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Jan 26, 2014
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    1. Swarmy
      I doubt that, plus most people nowadays know at least 3 languages :kickcan
    2. Swarmy
      Unless you're born rich :maybe

      Oh wow nice one :lmao Though we don't have э :hehee But yeah we use the cyrillic :awesome I've studied german for some years but I didn't manage to become good at it :(

      The time when you replied, plus I always assume that someone on here is american until proven otherwise :zaru
    3. Swarmy
      I ain't working for the Man :pek I want to be the Man :hurr

      Hey I've talked to some europeans who don't know where it is :haha I'm sure you don't know much about it though :LOS

      I hope you do then, you seem pretty smart as well as very secretive :awesome
    4. Swarmy
      My parents are divorced (when I was 10) so I live with my mother :awesome I'm looking for a job right now so I can afford to study what I want :hurr

      Ah I thought you were american :lmao Law is pretty popular yet difficult, isn't it? A friend of mine is studying law and he had to memorise 800 pages worth of material for a single exam...
    5. Swarmy
      Not yet, I took a few years off, plus I have to decide if I want to pursue a master's degree or just the bachelor :hmm

      Where are you from anyway?
    6. Swarmy
      Entomology of course :lmao I'm from Bulgaria, it's in Europe :edu Most of my friends are studying law or tourism, I personally picked tourism like 5 years ago but it's not my thing :( I want so badly to study entomology but here it's impossible, I'll have to study biology and only have one course of entomology which is not enough, my option is to study online in a university from the US or UK :kickcan
    7. Swarmy
      Well money are not at the center of things but they do make life easier so you can't realy ignore that, but you guessed right I do prefer to study and work what I like even if it means that I won't be rich :awesome The problem is that here the field that I want to take part in isn't that well developed, my only chances are to either study abroad or take online courses which again brings us to how much money one has :zaru
    8. Swarmy
      Now that's a difference :geg
      I'll take that as a compliment :haha I'm not good when it comes to math though :maybe
      And you didn't answer my question :LOS
    9. Swarmy
      Well ironically most of the girls that ended up liking me throughout the years barely reached my shoulder :lmao It's not such a big plus if they feel too short next to me :zaru
      How tall are you anyway? :awesome
    10. Swarmy
      Heh you're right to judge like that :hehee I'm also a scorpio and we're known to prefer to be in the shadows watching and manipulating, but not all of us are like that of course :haha

      Should I presume that you're a stalker then? :maybe
    11. Swarmy
      You care? :maybe
    12. Swarmy
      You seem interesting, I find it strange that I'm the first to VM you :hmm
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