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  • Thank you.

    But I meant: does the event mewtwo benefit from another nature/moveset than the regular mewtwo?
    Thank you so much.

    You are awesome!

    Which nature's best for the event mewtwo, in your opinion (and why)?
    Thanks so much! I have an Arceus now! =D
    Rep coming your way

    Also, how can I get that Mewtwo exactly? Or isn't Mewtwo available for Europe yet?
    Hey, I have a question:

    How exactly does one get Mewtwo and Arceus from Dream World?
    I'm not used to using Dream World, so can you please explain?

    Thanks in advance
    that song in the opening chase scene of the first episode is sucha a melancholia.

    Guilty Crown.
    another orgy?

    Redundancy is redundant :noworries.

    Yeah, & the thing that irks me is that there's so many, but I've never met one yet :(. I think I can be singled out for most amazingly wonderful person :tomato. for that reason.

    People don't ever say hi to me, come to think of it. They usually approach me with a taunt [i have a tendency to get people to do this >n<] or with silence.

    what do you mean possibly? :uwah
    I bet you did, you lewd boy.

    Rarities are quite rare :noworries.

    I don't even know what to believe. I don't even trust my own feelings, & I'm pretty cynical so I guess I'm being guided by nothing in life :sag. Doesn't sound promising. I wonder what it'd be like to actually meet someone with my experiences. I don't like thinking badly of my parents but I still wonder how it'd feel to have someone knowing how I feel. But again, thanks :33.

    Well he IS an Asian computer genius :lmao... Everyone likes saying hi to my dad.

    So we both forgot :uwah.
    If they were your age, that means you hooked up with them, doesn't it? :hurr

    Sometimes is a rarity :noworries.

    I'm not into realism, lol. I think my heart belongs to the fantasies & ineffable world of imagination :del. This isn't a good thing, lol. Thank you lots, Kyou <3. Means a lot to me because I often can't tell other asian friends this; I don't understand why but I can't relate to a white person, but even with asian friends I can't relate to them either. They don't have strict parents like the traditional ones. So yeah, it's good to have someone understand C:

    He saw me on NF a while ago & raged. I was kinda scared to go on because he probably knows my history & all. :lmao oh god, what if he's reading this now abidohasdlkeandhkalshdlsakdas

    ... I don't remember what we're talking about :LOS.
    Where did you go :33?

    ehh, wouldn't be that great :noworries.

    Yeah, I can imagine. I can only imagine how hard it would be for the people who have it even worse than I do. I'm not a very optimistic person; not anymore, and what drives me crazy is how they get angry at how pessimistic I am too =___=. I hope I'll be better. I didn't start feeling all emotional & sensitive about this till I was like 14, & I'm still waiting for it to end. That's not fair. >;O lol well, you're perfectly right.

    My dad kinda scares me when it comes to computers; he's just so good at hacking & cracking :lmao.

    Yeah, I did. :LOS
    Have fun again :iria.

    But they taste like cinnabons, so I'm kinda amazed. Like those cheeseburger doritos :noworries.

    I know. I guess a "regular" person may follow that, but though I don't show it a lot, I am really sensitive, so I get hurt by comments like that easily :(. I get really giddy when I get praise from them, because it's so rare, but then they always say something like, "ACTUALLY, what you did isn't that great ."
    :uwah wtfuuuuuuu, I know I belong in the kitchen b-but ... ;_____;. PFFT, TELL ME WHAT AGE AM I?

    oh god, yours too ... my dad burns the DVDs before they're released :rotfl.

    I already did the right thing ;33.
    I don't like them at all, lol.

    I have Cinnabon bars which are a lot smaller than I thought & now I feel ripped off :noworries.

    I really hope they get the happiness they want. This is why I want to try & become a pharmacist to make them happy. Whether I can do it or not is questionable. I mean, at the slightest struggle [say I fell back a year] they'll be on me & I'd already start to get even worse because of their anger. My cousins are all older than me, & she only compares me to the good ones. I asked her straight up how come she never compared me to the ones I'm better than, and she said, "Because if I compare you to someone better than you, you'll want to be better than them" & I was like, ":sag lol no i have low self-esteem, thanks"
    I wonder if I would still have to do this housework if I was a male :ippy. GUESS . I FEEL INSULTED.

    Do your parents like Paris by Night? :lmao since you're viet too, I'm just wondering.

    Then I'm doing the wrong thing :-(.
    I don't like beaches :ippy.

    I ran out :noworries.

    Yeah, probably. My parents were in the war too. In fact, they met in their refugee camp & fell in love, hehe. My mom is more uptight than my dad, but they're both pretty scary when they're angry. I talk to my mom more than dad, but she also drives me crazier than he does. The thing I find bad about how negatively they think about my sister is how they're always telling me things like, [of course they have to compare], "don't be like your sister, you'll disgrace the family even more", "you see how your sister turned out? don't be like her." & it really kills the idea of having just one day of happiness in my family. :( It's good that they're treating you well though. Really, guess :LOS.

    btw, found this tumblr. I'm sure you'll definitely be able to relate to it. asians.

    Then I'm doing the right thing. :kukuku
    How was it? :33

    I just finished some ice cream :noworries.

    I don't know, I guess it works out for them. Or maybe it happened to them when they were younger. :-( I want to try my best & understand them, but it's hard to. I find my family's teachings are really upsetting. They already tried a harsh way on my sister, & she turned out really bad. So now they altered their ways for me, but in the sense of criticizing even more. It's horrible. HA, I finished high school. :LOS

    Is it killing you from the inside? :kukuku
    Ahaha, it's alright~ Have fun! :33

    I'm gonna go get some ice cream :noworries.

    OMG I know. The thing I get most from other asians around me, is that their parents or relatives always comment on how fat they are. :-( It's so sad. I mean, no one wants to be called fat & discouraged if they are. You're supposed to help them. My parents think patronizing me or insulting me makes me become better. -____- true, but I feel like a burden on her. ;____; nah, I'm older, which means I'm closer to graduating :del.

    I'm sure you're getting really worked up. :LOS
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