know what you mean, it's hot and sunny here and... well, do I need to say more? :hurr
    25. m o l o k o
      m o l o k o
      macht nix, der pc funktioniert wieder, msn daf?r aber nicht :lmao
      wollte nf sowieso nur noch als messenger benutzen, darin ists ja eigentlich ziemlich praktisch. nur das ganze drumherum will ich nicht mehr.

      das krankenhaus, na ja, ich bin ja mental nicht so oben auf. hab ne pause plus therapie gemacht.
    26. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      No problem, still thanks for checking it out. :hug

      Ugh, you getting any better? :(
      I get what you mean by that... that what medias are for. :lmao

      Pretty awesome, in fact. I've been on a Bon Jovi concert (been to another Croatian town) and two days later went on a trip with my class.
      Though tomorrow it's the last day of school and it's getting a bit nostalgic since next school year I'm going to high school so it's goodbye time. :/

      What about you? What have you been doing lately?
    27. m o l o k o
      m o l o k o
      Danke <3 Mein Aufenthalt hier wird aber schnell wieder vorbei sein. Ich dachte ich bin manchen Leuten ein Lebenszeichen schuldig nach der langen "zwangsbedingten" Pause (war im Krankenhaus), aber sonst interessier ich mich hierfuer einfach nicht mehr.
      Wenn du willst, und es klappt, koennten wir mal wieder auf msn chatten! Muss dich aber warnen, mein PC hatte nen Totalabsturz und auf meinen Handy zu tippen dauert ewig- zumindest bei mir.
    28. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Hey, there's a new forum you might wanna check out. If not, that's alright, just sharing. :33

      And how the stuff with E. Coli going? You okay? :/
    29. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Come to think of it, yeah, that's right! I didn't even pay attention to it.
      You're a genious. :hurr
    30. Chocoholic ♡
      Chocoholic ♡
      Ugh, I watched the episode and I'm pretty concerned about what will happen next. :/
      Either way, I'll really miss Cuddy. :(

      What do you mean by that?
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