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Jul 21, 2017
Feb 11, 2006
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Jun 8, 1984 (Age: 35)


I'd like some Rukia too..., 35

kubik was last seen:
Jul 21, 2017
    1. minniehyunnie
      Thanks for the rep!~ :)
    2. LesExit
      Isn't kishimoto not even writing it!? I'm expecting some sort of fight, but i also think there will be a lot of focus on the relationships between people. I just really need to see more of himawari!!!
    3. LesExit
      I was hoping that they would be the same age or that the girl would be older...cause like you're saying Baruto does really come across as a Naruto 2.0. That's just really uncreative to me. I think it'll probably focus mostly on him though D: Though even if it does I think we'll get some more himawari moments...I hope :sniff
    4. LesExit
      it was lacking in development with everything kinda....I mean it felt very rushed, but I expected such. I'm happy we got to see their kids :3 The part with Neji's funeral made me really sad, but it was sad in a beautiful way! Seeing himawari but the sunflowers on his grave made me really happy :D
    5. Roja
      I don't have high expectations for "The Last" because I'm one of the few NaruHina fans I know that does not like how the anime tends to do NaruHina at all. I didn't like the Part 1 fillers that many did and 166 annoyed me tremendously. So, while I expect NaruHina, I don't expect to like its presentation.

      I'm hoping the Hyuuga tie-in will be good enough to make-up for it.
    6. LesExit
      Ok...I will try to remain hopeful :sniff
    7. LesExit
      I agree....so sad :sniff Though I feel like he could've...Naruto doesn't have to be in love with Hinata in 699...that'd just be weird. Though for him to be utterly confused for 2 years...no...that's just...awful
    8. LesExit
      I would've loved if that were true :D

      Ya...I can't think of anything good other than...we just had to make it this way to fit it into the storyline we wanted. Though it definitely makes naruto look pretty ignorant to me....

      I think that is it. They're just really hyped that all the waiting has finally paid off. I'm happy too...though I don't just want NH to be canon, I also want it to become canon somewhat well!

      Ya I don't get that....it's like she wasn't able to convey how deep her feelings are...:psyduck like what!? She confessed in her love for him in clear words!

      Not sure....though I really hope that people don't just say it's good because it's canon :sniff Though next chapter will be here soonish!
    9. LesExit
      I completely agree with you about NH in the movie. I will honestly be incredibly disappointed if Naruto feelings only start to change TWO freaking years after the final chapter. The movie should've been about the development of their romantic relationship into one where Naruto's feelings are just as strong...not Naruto has been sitting around for 2 years still thinking about it...or not thinking about it much at all. I'm glad it's canon, but I'm truly surprised more people aren't complaining about this outcome .___. It's less than satisfactory to me. but maybe the movie will change my mind...idk
    10. Narutofreak1112
      thanks for the rep
    11. Arisu
      A tak w og?le to ziemniak11 też nie śpi, pali mu się zielone światełko. Co ty na to? :ho
    12. Arisu
      Jak to możliwe że ty mnie nie masz w swoich friendsach? Masz zaakceptować moje zaproszenie, natychmiast :LOS
    13. thoughtful1
      lol thanks for the rep!
    14. ℛei
      Thanks for the rep :ruri
    15. Alexdhamp
      Hey, Kubik. How have you been?

      Any new thoughts on NaruHina or you disappointed like I am that Kishi keeps slipping up opportunities to show that Naruto at least considers Hinata(like not perceiving her on the battlefield when he sensed stuff with his Sage senses) a little more since her confession?
    16. Skeith
      Someone after gray. She is mad. Can't wait for the next chapter of FT.
    17. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Momentary NH FC is up :quite
    18. ilfirin
      Thanks! And sorry I couldn't rep you. The explanation is that I don't post anywhere but in the FC section and I guess those posts don't count. Keep fighting the good fight!
    19. Cyana♥
      Thanks for the rep! And In response I am NS, but Im also NaruHina too. Im a multi-shipper.
    20. Alexdhamp
      So you're denying that one of Minato main aspects is also his kindness? Similar to Hinata(anyone can see how kindness is also one of her main aspects..hell, even Neji pointed it out as did Naruto)? Introverts, being the thoughtful type, tend to be quiet as they'd rather listen before speaking themselves. So that's introverted, very kind, and tend to be quiet/reserved. Three similarities.. I was just explaining why some might support the introvertxextrovert similarity..it's funny how they(ANH) were suddenly up in arms to prove me wrong...simultaneously proving they didn't know shit about what an introvert truly was. That's all. Like I said, I don't need a parallel..but it's an interesting similarity to point out.

      In the end, it's up to Naruto if he decides to accept Hinata's feelings and give her a chance or not...and personally I see no reason for him not to. He thinks highly of her and isn't tied down. But, we'll just have to wait and see how Kishi eventually addresses all this. :amuse
    21. Alexdhamp
      So, am I wrong in believing that Minato was a man of thought-before-action rather than a man of action? The core aspect of an introvert is preferring thought before action..at least that's what I always believed it to be from what I was taught..:oh
    22. Charu
      You know what, it's okay :)
      If I do end up getting banned, it's been nice knowing you all :LOS
    23. Charu
      ah, that too.....
      Which image hosting sites can I put it up tho?
      Is linking to the photobucket image fine?
    24. Charu
      Ah well, i did the message thing anyway >_>
      But isn't it the same thing? Linking to the same pic... ^^;
    25. Charu
      Yeeaah. Though Rashushi said it'd be okay, I have a feeling I will be anyway...
      you think I should message peeps the 1st and 4th page instead and remove it from my post orrr is it too late?
    26. Skeith
      And how is that canon?

      Don't get me wrong, I like this paring, but I don't see Edo canon from that.
    27. Skeith
      What page did it say that?
    28. Skeith
      So grayxjuvia canon?

    29. hzleys87
      Happy Birthday! I hope you're off enjoying your day. :)
    30. santanico
      I was excited and scared at the same time :O
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