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Mar 19, 2011
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Inside Scathach
    1. Alita54
      Who is the sexy girl in your sig?
      1. Kyu
        Her name is Scathach. She's a Lancer-class servant from the Fate franchise(Fate/GO, Fate/Extella).
        Jun 9, 2018
        Alita54 likes this.
      2. Alita54
        Jun 9, 2018
        Kyu likes this.
    2. [S-A-F]
      yo, who's the girl in your set this time? its been a while, bruh. :LOS
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Kyu
        Nice, really looking forward to it now.

        Yea, Frontier was ass. I remember almost dropping the franchise entirely after that shitshow.

        What's your favorite season? For me, I gotta stick with Tamers.
        Mar 25, 2018
        [S-A-F] likes this.
      3. [S-A-F]
        yea I almost did too bruh, how many eps were these basic ass kids gonna ride a train?

        I'd probably go with Tri or Savers. Savers probably because its a break from all the kiddy casts and the MC is likable. Actually now that I think about it Tri also is a break from the kid cast too. lol I guess I just can't tolerate my anime dominated by a main cast of elementary schoolers anymore.
        Mar 25, 2018
      4. Kyu
        I feel you. It's harder to relate to a bunch of elementary school chodes.

        Savers may be my 2nd fave season, but Marcus/Masaru is easily my favorite main character for being a punch-Digimon-ask questions-later type of dude. Him breaking the main lead always rockin goggles trend is a plus in my book - nothing against them but the older I got, the goofier that shit looked to me.
        Mar 25, 2018
    3. Itachі
      damn dog u always got.. interesting avatars :lmao
      1. JuicyG likes this.
      2. JuicyG
        LOL indeed he does. I've kept the same one since Ive joined
        Mar 9, 2018
        Itachі likes this.
    4. Hussain
      wild guess...

      Do you use this site ? :hm

      If you do, I would like to test my luck with you... :troll
    5. Zyrax
    6. Hussain
      He did not really "do" anything, but he looks amazing. :troll
      Korean ch.

      Some translations from here and there
    7. Hussain
      What do you think of Bolt badassery? :troll
    8. Hussain
      Sakura solos your Hashirama
    9. Hussain
      Minato abandoned Narudo, and the latter does not even like him. :meh
      So, I adopted him. :smoke
    10. Hussain
      Nonsense! :pek:gun
    11. Hussain
      If I supported someone besides my boy, wouldn't that make me a bad parent? :hehee
    12. Hussain

      Thank you bro!
      I was just going to see my convo with platy to see if I can find it. :lmao
    13. Kai
      Yup. Just closed it.
    14. Hussain
      Hashirama is overrated. :catflower
    15. Zyrax
      I am fine
      Watching anything?
    16. Zyrax
      Happy new year
    17. Zyrax
    18. Hussain
      - Everyone agrees on that! :hehee
      - I guess you could argue that :catdude tho Kishi makes it a bit better than SP's. :hm
      - Did not watch that season. :catdance

      As for the vid, I don't even know where to begin! :catwalk

      But to make long story short, Wargreymon is still better. :catstab

      the guy's talking in the first minute was lame as fuck tho. :catdude
    19. Hussain

    20. Hussain
      Raising a child has nothing to do with the hair tho. It's like Narudo's short hair is any better. :catwalk

      I don't think I hated anyone from Digimon besides his rival a bit for acting like a dick. Granted, for a short time. :hm

      Shinegreymon >>> BlackWargreymon > Wargreymon
      Google'd the first one, never seen him before, so he must be irrelevant. :catflower

      Black or not, Wargreymon is basically the same thing, so don't care. :smoke
    21. Hussain
      U think Narudo raised his kid to eat a bowl of baked dicks! :gglife

      Yes. :catwalk
      It's good, but it has so much stupidity as well. :catwalk

      For 1, Red won't keep trying to catch a "pokemon" when he knows that it has a trainer. :lmao
      and 2, Tai ain't killing another kid, like wtf. That was some savage shit right there. :lmao

      Tho, Wargreymon is my favourite digemon, so I don't mind that shit. :catwalk
      tho red >>>>> Tai

      and the English dub for the song when they evolve is shitty as hell, they should have used the original. :catwalk
    22. Hussain
      I think you should feel bad, bro :catsadfeels
    23. Hussain
      just finished watching half of it. :catwalk

      Tho, I saw in interesting part. lol

      In Arabic dub, they were given the Digimon power "like X's power is 30" and "Y's power is 40"...etc
      However, when I watch the Egnlish/Jp one, there was nothing like that. lol

      Now, with this vid you linked me, I saw the "Data size is 30 GB" I was like, so that was it! :lmao
      tho I don't know what it says Wargreymon(?) Data size is 20 GB, in the arabic dub his "power" is 60
      so I was kinda expecting it to say 60 GB. :hm
    24. raizen28
      Im Woopin yo ass
    25. Hussain
      What kind of common sense makes X think itachi stand a chance against Oro who has ET
      Or jiraiya whom itachi admitted that he is inferior to, and Pain admitted that he couldn't have won without knowledge?

      If that's the type of common sense you're talking about, then yea, my heir can't have that. :gglife
    26. Hussain
      He thinks itachi > the sannin.

      Which obviously contradict the manga. So, altho not bad, but not quite there yet. :gglife
    27. Hussain
      I can't rest in peace even after death. :gglife
      I should select my heir to take after me and stand to the itachi's fanboy's fanboyism posts. :gglife
    28. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      Flawless Logic is Flawless.

      And yeah Jiraiya definitely had a, "That's my boy moment." Especially since they apparently had been together since they were what? Twelve? Minato had that on lock early.
    29. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      True true. Makes you wonder what Mito was hiding under the Kimono. :hm

      But Minato was a professional, hooked her without even trying.
    30. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      Roger. I'll scope her out. Also :jir_thumbs on the Kushina ass :datass
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