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Oct 27, 2020 at 5:07 AM
Dec 5, 2009
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In your closet, watching you undress
Magnificent Bastard


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Oct 27, 2020 at 5:07 AM
    1. CrazyAries
      I might do the same. If this update happens, there are some posts I wouldn’t mind losing (around 20-30 that I won’t post again). I would like to repost the ones about television, most about Naruto, some others, and update them. I run a few blogs on Tumblr (yeah, I know), but I would probably repost the NF stuff elsewhere if it comes to it.

      The update is “possibly eminent,” so there’s no guarantee it will happen. Just be safe and save the posts you like the most, if not all of them.
    2. Mizura
      Haha, you too? The first trilogy was legendary. The sequel... who replaced the director with a fashion show planner? :\

      I just watched the first review. lol characters. I don't remember any of the characters of the first episode besides the two mains. T__T As for the story.... now that I think about it, the thing I recall the most is how the force is about bacteria, or was that from episode 2. :\ Man, looking at that review reminded me how boring they made the Jedis. How did that even happen? xP
    3. CrazyAries
      I only realized the chapter was out after seeing your blog post.

      The Sarada storyline was the only interesting thing about the chapter (besides ChouChou), I'll admit. I have to give Kishimoto props for his ability to troll.
    4. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      Ah, is that right? Well I don't have any interest in reading any extension of the series unfortunately. The 700 chapters of the first one was more than enough.
    5. CrazyAries
      They once aired the room on Adult Swim once (albeit edited). It was really funny to see the bad acting and writing at work.

      But damn...some of the things Kishimoto is saying about his work at this point. I have to look at some of the other interviews, but what he said about Naruto and Sasuke's friendship and the endgame pairings...:geg
    6. Mizura
      Hey.... I just realized that I Did read Dr. McNinja before, or at least the Raptor arc. xD
      It was so long ago that I simply forgot. :lmao
    7. Mizura
      Funny, I really don't remember seeing the recs. xD That said:
      - Dr McNinja: hey, I've never read it before, but I've seen it referenced elsewhere! I never knew it was a webcomic. :D
      - Hark! A Vagrant: I don't get most of the jokes. x'D Is this how others feel with maths and science jokes? (which I'm much more familiar with)
      - The Fox Sister: looks nice, too bad so few pages are out. :0 It kind of makes me think of The Pale Horse, another Korean webtoon.
    8. Mizura
      Recently, a bunch of people have rec'ced me a bunch of webcomics, but I never remember who rec'ced what. Which were the ones you rec'ced again? >_<;; As for books, I only Just finally got a Kindle recently (insane shipping fees here D: ). I haven't gotten to buying and reading books yet, I want to make sure first that I set up the account in a way that actually lets me buy the books...

      I've been pretty occupied lately because I've been adding spoilers/extras/inter-chapter references to each chapter of Kubera. Those are surprisingly time-consuming to do. I did Season 1, and it's like several hundred bullet points total. xP

      Oh, I totally agree with you on how easy it'd have been for Kishimoto to find material within the things he's -already written-. I don't get it. His work Regressed in Part II. His worldbuilding (and characters) in Part I laid great foundations, all he had to do was reap it in Part II, instead he just seemed to forget about it all. I found it puzzling, it's like he's not immersed into his own work.

      I guess it might be true, what others said about editors being responsible for a huge part of his work. Maybe the one responsible for all the in-depth stuff of Part I was his editor back then.
    9. CrazyAries
      Oh, but Sasuke apologized. :iria...:notrust

      Chapter 700 was cringeworthy for the most part, Tbqh. There was a lot of fanservice. The couplings, man.

      Well, the main Naruto story is finally over, and it is a little sad. Even though I have made so many complaints about this story, Kishimoto did a number of things right to pull me into it in the first place. For that I thank him.

      I still have to finish the timeline shit.
    10. CrazyAries
      Oh dear. I just got back from the KT right now.
    11. Mizura
      "Some years back"? That was in... *checks* 2006. I've since realized that Kishimoto doesn't give a fuck about properly developing his pairings (or his characters, or his story). Ah well, glad it made you laugh though. xD

      To be honest, I'm more depressed that my history essay went nowhere. I really overestimated the dude. Thank goodness for Kubera. :\
    12. PikaCheeka
      I'm at the airport now but will check it out tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!
    13. PikaCheeka
      I'll be around! I'm actually on vacation from tomorrow-next weekend, but I'll still be online for a little while every day and will definitely take a look and discuss it.
    14. CrazyAries
      I'm looking forward to it. :amuse
    15. CrazyAries

      I know. It's hard to figure out the best time to post a thread and get a good amount of views. The news of the ending of the manga has thrown a wrench into everything. When you post it, I'll make sure and give it a look and post if I can add my thoughts.

      I also had a number of blog posts I planned on making about the timeline, so I should hurry up with that. Of course, there will be a number of eulogies for the manga after it's finished.

      The ending of the manga seems like a rush job. When you consider how much time was wasted on Madara vs the Kage, Obito vs Naruto, and Kaguya, Kishimoto had enough time to give a satisfactory ending. There was so much he could have done with the chapters he had. Naruto and Sasuke should have fought sooner and I agree that Naruto's fight against Pain was the last great fight in this manga.
    16. CrazyAries
      You're welcome. I hope you get a good number of responses.

      Without giving anything away...there is a common thread with Kishimoto's characters. Your last paragraph reminds me of what I said about Obito a while ago. The Moon's Eye Plan does have that quality to it. :LOS
    17. PikaCheeka
      I will definitely give that a read and get back to you in detail in the next day or two. I got braces on yesterday and have been feeling like someone has my head in a vice, so I've been avoiding computer screens for extended periods. :lmao
    18. CrazyAries
      I'll run it through Word and add some suggestions.
    19. CrazyAries
      Via email or PM's?
    20. CrazyAries
      Sure. How would this work?
    21. Mizura
      On Kubera declining the way Naruto did: oh I wouldn't worry too much about that. Now, the story may turn out bad, but I'm not worried about it turning bad the same way as Naruto at least. The main difference between Naruto and Kubera is that Kubera has been entirely planned out, while Kishimoto is making shit up as he goes for Naruto.

      And the thing is, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but... I'm pretty sure that Currygom is a combination of obsessive/compulsive and a control-freak. I don't even mean it in a good way. I've been over-analyzing stuff for ten years with Naruto, and it always turned out that I over-analyzed it by several miles. When I do the same for Kubera, on the other hand, it often turns out that I didn't analyze it enough. You haven't been analyzing Kubera as long as I have, but one thing I noticed is that for every thing that I ever felt iffy about, Currygom always provided an explanation eventually. Heck, even for details that didn't need explanations, she would provide an explanation anyway (like Ran not telling Leez about Yuta and him not calling her by her name). As far as I can tell, Currygom seems obsessed about tying up Every loose end, or explaining Everything, or building about Every detail. When you really pay attention, it's actually kind of scary.

      And that behavior unfortunately shows up everywhere else. She won't get an assistant because she wants her work to be untouched by others. She has all sorts of rules regarding fanworks at the KuCa. She threw a fit once when someone managed to guess what Agni said to Gandharva near the beginning of the series (and forbid anyone from talking about it, and edited that part so that it truly couldn't be guessed). She threw a fit once more when someone claimed she made a mistake because Sagara claimed her transcendentals were still sealed whereas Kasak supposedly killed Taraka (it turned out there was no mistake, Sagara made the claim before it happened). She won't allow her blog posts to be posted outside her blog, and when people complain about the fact that she keeps so much stuff outside her story, she complains back that the blog content is 'not necessary to understanding the story' (implied: everything that is left in the story Is necessary to understand the story). Whenever there's something in a chapter that Isn't a long-term detail, she feels obliged to note so in her blog (seriously, which author bothers to tell its readers when a detail is Not important?). So basically, she not only wants total control over her own work, she also wants to control the way the readers read it, which is a sadly futile exercise in most cases because most readers aren't really able to follow her plot trails anyway. As I said, this isn't really a compliment. Currygom seems pretty obsessive like that. I think she needs to calm down sometimes. >_>;;

      As for your romance knowledge, oh yeah! I nearly forgot about that! xD I'm okay with the 'well-executed' part, but I guess I've read way too many shoujo, and said 'well-executed part' is nearly always sadly lacking. Even when the story starts well, it tends to always devolve into the usual cliche routines when the author runs out of ideas. =_= But yes, do it, write under a female pseudonym. Should be hilarious, it's usually female authors pretending to be men. :cat

      Aaah, Gandharva and Shakuntala. In my mind, the relationship between Gandharva, Menaka and Shakuntala could basically be described as such:
      - Menaka loved her clan more than she loved Gandharva.
      - Gandharva loved Menaka more than he loved his clan. For her sake, he did whatever she tells him to regarding the clan.
      - With Menaka dead, Gandharva loved Shakuntala, his sole reminder of Menaka, more than he loved his clan, and more than he loved himself (understandable, his life sucks).
      - Shakuntala loved her father more than anything. However, she loved her clan more than she loved herself.

      So Gandharva protected his clan for the sake of Shakuntala. Things continued as Menaka wished, until Shakuntala decided to let herself die for the sake of the clan she loves (she won't let herself live when so many are to be abandoned), and Gandharva tried to sacrifice himself instead to save both Shakuntala and the clan she loves. Then things went to hell.

      Hahah, Elwin is actually one of Currygom's examples of 'no details left unused.' The moment I learned that Elwin could hear Sura speak, I theorized that she'll overhear something in Sura speech that she really shouldn't. And that happened like clockwork. Currygom's writing style is a Lot like the puzzles in Zelda. Like, you come across these huge blocks, and the fact they're there may not exactly seem natural, but if they're there, you can be sure that they're meant to be pushed.

      ... . Oops. That turned out longer than expected. Sorry about that.
    22. Mizura
      "love means never having to say you're sorry" - the hell? What sort of shit saying is that? :facepalm

      Meh, this is Kubera, I actually can't imagine that. xD Even when Teo was acting stupid, she was still trying to carry out a plan for the benefits of the humans. Her bet failed, but she didn't exactly drop everything for the sake of love. Anyway, no matter how things turn out, Gandharva x Teo is doomed to end badly. There's already the precedent with Taksaka x Ian (Kasak's parents), and even though they enjoyed a few years together, Taksaka ended up moping over his loss while Ian most likely ended up in hell for heresy, and then their kid ended up killing his wife and leaving his own daughter half-traumatized about him. Yeah, Currygom isn't much on... 'happily ever afters'. Besides, there's another thing about Currygom. She admitted herself that she is uncomfortable with writing romance (I rather understand that myself. Are you like that too? Like you feel hives break out when you try to force yourself to write something too sappy? xD ), so Season 1 ended up much more comedic than romantic. Honestly, Currygom seems much more likely to write horror scenes rather than (overly) romantic scenes. Just look at what happened with Leez and Yuta. x'D

      I must admit though, your part about Elwin made me lol. xD As for Menaka, yeah. She approached Gandharva with an agenda. Visnu bluntly told Gandharva that if it weren't for the fact that he's King, she wouldn't be his. I'm pretty sure even that Gandharva knows that Menaka has an agenda, but he accepted the fact (not like he had a choice).

      Meh, I had all sorts of essays about Naruto Part I. I even had one about the splendid evolution of the relations within Team 7. Part II really made a whole mess of things. Some things were just Too different. In part I, Sasuke left Sakura after thanking her, and then spared Naruto thinking that he wants to do things his way. Yay, cool! But what was the first thing he does upon seeing them in Part II? Wtf? Where did his character development go? :D:
    23. Mizura
      Hahah, yes, where the heck did That come from? :facepalm If I had a friend in love with an abusive person, I sure as heck would try to slap some sense into her. Love may not need a reason, but a healthy relationship sure does.

      And yes, I also like how Kubera 'plays' with its relationships. They're not what they appear to be at first, and they are just so ridiculously entertwined with the plot that it makes them more interesting than the afterthought they are in Naruto, even if you don't support the pairings.

      TXG: I still suspect that Teo lost her memories not because of Hoti Visnu, but because of Gandharva's Frozen Tears (I think he did that on purpose: encased her in protection to spare her the physical damage, then bombarded her with a spell that doesn't affect Agni either to make her forget about him). In that case, though, there's a small chance for her to recover her memories of him. Also, I suspect she'll eventually follow the trail of clues left behind and realize there was more to what happened than what the people suspect. We might even get a closer look as to what the heck she was thinking back then. (or I might just be too optimistic...)

      That said, what I Really want to see with Teo now is how she'd interact with Leez, especially once she finds out that she's Rao's daughter. *__*
    24. Mizura
      Oh pairings: word. And that's why I gave up on the pairing wars a long time ago. Kishimoto has mangled all the relationships to the point where they're no longer worth debating about. It's like fighting over scraps when the ship has already sunk. :D:

      Nowadays I ship in Kubera anyway. Sure, it's tragic, but I appreciate that the characters really do care about each other and are really trying their best.
    25. Revolution
      Remind me to rep you because that pairing thread is a goldmine
    26. babaGAReeb
    27. CrazyAries

      I know I'm going to be more than one post due to two issues alone, and you can guess which ones. My complaints will not just be about Kaguya, but all of the problems her character highlights.
    28. Mizura
      LOL! Those are quite entertaining! It would certainly be hilarious to see Part 2 Naruto reviewed in that style! xD
      A bit sad to find out that the person died though. D:
    29. CrazyAries
      ...And he looks like Naruto, but Kaguya somehow forgot about that.

      She needs to ruin that magic show.
    30. CrazyAries
      You see, they told us that Kishimoto planned everything from the beginning! :nuts
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