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Dec 7, 2015
Nov 17, 2008
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Apr 29, 1988 (Age: 31)
If there's a bright center to the universe, on the
    1. Amanda
      Hello again! Phew, only a day and a week left and then it's the long Christmas holiday for me. It will be needed. How are you? It's been so good to hear you got things to do.

      Thanks for the link to the psychology blog, it was an interesting read.

      Yes indeed, I like the Bond series, and have seen most of the old Bonds - not the 80s/90s ones, though. But it's Connery and Graig eras that I really like.

      I liked Spectre a lot as well, even though many people diss it. But it has deeper wisdom and introspection to it, and very nice character development, as discussed in the blog.

      I can't help but to hope that somehow Graig!Bond gets his happy ending and gets to escape the 00 life with Madeleine. It'd be so frustrating if she died and Bond just returned to being the stone cold killer.
    2. Amanda
      How are you? Still reading NF? I finally answered you in the Obito FC, for what it's worth. I'm terribly sorry for having kept you waiting.
    3. Amanda
      Hello! I'm fine, just feeling tired, so all I've managed is idle chat here and there. I should post fanart, answer you and watch the anime to write about it too.
    4. Amanda
      No worries, no one is holding a gun to your head. Much luck to whatever you're doing and remember to rest as well.
    5. Amanda
      If you turn your attention to the Obito FC, you will notice that I've answered you there! Sorry it took so long. :defeat

      As for the shipping thing, I have very little to add to the subject. The whole business was very unpleasant by the end of it and now is happily behind us.
    6. Amanda
      Curses! I came back home from work, ate a bit... and fell straight asleep! :facepalm Now it's past midnight...
    7. Amanda
      Sorry I haven't had the time and energy to answer you. Now too I'm on phone and therefore don't want to write tldr. But I'll try to get to it tomorrow, and if you don't mind, I'd like to move the Obito discussion into the Obito fanclub so that others can participate if they wish.
    8. Amanda
      Oh I see. The great job hunt continues. But as you said, you get to use your education, which is satisfying on its own right.

      As for Naruto... The thing is, I'm reasonably satisfied with the way the manga itself - the war and the central plot - ended. The sense of dissatisfaction comes from how the whole thing disintegrated in the end and turned from a fun action-adventure shonen into a romance drama that shamelessly cashed in on the power it knew it held on the shippers. I know the romantic plots needed to be ended as well, but they took over completely, and not in a very nice way.

      (And I know I have no right to preach here, as I've been neck deep in the fandom wars ever since they truly broke out near the end of the main manga. It's just... first you get addicted to being angry and high on adrenaline, and later you realize you've made all kinds of wrong turns you can't take back anymore.)

      But it feels bad to think that they chose to intentionally fuel the ship wars and to prolong them longer than necessary. I'm an adult and can handle this, but there are a lot of kids and teenagers in this large fandom who surely have taken this all very deeply. It's not very responsible to play with their feelings, even if it is just fictional characters.

      Though I want to give props to Kishi for two things here: for making Karin and Sakura friends the same way Sakura and Hinata are friends (the line about respect between women really touched me) and for giving both NaruSaku and NaruSasu a second coming of sorts in BoruSara. Well, at least in my eyes, but then again I'm a fool for silly romantic devices such as "their children got together in the end".

      Glad to hear you enjoyed Monster. (This topic fills me with guilt, as it always reminds me of MisterSinister and our falling out.) I remember spazzing about it in the Obito FC, though I can't remember what I said about it in the context of Obito... :lmao
    9. Amanda
      You got a job? Awesome! Congratulations! Those are excellent news, and if I may say, make me happier too, just for hearing this. You used to worry about never getting to use that education... But in the end things seem to be working out.

      As for not answering sooner, it's good that you have managed to take distance from this place - the discussions here haven't turned into anything more constructive than before. In retrospect it feels like there's barely anyone who would have been entirely (or even mostly) happy with the way the franchise ended.*I mostly keep chatting out of habit.

      *Except of course us Obito fans, who got everything we could have wished for him.
    10. Amanda
      Kroniiiiin!!!!! :heart :glomp

      Thank you so much, and good to hear of you again. I'm doing fine, how are you?
    11. Amanda
      Hey Kronin, if you still log in these days (seems so), please talk to me. I miss you, and there's things I want to talk about.
    12. Animeblue
      Happy New Year and have blissful incoming year :beer:beer
    13. Animeblue
      Happy Holidays and have Joyful weekend:beer:beer
    14. Amanda
      I haven't read the NS fanclub for a while. It would have felt indecent.

      As for what happened in the canon, we can't say what happened, unless Kishi himself say something in an interview. We can just theorize.
    15. Amanda
      The set I apologized for in the Obito FC was an earlier one... after that I decided to keep ships out of the sets, but I had to wear this one because I had promised to join in the shared sets project. Anyway, it's good to hear it doesn't bother you. In fact I'm more concerned about certain other FC regular. Plus the owners of the ShikaTema and ChouKarui FCs dislike the ship, so I feel like I can't post there looking like this. Oh, why is the fandom so complicated. :lmao

      I've thought to myself that the reason why it's so hard for some to accept the canonical ending that we got is less about being so emotionally dependent on some fictional romance, and more about the long IRL discussion that has taken place in the past years. People have really looked into this, analyzed the story and made theories. They have also argued with others about what is the truth about Kishi's authorial intent. After all that time, energy and dedication it's hard to not to feel like it was wasted effort. Or as you said, not to feel that the author screwed up the story and the characters to whom you had dedicated so much of you.

      What can one say? Fiction is powerful, indeed.

      I look towards the movie as well. It's regrettable that Kishi didn't clear out Naruto's feelings in the main story, and that we only see the conclusion of the process after it has already happened, in the epilogue. There could be a few reasons for that.
    16. Amanda
      Good to hear.

      The set isn't actually of my own choice. It's just that the members of the SasuSaku fanclub had promised to one day wear a matching set, and now it happened. Like when we wore matching sets in the Obito FC earlier this year. After this I don't want to wear pairing sets, it makes me feel uncomfortable these days.

      Would your believe if I said even still I'd want to post in the NaruSaku FC (of course not while wearing this) and say something positive. About how Naruto and Sakura had a really beautiful story together and that it's not bad to have been their shipper through these years, no matter what happened. And about how shipping isn't in vain even if you don't become canon, how you can always keep shipping what you want and write fanfiction and draw fanart, and enjoy it with the other fans.

      Also, would you believe I've been defending the NaruSaku fandom as a whole in the company of ANS, reminding that everyone has the right to ship whatever they want, that you can't make assumptions about people based on their shipping and character preferences, and that it's only a part of the NS fandom who has been behaving badly after the canonization, while the sane part does not deserve to be associated with any of it.
    17. Amanda
      *see Kronin on the "users currently viewing this thread" list!*

      Hi, and how are you? I've been worried that you're angry with me.... Yeah I know it's ridiculous but that just goes with my ridiculous, over worried personality. So..?
    18. Amanda
      I feel I'm going to end up choosing the FC image on my own after all, but that's fine.

      There's so many fanworks I'd like to add to the first page, but the room there is limited. Already know the Fanworks post is close to the post length limit (all that URL and codes). I'll likely have to remove the Body Development charts to get to include the GIFs.
    19. Amanda
      Ok, I edited the intro, edited the whole first page as a whole, and collected the fanworks from the thread 3. Haven't yet added them to the OP.

      However, you mentioned the fanworks collected at the end of thread 1, and I went back to check it. It seems to me Fusion went through them and chose those which he wished to attach to the OP. (The idea was never to include everything.) I don't want to doubt his taste, especially as going through all of those hundreds of fanarts again would be quite the task (especially right after walking through the 99 pages of this thread.)
    20. imogen lace
      imogen lace
      Thank you. I have to admit i can't get my head around this. I feel so gutted about it. If it had ended on chapter 699 I would have been okay as Sasuke and Sakura are back on good terms and he goes off travelling and it leaves Naruto and Sakura, but that didn't happen. There was an epilogue, which we all expected, that in a way answers many questions...like Naruto's response to Hinata's confession...so i am trying to be realistic. I know there were many hints that Sakura still loved Sasuke and that Hinata loved Naruto...the one thing that keeps playing in my mind is how much Naruto loved Sakura and I am trying to imagine his heart changing but with great difficulty. The only way i can look at this is that Sakura and Naruto are like Torvil and Dean. They are so close that too close and they will burn out or fall out. Having their separate families yet still getting on so well...Sasuke and Hinata have to be jealous of the bond the two of them share. I know it is silly as Naruto sacrificed nearly everything for everyone and for Sasuke so helping Sakura out so much is just an example of how pure his heart is. I just wish kishi showed something as to how Naruto's feelings were changing to help with the shock a bit more!
    21. Amanda
      Good night, sleep tight... all the best to you and the NS fc. I hope you'll find a way to feel better soon.
    22. Amanda
      Sorry I said I'd write the OP intro now, but... my brain just can't work. I just waste time and do stupid things and can't think of anything. I'll try again tomorrow. Post freely in the FC. Tazmo will move the thread if it gets max'd, and then I'll edit the OP of the new thread.
    23. Eternity
      Groovy! :datass

      Hope to see you around! :gar
    24. Eternity
      Pratice makes perfect. ;)

      Yay! Adding you now! :iria

      Remember to read the rules if/when you post. :del
    25. Eternity
      A hug it is! :hug

      I hope I am not being rude, but english is not your first language, is it? :hmm

      And yeah, wo probably won't agree. It's a matter of taste. And you are welcome to the NS friendship FC even if you like NS as romantic. :amuse
    26. Amanda
      To be clear: I wasn't speaking of the shipping issues in the NF Naruto fandom. It was here like before. People mostly stayed in their own fanclubs and anti-fabclubs. It was ugly outside, in rest of the internet communities. But if you didn't get involved in it, then good so, I won't go on about the matter.

      I'm kinda sorry and kinda glad I missed out the Tobito reveal era. That way I could form my own opinion about Obito without outside influences. Plus the last two nights here on NF while waiting for the manga to end in Telegrams was a great experience.

      Heh, don't worry about sounding pessimistic. People are better and worse than we think. Better, because we often only notice the bad things done, and worse, because someone always disappoints us. It's a tricky question of how to learn to live with it. I just try to love people anyway... often it requires for you to take distance from them and to love them as a mere idea. :whistle
    27. Amanda
      The names are Bolt and Sarada/Salada. Boruto is just how it sounds when you write Bolt with kanji. Interesting how the "foreigner theme" began by Naruto's blue eyes and blond hair continues in his son.

      I need to answer to that NaruSasu homophobia claim. I don't appreciate at all how some pairing fans try to discriminate those who do not support their ship with slurs. Me not shipping NaruSasu has nothing to do with them being both men - I fully believe Madara's love for Hashirama is romantic and I love that relationship, and similarly I suspect Kakashi's love for Obito might have romantic or quasi-romantic undertones. But I simply don't see Naruto and Sasuke's relationship as anything else than what it is represented in the manga: intimate brotherhood. If I try to add sex to it, it just always feels awkward and wrong, because my brain identifies it as a sibling relationship. So people who say that those who do not romantically ship NaruSasu are homophobes... Hah. You need to be able to argue convincingly for your ship, not just cry that anyone who opposes it is a bad person.

      But this strikes really close home, because I've been just... shocked about how ugly the great pairing war got in the end. I don't know how much of it you saw. But it was just brutal. In fact it was just plain internet bullying with no mercy or dignity. SS took vicious hits, but imo NS was treated the worst. I'm just glad that it is over.

      Sorry for lashing out like that, it wasn't targeted at you...
    28. WolfPrinceKouga
      You can just shorten my name to WPK, Kiba or even Wolf you know:p

      I form my own opinions about things. I'm a wolf not a sheep, so don't worry about thinking you influenced my views in the wrong direction.
    29. Amanda
      Fusion said he doesn't have the time to look after the FC, so he passed it down to me. Can't deny that I felt like some path had finally found its end. Yeah, I'm talking about changing the image of Obito as a child. Personally I'd like to see there an image that shows him both as an adult and as a child.

      Listening to your thoughts isn't away from my own happiness. In the contrary, when I didn't know how you feel and thought I can't speak to you about it felt a much heavier weight to carry.

      I'm not sure though, are you asking me to discuss the reasoning behind NH + SS ending? I don't think that would be wise. You're feeling sad, and me trying to say why I think this sad thing came to happen wouldn't make it any better.

      However, does it bring any solace to you that in the end Naruto and Sakura are both happy with good lives where the other one will always have a place, and most likely their children are going to fall for each other in the future? (Sorry if this sounds patronizing, I don't want to make it sound so.)
    30. Amanda
      Oh right, those are missing too. I'll add them and all the arts posted in thread. At the end of the day it shouldn't be too much of a job.

      I didn't want to speak about the pairing situation, because I didn't know how you would take it. If you wish to speak about it with me, you're absolutely welcome to do so. But I understand it too if you don't.

      (I'll stay logged in but I'll be away for a while, I need to go out to harvest for food.)
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    If there's a bright center to the universe, on the
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