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Kyūbi Naruto2
Last Activity:
Jul 15, 2012
Jul 4, 2006
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I Fix Corvettes for a Living.

Kyūbi Naruto2

九尾ナルト, from KY, USA

Kyūbi Naruto2 was last seen:
Jul 15, 2012
    1. Petes12
      rofl. that's when like every school in america does it, including the one your unfortunate kid goes to. some start teaching some things even earlier. your ignorance is amazing
    2. Petes12
      you pretty blatantly don't. i dont think you wanna compare. hell it seems you didn't even get proper sex ed! since you don't know a thing about it
    3. Petes12
      yes it is, you stupid hick. i got sex ed in 7th grade and so does everyone else
    4. Petes12
      im 22 and that's when everyone gets sex ed you dumbass. what are you supposed to do wait til puberty's halfway over to tell the kid what the fuck is happening to him?
    5. makeoutparadise
    6. Toroxus
      Who are you? :maybe
      I don't know you. :noworries
    7. Petes12
      12 is old enough. you should not be waiting longer. I wasn't joking before, you're a terrible father, to try and deny your kid proper sex ed at the proper time. Not only is that the age to do it at, but its important he get an actual education about it, not just the cliff notes from parents who wont go into detail as well.
    8. skins
      Thank you very much ^_^
    9. Petes12
      my valid argument is in the thread. keeping your kids from getting proper sex ed is just plain fucking dangerous.
    10. Petes12
      grow a brain
    11. Petes12
      feel sorry for any kid i have because i won't be some nutty overprotective embarassing repressing sack of shit? :lmao

      your poor kid cant even get sex-ed when hes 12 because youre so fucked up in the head
    12. skins
      Yes please! <3 Thanks for replying!
    13. White Knight
      White Knight
      Didn't even say Hi *sads*
    14. Instant Karma
      Instant Karma
      Oh wow, i didn't even recognize your name. I barely come on here anymore, got on by chance through a link. Hope all's well.
    15. Kenneth
      i never thought i'd see you again
      come here fool :hug you've been missed
    16. Toroxus
      Nope :zaru Unfortunately, it's bed time and I have to have to get up and get ready for a hurricane tomorrow :argh So I probably won't see you until Sunday :bye
    17. Kyūbi Naruto2
      Kyūbi Naruto2
      I know its been a while. A lot has changed
    18. Toroxus
      Why it's only 2 years later :zaru
    19. rozzalina
      Thanks for the rep :33
    20. Elle
      Wow ~ That's very exciting news! Congratulations on your new son :iria and on your upcoming marriage X33.

      I'd say you've been quite busy XD. Fill me in on how you met your fiancée, how old your son is etc. when you can. I'm curious and also so happy for you! :hug
    21. makeoutparadise
    22. White Knight
      White Knight
      eh i think it was just a 24 hour virus cause i feel better today
      awwwz that sucks -huggles-
    23. Laex
    24. White Knight
      White Knight
      i added your MSN so i hope thats ok hunny

      kk i will try to sleep with this sickness argh nighty night sweetie<3
    25. White Knight
      White Knight
      goods-huggles- im really sleepy sweetie
      promis me next you visit you will make sure to vm me:wtf
    26. White Knight
      White Knight
      even if you wont come back you better not delete your account i wont forgive you if you do:cry
    27. White Knight
      White Knight
      hmph you better come back soon-huggles-
    28. White Knight
      White Knight
      OMG OMG OMG your on iv missed you so much Matt
    29. White Knight
      White Knight
      where have you been sweetie i misses you so come back soons k
    30. White Knight
      White Knight
      sweetie heya you know i worry when your gone for a long time
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  • About

    KY, USA
    I Fix Corvettes for a Living.
    Favorite Character(s):
    Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Sai, Tsunade & Jiraya
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    All you need to know is that I'm just plain obsessed..
    I Sleep, Got to Work, Do Homework, then Repeat. Weekends I pretty much have to myself. RAMEN RAMEN!!

    Collecting Naruto Merchandise, Music


    Spoiler: Siggy
    Time is never time at all you can never ever leave without leaving a piece of you. Billy Corgan
    95% of teens & pre-teens would have a breakdown if Miley Cyrus was standing on the edge of a tower ready to jump. Copy and paste this into your signature if your a part of the 5% yelling "Jump Bitch!"

    Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

    Spoiler: Me Love FoxxyKat Long Time

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