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Jun 1, 2020 at 3:15 PM
May 27, 2012
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New York
Day trader


Scream, Benihime, from New York

Kuma was last seen:
Viewing thread One Piece 981 Spoiler Thread, Jun 1, 2020 at 3:15 PM
    1. Xeogran
      adorbs ava ・ᴗ・
    2. Zyrax
      Welcome back
      1. Freechoice
        Welcome back. *
        Jun 2, 2016
      2. Kuma
        Thanks. I've been really bad at staying consistent but im trying
        Jun 9, 2016
    3. Freechoice
      you got it bro

      hows life
    4. Freechoice
      You probably don't even know who lil ol' me is :(
    5. Freechoice
      YOU'RE HERE !!!!!!!!!!
    6. Nova
      Baby come back~
    7. Kanki
      OLC please....
    8. Kanki
      I command you to return.
    9. Freechoice
      come back bro :cry
    10. Venom
      Happy new year bro :heart
    11. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      It's Canute's night of birth tonight. Wish him a Happy Birthday here. :)
    12. Mike S
      Mike S
      Why don't you post in the OL anymore? I haven't had a debate in a while lol.
    13. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Who's your favorite in the series? Mine has to be Daisuke Jigen, he's a total badass, and he ofc has the best moments in most of the works I've seen.
      You're lucky. :tomasulk Winter just hates us, I just know we're going to get a brutal one this year.
    14. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      I've been watching some of the older Lupin works, some were swing and a miss, but for the most part, they were pretty good. I hope they can do this new series justice.
      And how's winter treating you in New York? We're getting snow on and off, it's only a matter of time before it stays with us for the next few months (along with freeze days). :catprone
    15. Freechoice
      Hello old friend :cry
    16. Luke
      It's like magic :catwalk
    17. Evolution
      Ah, okay then.
    18. Evolution
      Hello, can you tell me the name of the character from your avatar please?
    19. trance
      Cats + Yozora = kawaiiness. :datass
    20. trance
      LelKuma. :lmao

      My avatar is super kawaii right now. :datass
    21. trance
      Is that like a shoujo or something? :hmm
    22. trance
      Ok. I give up. Who is your set of now? :hmm
    23. trance
      Cinder being a boss, doe. :datass
    24. trance
      It sure was. :datass

      Nora ragdolling Yang was fucking hilarious. :lmao
    25. trance
      Yep. Watched it in the first few hours. :brofist

      This was my reaction...

    26. trance
      So, I guess it's safe to say you loved it? :cat
    27. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      What did you think of OP this week? It sucks that the Zorotards are acting up again, but this chapter was just tooo good, I was so happy that we got to see some more of what Zoro can really do.
    28. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      Tone it down you're making it gay. :lbj
    29. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      They're going to mount a rescue mission, that much is certain, but the question is who is going to go? I feel really bad for Rabac, whether he survives or not, he's going through a lot of BS right now.
      I've only just begun to understand how stupid top tier debates (usually) are. We only have solid feats for 3 of them (ie Logia Trio), we barely have any for Issho, and everyone else is unknown. I won't even comment on Shanks vs Mihawk.
    30. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Wow, you're so smart. :cat You'll avoid the arguments like "Marco's strong, they said he could stop Blackbeard" that way.
      I remember when OP had been building to something grand (when Luffy broke into the palace) and AGK was in a slow rut. Now it has flip flopped. It also seems that Mein will soon be put at the top of Esdese's hit list.
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    New York
    Day trader
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    anime/manga, reading, writing,R/C,programming


    "My logic is undeniable."

    "Releasing control art restriction systems; level 3, level 2...Situation "A" release level 1."
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